Seahawks add Luke Joeckel

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Luke Joeckel didn’t pan out after the Jaguars took him with the second overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft and he’ll try for a better outcome as a low-profile free agent signing in Seattle.

According to multiple reports, Joeckel is signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks. Joeckel became a free agent because the Jaguars opted not to exercise their fifth-year option on his contract or negotiate a new deal.

Joeckel washed out at left tackle in Jacksonville before kicking inside to play left guard during his final year with the team. That experiment proved to be a short-lived one thanks to a knee injury that brought his season to an end after just four games.

It’s not clear where the Seahawks plan to play Joeckel, but their line figures to be a work in progress for much of the offseason as they try to find a more effective mix of players than they employed last year.

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  1. Rumors of this for a couple years now. They must see something they like.

  2. As a Hawks fan, I’m not sure how much more of this experimental o-line BS I can endure. I really want to have faith in Schneider and the coaches but this is just crazy. I understand funds are tight so it’s slim picking but it’s like they have ZERO interest in actually solidifying this line and keeping their 82 million dollar investment QB protected. Maybe this guy is just a camp body to spark competition but if this turns out to be another Webb or Sowell disaster there’s going to be a lot of angry fans.

  3. Looking back that had to be one of the worst first rounds ever – Fisher, Joeckel and Dion Jordan 1-2-3 , none of whom produced at a 3rd round level, EJ Manual to boot ug

  4. This is getting really old . Another failed player from another team that’s going to eat up cap space , a roster spot and coaching time and energy before being cut in the end . I don’t get it . Lack of quality play from the o-line has neutered the offense leaving the defense on the field the entire game zapping their strength before the fourth quarter. How many games were lost last year because of late come backs by the opposition ? It all starts in the trenches .

  5. Remembering back, I Was disappointed and would have loved it if Seahawks had drafted him, initially. Now? Hopefully the front office has information that shows this relatively young player can be successful on the Hawk O-Line. One positive; he already has played in the position.

  6. You never know what a change in scenery will do for a player but I for one don’t agree with the above statement that the offense was neutered last year. They were 12th overall on offense. I actually like what that O line could become with a year of actual game experience and a full training camp.

  7. All I will say about this is its better than Bradley Sowell and J’marcus Webb signings last year.

    O-line right now its Justin Britt and sub-par everything else. Ifedi came out camp looking like a stud but it was all down hill from there. George Fant has some serious upside.

  8. The defense is starting to age. The QB is starting to get injured. The window is closing. The only thing consistently holding the team back is the offensive line, and the Schneider/Carroll/Cable way of developing the O-line has been failing year after year, so why should we have faith that it will suddenly work now?

  9. Whoever said that Joeckel was the surest thing
    in that draft, must have been joking.

  10. He was an extreme disappointment to a team that would have been happy with C+ line play. He turned in D- line play, time after time. Wilson is gonna get crushed again this year, third year in a row!

  11. One thing Seattle fans can be optimistic about is although Joeckel had a pretty disappointing career with the Jaguars, he was noticeably better last season before he went down with an injury. He was never great at run blocking, but he seemed to be much better at pass protection last year in the 4 games he played. Joeckel gets criticized harder than others that play his position due to him being drafted as high as he was in what turned out to be one of the worst drafts in a decade. That’s on the Jaguars’ front office, not him. Overall, he is a serviceable linemen that could turn out to be a much improved player with a different set of players and coaching staff around him.

  12. Hawks have too many players more interested in “brand” & “celebrity” than football.

    Yes I’m looking at you Sherman and Russ WRF was up with that picture?


  13. I’ve read all the comments and TOTALLY understand where the trepidation and the “Project Fatigue” comes from, but Pete sees something in many of these players, whether it’s their impending doom and a life as a High-School football coach or financial planner and he shows them the light and gives them one more chance to revitalize their career. Also, it’s low risk, $1M for a second overall pick from a few years back? Mingo was 6th overall 3/4 years ago and is this year’s “Project player”. Regarding “Taking up coaching time” it’s my understanding that these free agents are treated like men, certainly not coddled and are expected to pick things up rather quickly. In short, I believe all of us have worked in a role, for a boss or a company where you produced less than your best, sometimes a change of scenery does the trick. With Coach Carroll having a strong track record, being a “Raw-Raw” positive attitude “Next Man Up” Type of coach I feel we as fans should trust his judgment, hasn’t he earned that respect?

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