Report: Packers keep Nick Perry with five-year deal

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The Packers were apparently able to keep one of the top pass-rushing outside linebackers off the market.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Packers have locked up Nick Perry to a new five-year deal, keeping him from becoming an unrestricted free agent this afternoon.

Perry, a former first-rounder, struggled for his first four seasons, totaling just 12.5 sacks.

But in what is just extraordinary timing, he responded with 11.0 sacks in a contract year, finally showing the potential.

There was plenty of interest in him elsewhere, but keeping him in place was a key for the Packers, with veteran Julius Peppers looking around for at least one more year somewhere.

34 responses to “Report: Packers keep Nick Perry with five-year deal

  1. I wonder how much jostling Perry had to do in order to get this new contract?

  2. Sign everybody to one-year deals. maybe then you’d get what you expect.

  3. I’m not sold on Perry yet. As Gantt said, it seems coincidental that he had a breakout year when he was playing for a new contract. Hopefully this signifies a new phase of his career, and not a guy who only plays when money is on the line.

    I’ll be interested to see the contract details.

  4. I’m glad this deal was finalized — I think.
    Some guys just need a few seasons in the league to really figure things out and reach their potential. Other guys dedicate themselves to the game and play hard only during a contract season.
    In the case of Nick Perry, I think — I hope — it’s the former. He was a real asset rushing the passer in 2016. Before that, not so much.
    More pass rushers are needed, but perhaps this takes a little pressure off Ted and he can focus on the secondary in the draft.

  5. scoops1 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 9:07 AM

    Hello Mike Glennon….Meet Nick Perry


    For as much as Ted can be frustrating, at least the Packers are not the Bears, lol. Wow. When it comes to the QB, they’re always desperately grasping at straws, with the same end result.

  6. Not sure how I feel about this (not that it matters) but the guy has had 1 good year in his career. 5 years seems a little much, no?

  7. This is a guy the Packers had to resign, you have to award the year he had……He went from playing with his hand in the dirt to stand up linebacker, can’t be an easy transition…..If your a draft and develop team you have to do this…..Now let’s get TJ Lang back

  8. Not a Perry fan but he was hurt the first few years in the league.

    Last year was his healthiest year where he could fully participate.

  9. Let some other team feel obligated to reward him for one good year. This was a panic signing likely fueled by Green Bay’s inability to find pass rushers via the draft. If only Ted could draft defensive ends and linebackers the way he can offensive lineman.

    Most of Perry’s production came against subpar tackles or broken down plays and he lacks any edge-rushing ability worthy of $11-12 million per year. Hopefully the deal is closer to $8 million.

  10. I don’t know that I would say it was an odd “contract year” performance for him. Perry’s biggest problem was injuries, other than last year where he was able to play through with a club on his hand.

    In his 1st 3 years, he’d have a string of 3 or 4 games where he looked great, and then an injury took him out.

    So it is a risk, but I think it’s all about whether he stays healthy.

  11. Truth be told perry is solid against the run and decent pass rusher. What baffles me is the packers keeping clay ar 15 million this is terrible. Use that money to lock up ha ha maybe get barwin .. We can cry about the secoundary but with no pass rush don’t care who is in the secondary.

  12. Nevermind the sack numbers. Perry is one of, if not the best run stuffing OLB’s in the league.
    Now if he can stay healthy…

  13. Perry actually started coming on late in the 2015 season, prior to his “contract” year. The team couldn’t ignore his production this past year……good to keep him. I’ll leave it to Mike Daniels to make sure Perry’s fire stays lit.

  14. gb15class says:
    Mar 9, 2017 8:43 AM
    Next up: T.J. Lang

    After that, just guys.

    Ask the Cowboys if Jared Cook is “just guys”.

    Perry was excellent at setting the edge against the run even before he became a productive pass rusher. Truly a must-sign.

  15. I like this signing. Perry was just starting to show his potential. Injuries got the best of him in prior seasons.
    He’s learned how to be a PRO. Now go out and resign Hyde.
    He’s a versatile piece for a def backfield that is typically a M.A.S.H. unit.
    I think TT lets Lang walk but will resign Tretter.

  16. tjacks7 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 10:23 AM

    Without his big 3 tackle, 0 sack game in the NFC championship, the Falcons may have scored 47.

    Without his big game the Vikings would be sitting at home after pissing away a 5-0 start, with a coach the players have so little respect for they don’t even follow his game plan. Congratulations.

  17. The Packers could start a defense consisting of 11 senior citizens from any local nursing home and they’d still snuff out Short Pass Master Sammy Sleeves Bradford and his vaunted Viking offensive “attack”.

  18. With Tretter gone now, of which I was hoping to have him replace TJ Lang, I’m pretty confident TT is going to make a FA splash this year. Maybe not in this 1st wave where the money gets out of control, but perhaps next week when all the hoopla has quieted down. I see him getting a starting quality guard and additional Defensive help.
    I just don’t see TT resigning Lang. He’s injured and the funny money he gets offered will be too much to turn down.
    I could see Cleveland offering T.J. a deal which lines him up next to Tretter. Tretter will be the center.

  19. All this contract year talk is pretty funny… they even say he missed a bunch of time early in his career which usually causes slow development for players…. so he was a late bloomer that and he had his healthies year allowing him to maximize his production.

  20. What I don’t understand is TT is willing to pay 60 million for a linebacker that had one good year out of 5….just because he drafted him. Think about it, if nick perry is on any other team TT avoids him like the plague unless he can get him for 3 million per season. So why is he so afraid of free agency??

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