Report: Dion Sims will sign with Bears

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Tight end Dion Sims plans to sign with the Bears, NFL Network reported Thursday.

The report said the Dolphins had hoped they could bring Sims back. The Dolphins drafted Sims in the fourth round in 2013, and he set a career high with four touchdown receptions last season.

Sims started 22 of 56 games with the Dolphins. He’s been used as a blocking tight end and as an occasional pass-catcher. His 26 receptions last season topped his previous career-best of 24 in 2014. Sims has eight career touchdown catches.

9 responses to “Report: Dion Sims will sign with Bears

  1. Interesting how Pace’s strategy seems to be shaping up. If you asked even a casual Bears fan what the team’s top 3 needs were heading into the offseason, you would have probably heard QB, DB, and TE. Which are exactly the players Pace has picked off in the first day of FA.

    It will be interesting to see come draft weekend if he doubles down with your on some or all of those positions or uses the Bears picks to fill completely different holes altogether. They’re still short at least two starting caliber DBs and if Alshon Jeffery leaves then WR shoots right to the top of the still-needed list too.

  2. Good Luck to Sims. He was a serviceable TE. He has good blocking skills and OK catching when he is on the field. He played in half his games as a career. The Concussion count is up to 2 majors. Would have like to keep him as a blocker, but with Fasano (#1 blocking TE) he was expendable.

  3. I really wished Miami could keep him. He’s a perfect #2/blocking TE who can make surprisingly athletic catches for a guy his size.

    Bears fans will like him, assuming they didn’t break the bank.

  4. Not exactly Poach of Year Award so I wouldn’t get that excited… btw, try a salad now and then.

  5. He wanted to be a #1 TE instead of a #2 TE. I don’t blame him and I wish him good fortune.

  6. This kind of surprised me….I thought the Dolphins was going to bring him back. I like his blocking but for a guy that is 6’4 over 260lbs he sure does go down easy. He is a big guy that can get tackled easy by a lot smaller men….I never got that about him. With his size I don’t understand why he couldn’t break many tackles even from CBs. He dosen’t run through tackles ….He dosen’t realize he is 6’4 260+ I guess….probably why they let him go …he just dosen’t play tough.

  7. This was an agreed on departure. Gase loved and repected Sims and would have loved for Sims to stick around a few more years, while he brought his game up to NFL levels. Sims needs to work on shedding tacklers and making himself a little harder to bring down. Sims wanted to be a #1 now, and he’s just not ready for it, at least in Gase’s system. Maybe in Chicago he can fit right in to what they need. But to the one ill informed soul who said that it was another poach of their former Coach, you need to at least read a little about what you’re talking about, so that you don’t look so stupid when you write your nonsense. Sims was told by Gase, to feel free to test the market and see what your value may be. If you don’t find a place to suit you, come back and you’ll remain a Dolphin. Now is that hardly a poach by the Bears. NO, I’d say it’s more of a laid egg on your part……..breadmeatcheese.

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