Steven Hauschka shuffling off to Buffalo


After the Seahawks signed the guy who took one of the biggest kicks in franchise history — and missed it —  Steven Hauschka had to move on.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the former Seahawks kicker will sign with the Bills, with the usual “barring any snags” language (which is going to be the #asexpected of this morning and early afternoon until deals can be official).

The Seahawks indicated they were content making a change when they signed Blair Walsh, the former Vikings kicker whose playoff chip shot miss helped the Seahawks steal a win in Minnesota.

Hauschka has been a consistently strong leg, but he’s missed 10 extra points over the last two seasons.

He’s still an 87.2 percent field goal guy, which is excellent.

The Bills cut ties with kicker Dan Carpenter this week to make room for a new one.



14 responses to “Steven Hauschka shuffling off to Buffalo

  1. He had his wobbles last season, but seemed to have worked through them by season’s end and was totally dependable prior to that – sad to see him go. Bills get a good one there.

  2. Really? Seattle holds the home team to zero TDs and they “stole” the win? Gimme a break.

    BTW Walsh was the only Viking to score any points that day. He will bounce back and have a great run with the Hawks.

  3. I really don’t understand Hauschka. He would make 50 yard field goals all day long but get XPs blocked or missed them in fear of them getting blocks. And don’t even bring up the Arizona stadium where he completely shuts down. He was reliable for so long and then this last year and a half basically he’s been shaken. Hopefully he turns his confidence around for Buffalo, but I’m glad he’s not with the Seahawks anymore.

  4. His head was broken last year. Cost the Seahawks a couple wins. If you lose your confidence as a kicker, you’re done. Hopefully the change of scenery fixes whatever was wrong.

  5. The Hogs will probably draft a kicker out of college and pay him less money than Blair Walsh, who is kept around as insurance only. Very few college kickers are drafted these days. Therefore spending a low round pick can make sure they have one of the best college kickers.

  6. Appreciated his big leg and overall consistency for years. The last year and a half were tough to watch, however. Still good, just not absolute clutch as in the past.

    When Hawks lost Josh Brown, And brought in. Steve, i felt this same way. Hopefully, the results will be as positive as that turned out to be.

  7. sweetnlow44 says:
    Hopefully the change of scenery fixes whatever was wrong.

    A change of scenery almost certainly will fix whatever was wrong. The scenery in Buffalo includes a field goal unit that blocks defenders, as opposed to performing like a sieve.
    Steven Hauschka got the yips because every time the ball was snapped the right side of the line instantly collapsed and he was always rushing his kicks.

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