DeSean Jackson expected to sign with Buccaneers

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The Buccaneers have been discussed as a potential destination for DeSean Jackson in free agency for some time and it looks like they are closing in on landing the wideout.

According to multiple reports, the Buccaneers are expected to sign Jackson once they’re eligible to complete an agreement on Thursday afternoon. There are no words on the number of years or the number of dollars and the structure will certainly be important given the need for the Bucs to sign Mike Evans and Jameis Winston in the coming years.

However that works out, Jackson’s presence would give the Bucs an explosive complement to Evans that they were lacking on offense last season. That would make Winston a happier man and it’s the sort of addition that will create a lot of optimism about what’s ahead for a team that finished 9-7 last year.

With Pierre Garçon expected to sign a big contract with the 49ers, the Redskins are looking at the loss of two key receivers from last year’s team. That was hardly an unexpected outcome, but it’s one that will add to a growing list of things to address in Washington this offseason.

30 responses to “DeSean Jackson expected to sign with Buccaneers

  1. Well fellow Redskins (deadskins) fans, it’s been nice. Back to the cellar dwellers we go. I HATE BEING A REDSKINS FAN. THEY WILL ALWAYS SUCK!

  2. wont see a full 16 games this season no matter who he signs with…just glad its not the cowboys

  3. Solid pickup, but dont break the bank. If Jaemis can distribute the ball between Evans, Jackson and Brate they could have a scary offense. Davin Cook would be icing on the cake.

  4. As a Redskins fan, I am so irritated with this entire offseason already. Jackson can go but to let Garcon go, all this Cousins BS, the Scott Off The Wagon issue, and losing McVey – ugh. The only thing we have done well so far is to sign Vernon Davis because Jordan Reed can’t seem to play a full 16 game season lately.

  5. Oh crap… Now defenses have to cover TWO Tampa receivers instead of one. My Panthers now definitely need more secondary help than they need Fournette……

  6. Top off defenses mode activated. Winston seems to work better with smaller, speed guys referencing back to his FSU days. Mike Evans can’t hurt either. Watch out Falcons, there’s another red tide in the NFC South

  7. So the Bucs already have a young, pro bowl stud WR who was just 2 in TDs, 4th in yards, and lead the league in receptions which resulted in 1st downs or TDs. They have a young TE who just lead the league in TDs. And now they add a vet speedster who has lead the league in yards/rec over the last 4-5 years… Oh and their young QB is pretty good too.

    This could be a scary offense if they can add a solid RB too.

  8. Lets hope Winston figures out how to consistently hit the deep ball or else DeSean Jackson ain’t going to be happy/mentally present for long!

  9. I’m not a big fan of DeSean Jackson, and he’s somewhat of a one-trick pony.
    However, that one trick is a pretty potent one, and paired with Mike Evans and Jameis Winston he could be a real weapon if he can remain healthy.
    It will be interesting to see what the numbers are on this deal.

  10. Thats it. No one Kirk resigns. His bread and butter are playing elsewhere. If he stays, his stats will plummet. His stock will drop big time this year. He better push the trade while he has leverage.

  11. Welcome to Tampa Desean; 2017 NFC south champs in the making. Haven’t been this excited since I was kid on Christmas Eve. BRING US DALVIN COOK SANTA CLAUS!!!!

  12. Will the Buc’s overpay as usual? Will Jackson pull a Sweezy fo sheezy? Stay tuned for these and more important updates on America’s team.

  13. Josh Alper used the word “Redskins.” He should expect a healthy fine. #RedskinsNotAllowedonPFT.
    .With Pierre Garçon expected to sign a big contract with the 49ers, the Redskins are looking at the loss of two key receivers from last year’s team.

  14. Tampa still needs to work on their offensive line, but this is a nice addition. They should also prioritize re-signing Shepard for his ST prowess and as one of the only other weapons that was on that team with speed who can continue to play a jack of all trades role. Now Humphries and Brate can clean up even more with Jackson blowing the top off of the defense and Evans being virtually uncoverable.

  15. So the Redskins are poised to lose their top-2 wide receivers and have decided to sign an aging tight-end in Vernon Davis.

    Sure, they can build through the draft, but it typically takes three-years to determine if a wideout coming from the college ranks is going to pan out. They could hit the young receiver lottery like Miami and New York have done in recent years, but that is the exception and not the norm.

    They extend Jay Gruden’s contract, which is a sign of confidence and probably deserved, but how long will confidence last when the offense starts to suffer because their very expensive quarterback is throwing to lackluster receivers? Kirk Cousins is sure to suffer this coming season due to these moves.

    The end result? Probably part ways with Cousins after this year due to falsely identifying him as the problem. Gruden suddenly lands on the hot seat and must find a new quarterback, which will either be a retread from another team or a rookie / 2nd-year quarterback out of college.

    If this doesn’t go well, the Redskins cut ties with Gruden and then the entire cycle starts over again. Need a new coach. Need a new quarterback. Need to address holes all over the field.

    Just when you think the Redskins are committing to stability, the entire thing comes down like a house of cards. This is why the Redskins never get better. They set themselves up to fail.

    Where teams like New England and Denver are models of consistency, even in times of turmoil, the Redskins are more like the Cleveland Browns. A waffling organization always searching for their identity and that leads to lots of losing unless things luckily fall into place for a season.

  16. Is it too much to hope that letting go Garcon and Jackson is so the Redskins are better able to sign Kirk Cousins to a long term deal? Or am I just wishful thinking? Or drunk?

  17. Crown us!
    Oh wait, Winston is shockingly inconsistent with the deep ball. The good news is that he is undoubtedly working his tail off to improve in any way he can.

  18. Skins fans have gotta be going crazy right now. If I was Snyder, I’d hire a professional “taster” because he’s gotta be worried about getting poisoned sooner or later…

  19. Let’s see. Had to replace both coordinators. Totally botched contract negotiations with the starting quarterback. Lost both starting wide receivers. About to cut loose a competent GM for a butt-kissing “executive” whose claim to fame is being the son of a former coach of the team. I don’t think you can call them “Offseason Champs” anymore.

    So glad I got to see three Super Bowl Championships.

  20. I think Tampa Bay is going to become one of those franchises that underachieves every year and keeps firing coaches.

  21. key2heat says:
    Mar 9, 2017 8:45 AM
    Redskins just got worse, again.

    how? by losing a part time WR who only has one good route that didn’t work in our system?

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