Report: J.C. Tretter to sign with Browns

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The Browns are signing guard Joel Bitonio to a big extension on Thursday and they are reportedly adding a new member of the offensive line as well.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Cleveland will sign center J.C. Tretter once free agency officially opens on Thursday afternoon.

Tretter opened last season as Green Bay’s starter at center, but gave way to Corey Linsley after suffering a knee injury around the middle of the season. He had surgery in January and is expected to be ready to go in time for the 2017 season.

Tretter can also play guard and his arrival could push Cameron Erving, last year’s starting center, to a different position when the Browns return to work later this offseason. They’ve also been mentioned as a suitor for guard Kevin Zeitler, so the interior of the line could look a lot different for the Browns when all is said and done in free agency.

25 responses to “Report: J.C. Tretter to sign with Browns

  1. From Green Bay to Cleveland. That’s a step up in any sane person’s book.

  2. Haven’t heard a peep from the Vikings. They’ll either not sign anyone or they’ll sign Okung who will get injured again.
    Oh, I forgot, they will possibly go to area where the cheap ones are.

    Situation normal.

  3. He’s very mobile but isn’t as stout in the run game as Linsley. There was a thought Packers might let Lang go because of age and plug Tretter in at guard, but apparently he’s not best suited for guard.

  4. Sashi Browns and Dee and Jimmy Haslam have no problem throwing a ton of money at someone elses free agent…

    …but when it comes time to reward one of their own, Terrell Pryor, they kick him in the teeth and sign someone elses leftovers…Kenny Britt.

    Not re-signing their best WR will be the 2nd year in row that Sashi Brown has failed to get the Browns best players under contract.

    Haslam just doesn’t get it…it is not about the money…it is about rewarding those players who bust their butt to help their team and players who want to play for the Browns.

    Not re-signing Terrell Pryor will be another mistake for Jimmy Haslam and his Harvard Boys front office.

    As a fan of the Browns for over 50 years, I hope Haslam sells the Browns to an owner who knows how to build a winning team.

    …take your money and go, jimmy.

  5. bubbybrister/shovelpass says:
    Mar 9, 2017 11:40 AM
    shoulda just kept Alex Mack…

    It’s not like they didn’t try. He wanted out, and took (reportedly) less money to leave. You can’t make people stay.

  6. The Phantom Stranger says:
    Mar 9, 2017 11:41 AM
    From Green Bay to Cleveland. That’s a step up in any sane person’s book.


    On a scale of 1 to Matt Kalil, how happy are you that The Phantom Stranger is back?

  7. As a Steelers fan, I can kinda feel Browns fans frustration through osmosis just because there’s so much of it. The Browns have got what $100 million in cap room? If they’d resigned Mack and Schwartz last year to go with Thomas, they’d have three Pro Bowlers on one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

    Oh but no, the Browns start over every year, so their fans, anyone else watching their games, and the NFL get screwed. One billionaire guy, the owner, gets millions of extra bucks and millions of other people all get screwed. That ain’t right and needs to be fixed.

    I think when an ownership literally refuses to even try to win they should get fired, just like every one of the rest of us of when we suck at our jobs. Those loyal Cleveland fans really do deserve better.

  8. Good player if he can stay healthy. Awful lot of comments about the Vikings given this article relates to the Browns and the Pack. By the way, while the Vikes suck at LT, RT and RG, they are set at center.

  9. Tretter is a good center. Browns got a nice player.

    Says something about how much of a dumpster fire the offensive line is in Minnesota that he didn’t sign there.

  10. Tretter can also play guard

    But he is not a starting caliber guard, and is actually a better swing tackle than guard. He’s a very good center, and a “break glass if necessary” (i.e., not very good) backup guard.

  11. Now 2 signings of 2 lineman coming off major injuries.

    Tons of risk for a franchise that should be avoiding risk at all costs.

    Without a legitimate QB, any line is going to look much worse than it probably is.

    Good Lord…

  12. Sad to see JC go. Cleveland is getting a very good player. They won’t regret it. Too bad there was no room for him on the Packers line.

  13. Congratulations, Cleveland. Tretter’s a great Center that can play anywhere on the O-line in a pinch. He’s quick, with great footwork and a very high “football IQ.” He doesn’t have the brute strength of Linsley but that’s no surprise as Linsley is mutant strong.

    I hate to see him go but glad to see him go to the Browns. They deserve quality players. He’ll make their entire line better.

  14. WOW!

    How bad is it in Green Bay that one would see the Browns as an upgrade.


  15. I am flabbergasted on how people continue to bring up Alex Mack and how the browns let him go. He took less money than they offer to leave. How is this allowing him to leave?

  16. That’s a big weight off his shoulders not having to worry about A-rodg standing behind him.

  17. Think it’s a good signing by the Browns, as Tretter was good when he played.

    The one asterisk is that Corey Linsley was technically the Packers starter @ Center going into the season, but was injured in training camp…allowing Tretter to get the nod. When Tretter was drafted he was supposed to be the guy to take the starting job, but Linsley ultimate took it away from him (in part because of injuries to Tretter).

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