Report: Washington used drinking as excuse to fire Scot McCloughan

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Well, this one is going to get interesting. And expensive, regarding legal fees.

Washington has fired G.M. Scot McCloughan, and unnamed sources are seizing upon a history of alcohol issues that they knew about when hiring him as the basis for a “for cause” termination that will choke off his pay. One reporter from the Washington Post already has called B.S. on the claim.

Said Mike Jones of the Post on Twitter, “Was told late in the season of jealousy up top and how they’d one day use McCloughan drinking as an excuse to can him.”

That’s a strong claim, and it could result in Jones at some point receiving a mandatory invitation to testify in the grievance that likely will be filed with the league office, the lawsuit that likely will be filed regarding any claims falling beyond the confines of his contract, or both. Even if Jones isn’t directly involved, it shows that there are plenty of reasons for McCloughan to fight this one aggressively.

Whatever the truth is, here’s hoping that the truth eventually comes out.

32 responses to “Report: Washington used drinking as excuse to fire Scot McCloughan

  1. Man I hate living in this area ( DC ), so much politics, its everywhere. Instead of people trying to get ahead on their own merit they do it by pushing other people down with whatever BS they can get away with. Cant wait to get through the next decade so I can get the heck out of here and retire.

  2. The best thing for the NFL would be to have a yearly review board of ownership to see if team owners check all the mandatory requirements each season to be an efficient owner in the NFL. If not ,then their should be a clause in ownership agreements that forces an owner to sell to a board approved group. Owners like Snyder are holding these teams that really belong to the fans as hostages. Fans were there before the owners and will be there after the owner is gone, each fan base deserves to have owners that want to leave team better than when they took over doing no harm while holding the keys.

  3. Wrongful termination with a side of slander, anyone? If Scot has a case and wins, he’ll be set for life with Danny’s money paying for it all.

  4. If he’s drinking he has no case. If one player says he was drunk in the locker room it’s game over. Sad to see, but it happens in every walk of life. Alcoholism is a serious problem that is hard to beat. I hope he can get it turned around, if not he could end up dead.

  5. As a Dallas fan, I should be happy, but all I feel is a hope that McCloughin finds a way to beat his alcoholism, if that is indeed what caused this.

  6. Uh, you can’t fire someone for alcoholism. There are laws against it.

    You also can’t blurt out what someone was fired for.

    Redskins are gonna take it up the tailpipe on this one.

  7. If there was any class above him in the Redskin organization this would have been handles smoothly whether he was at the combine or not. And they would still have a great talent evaluater picking players and they would still over rule him. Because they can’t learn from their own mistakes. Skins fans can’t win with these two clowns at the top.

  8. Sue the crap out of this terrible organization Scot, and then come back to Seattle and give our personnel department a boost.

  9. Didn’t take a genius to figure this out when your players are on the record saying they didn’t see it as a problem and you hired him after he very publicly let it be known that other organizations didn’t like his drinking but then in the next breath he said he wouldn’t stop, and you hired him anyway. This was a political hit job from the word go when Cooley came out with his lame excuses until today. Anyone who falls for it is a buffoon. My guess is that he thought he could work with Allen because of his past working with his father in Oakland, but realized when he got in the building how much of a worthless piece of garbage that Allen really is and has become evem ,more of since his Oakland days, which made the relationship impossible to work.

  10. I so wanted to watch Scot build the team the way he saw fit. They brought him on to do just that. Scot is out because he disagreed with Danny and Bruce.

  11. well, at least we have final confirmation that washington won’t ever change or win with dan snyder as the owner.

    the only real shot they had was for everyone else in that org to shut up and just listen to mccloughan.

    not too surprised i guess.

    only victim in this is mccloughan, i don’t have an ounce of pity for washington’s front office or their fans.

  12. I’m starting to wonder about this Allen guy. Pedigree name, but doesn’t seem to know all that much about how to manage a football organization. I almost feel sorry for Cousins. No wait, he went to Michigan State. Screw him. Ha. Go Blue!!!

  13. Bruce Allen is team president and he is the one who hired Scot and fired him. Don’t know why you think Snyder did. Mike Jones with the Washington Post hates the Redskins and only writes gossip. What you have not read in The Post is that three other players have said that Scot did in fact show up before and after games drunk in the locker room. Jealous of McCloughan? His 2016 draft has yet to pan out and his free agency picks were average at best. There was nothing to be jealous about. All of the Redskins key players were acquired before McCloughan arrived in 2014. Face it, he blew this opportunity, not the Redskins.

  14. “If he’s drinking he has no case. If one player says he was drunk in the locker room it’s game over.”

    That’s where it’s going to get interesting because several players have already been asked and said they never saw anything unusual. Most expressed surprise they were even being asked and one guy even said he’d never heard of his past drinking problems.

    If he sues the Redskins for slander Snyder is going to have to do better than “Me and my top executives saw him drunk in the locker room but everybody else was looking the other way at the time.”

  15. I am a Redskins’ fan and I want Scot to rape and pillage the land of the Danny and to take hundreds of millions in damages from that Child owner.

    I support Scot and he gave us our first back to back winning seasons in decades.

    Danny, sell this team.

    We hate you.

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