Terrelle Pryor visiting Washington

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Washington has already lost two wide receivers today, but they’re looking at a potential replacement.

Per multiple reports, Cleveland’s Terrelle Pryor is visiting there.

For all the money the Browns have thrown around on offensive linemen and future draft picks today, they apparently didn’t view Pryor as a legitimate No. 1 option. They signed Kenny Britt instead.

Pryor blossomed last year with the Browns, and depending on who is throwing him the ball, could be a solid replacement after DeSean Jackson went to Tampa Bay and Pierre Garçon went to San Francisco.

14 responses to “Terrelle Pryor visiting Washington

  1. No they don’t visit. They sign when they see our rich lineage and prestige. Welcome to the greatest franchise in Sports Terrelle. We win again. Instead of giving insane cash to 30 year old DeSean and Garcon, we are playing Chess in a league full of Checker players. Go ahead keep writing stories how we don’t know what we are doing. See you in the Playoffs.

  2. Only the Browns could screw up a situation where a good player actually wanted to play for them…SMH. This is why you don’t hire non football guys to make football decisions…Its just different

  3. please stay with cleveland terell we are improving our oline big time and u will have more time to run your routes and get open

  4. Cleveland has a talented, dedicated, motivate and productive person in Terrelle Pryor. How many players currently on the roster can you say that about on this team (save for Joe Thomas)

    Every NFL Team dreams of a player with all 4 of those traits. What message are you sending to your locker? If you do a great job for our team, your dedicated…..motivated and produce……you’re not valued.

    I know this is not the values Hue Jackson has. This move is coming from above.

    However, good for the kid, hope he moves on to a better place. I would steer clear of Washington though. It will be more of the same.

  5. DYSFUNCTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenny Britt! Browns will let a clean high character WR vs. a troubled soul. This team needs help! Perpetual failure!

  6. So, the Browns basically paid $16M for a 2nd round pick in 2018, in the Osweiller deal. Couldn’t they have used some of that to keep Pryor in Cleveland?

    Same old Browns.

  7. norman held him in check, aside from a cover 0 TD on a drag route norman thought he had safety help on. BUT i did appreciate pryors fire and loved him in oakland. dude is a baller no matter what and i hope we finally get a big receiver. hed be a great compliment to crowder and (hopeully a healthy) doctson and reed.

  8. Browns will pay him what he is worth. Washington will overpay, sign him,Pryor will not be happy with his touches and pout. Cut next year.

  9. If Pryor was worth the supposedly $12M he was expecting to get, he would of been signed by now. Now he’s looking for the team’s that missed out on all the more established, proven WR. He’s a $8M a year receiver with one good year of proof. I’m sure that is what the Browns offered. Similar to what they gave Britt. If he truly wanted to stay with the Browns, he would of been happy with staying with them at that money, but his ego and greed got the better of him. Maybe he gets the $12M, maybe not, but blaming the Browns for not signing him, you don’t have a clue. Especially after the day they had today.

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