Report: Browns will sign Kenny Britt

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The Browns are expected to sign wide receiver Kenny Britt later Thursday, ESPN’s Adam Caplan reported.

The addition of Britt is likely a sign that Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, arguably the Browns’ best player in a 1-15 season in 2016, will be headed elsewhere in free agency.

Caplan reported that Britt will sign a four-year deal potentially worth $32.5 million with $17 million guaranteed.

Britt, 28, spent the last three seasons with the Rams after playing his first five years with the Titans. He’s caught 30 career touchdown passes and had 11 in his three seasons with the Rams, including five last season.

The 6-foot-3 Britt has started 71 of 104 career games and has 309 career catches after catching a career-best 68 passes last season with a less than ideal quarterback situation in Los Angeles.

18 responses to “Report: Browns will sign Kenny Britt

  1. I thought that they weren’t allowed to agree on $ terms during the tampering period. Only allowed to discuss interest level.

  2. Surprising move considering he had opportunities to go to better teams.. still, I’m happy my ‘Boys didn’t sign him….

  3. This is good news for the Eagles. First, they won’t waste good money on a “one year wonder ” who will be 29 in September and has a history of injury and off the field issues with both the Titans and Rams. Second, they still have a shot at Pryor, who is a year younger, faster, stronger, more athletic, and has a clean track record.

  4. No No No! I would rather keep Pryor. However, the price is about right. I hope they don’t think he is going to be the #1 WR, because he isn’t.

  5. You won’t sign Pryor (who wanted to get a deal done in Cleveland) but you sign this guy to $32 mil over 4 years?!?!

    Scratching my head on this one. This front office is a joke.

    Signed, Browns fan (sigh…)

  6. Wow….the Browns analytical department did their homework on this free agent…..just threw a bunch of money at an aging guy with a history of problems who works really hard just before signing a new contract…..he was a Jeff Fisher favorite who followed the head coach (who is currently tied for the most losses in NFL history) around his whole career…..currently the Browns have no viable QB option in house… exactly who is the next guy to actually throw the ball there???….maybe the first draft pick….again????

  7. Kenny Britt. Serial underachiever, yet he got paid. Amazing. Pryor made more sense, not to say they won’t keep both.

  8. prior wants 12-15 mil per year guys he put up almost the exact same stats as Britt and Pryor is only 1 year younger and not even as polished of a WR as Britt. Britt is getting 8 mil per year which is almost the same deal that the Phins gave Kenny stills. 6-8 mil is WR FA money this year not 12-15 Pryor is asking for.

  9. Typical Browns move. Sign an underachieving player for star money. Does anyone improve when they get to Cleveland?

  10. This just tells you that Pryor asked for more than this since essentially both of them had the same stats last year with similar QB situations. Also, seeing that Pryor hasn’t been signed yet, he might have played himself if he can’t get the same deal elsewhere. Coleman still has the talent to be the #1 and is expected to be in that offense since he was the best WR during camp last year but was hampered with injuries when the season started, so this would make that a possibility.

  11. Pryor will test the FA market and then accept a deal with the Browns. Mangold should be on the Browns board to play center for at least 2 years. And a trade of Osweiller and #2 in 2017 and #2 in 2018 to the Patriots for Garoppolo. And the Browns will still have 10 picks in this year’s draft for defense and a right tackle.

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