Texans ship Brock Osweiler and a second-round pick to Cleveland

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How big a mistake did the Texans make when they signed Brock Osweiler last year? So big that they’re giving up a second-round draft pick to get out from under his contract.

Osweiler is being shipped to Cleveland, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The compensation? The Texans have to give the Browns a 2018 second-round draft pick and a 2017 sixth-round pick. The Browns ship a 2017 fourth-round pick to Houston.

That’s right, the Texans are trading Osweiler away and giving up better draft picks than they’re getting back, just to get the Browns to take Osweiler’s contract off their hands.

The move will save the Texans $10 million in cap space. The Browns have plenty of cap space and can afford Osweiler’s contract.

Whether Osweiler will be able to start for the Browns remains to be seen, but this trade isn’t about the Browns liking Osweiler. It’s about the Texans wanting so badly to get rid of him that they think he has negative value.

223 responses to “Texans ship Brock Osweiler and a second-round pick to Cleveland

  1. Billy O’brien just continues to ship QB’s out after 1 year. Brock, Hoyer, Weeden, Mallet etc. This is make or break year for Bill. We need some continuity man

  2. This has to be the biggest WTF moment in the NFL in recent years. You trade him after one season and you have to give a second rounder as well? Wow. Let’s not see any bashing of the Bears signing Glennon. The Texans have really screwed up so much bigger.

  3. People are going to overreact to this, assuming the Browns really want Osweiler as their QB, but it seems like they’re basically just using their overabundance of cap space to acquire more draft picks. They can afford to carry Osweiler’s contract because they’ll struggle to use up all their cap anyways.

  4. Just… I mean. Wow. First I thought, the Texans got a 2nd, good for them. Then I looked at it again.

    Meanwhile, Jay Cutler is boarding a plane for Houston as we speak.

  5. OMG this is awesome!! I can’ t recall ever seeing a team PAY the other team in more valuable picks to take a player from them. Oh my that has to be a kick in the nuts for Brock!

  6. Did April 1 come early? Is this for real? What that contract? Are the Browns intent on remaining the league’s punching bag?

  7. Wow. Can’t believe I can say this. What a great move by the browns. Basically just paid cash for a second round pick. And if they need this guy to take some snaps along the way I guess it could be worse. Certainly a decent back up if they find a guy in the draft.

  8. Ouch !

    That’s what happens when your GM trades for a player your head coach hasn’t even had a chance to speak with.

  9. LMAO!!! If I was Oseiler I would be ashamed and embarrassed. The Texans had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dawg pound to take him.

  10. woo! what an offseason!

    and tehas will sign cutler or romo!?

    hoooly baaalloons!

  11. Now it’s officially Houston vs Denver in the Race for Romo.. 2 solid defenses with established offensive weapons.. 2 divisions in the AFC that are there for the taking (though i think Houston has a better chance of winning their division than Denver these days)

    get your popcorn ready

  12. Well it seems as if Romo is going to the Texans, but whoever the GM of Houston is should be fired. Seriously, if that’s not fireable, I have no idea what is?

  13. WOWWWWW. I’ve got to say, good move here again from Cleveland. Cut bait after a year or 2 when the money won’t matter, and keep stocking up those picks.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland just cuts him & takes the dead cap space cost this year. Trade money required to be spent anyway along with a 4th round to gain a 2nd & 6th…

  15. C’mon Cleveland. You saw this dude play last year. Parting with picks for this bum is a bad move anyway you slice it.

  16. This is a good move for the Browns. They may receive a bum quarterback in Osweiler, but they get a free second-round pick.

    Browns are not screwing around. They’ve made some really good moves today to kick off free agency.

  17. The greatest end to this would be if the Browns immediately announce they are cutting Osweiler.

  18. And somehow… because it’s Cleveland and because it’s Osweiler, Cleveland will still get crewed in this deal.

  19. That’s an NBA type of trade unseen in the NFL. Props to the Browns FO and a massive mistake for the Texans. Losing a high pick on this deal is a bad look

  20. Smart move by the Browns. They can take on the contract and still draft a QB if they want and won’t have to start him right away. Especially if they draft someone in round 2, where they pay him cheap now and pay him when Osweiler is done there.


  21. Bill never wanted Brock or any of those QBs, he wanted Garropplo from the start. Smith the beloved GM of Houston wanted all those QBs

    QB Film Room says:
    Mar 9, 2017 3:43 PM
    Billy O’brien just continues to ship QB’s out after 1 year. Brock, Hoyer, Weeden, Mallet etc. This is make or break year for Bill. We need some continuity man

  22. Poor move last year singing Osweiler.

    But great move recognizing he isnt a starter and moving on quickly.

    Otherwise, sets the franchise back ala Palmer to Oak, JaBust Russel to Oak, hell anyone to Oak not named Gannon or Carr.

  23. If the cut him they’d be on the hook for his cap hit. That would have hog-tied them for years to come as they tried to find another QB. Teams just can’t afford to have $20m+ tied up in multiple QB’s.

  24. .

    This actually was a common theme in sports many years ago. Not so much now as teams try to build through the draft, and therefore the picks are priceless. This was a very smart move for both teams. Houston basically loses nothing, and the Browns can ultimately window shop for their roster. Even if Houston doesn’t land Romo, you have $10 million and an opening for a guy like Cutler. The 2nd round pick next year is pretty insignificant when looking at the whole picture.

  25. Patriots screwed up by not dumping JG when they could have. Now the browns found their man. Who will be snake eyes for them, but no consolation for the pats.

    They could have used those picks!

  26. Yo, my ex girlfriend is crazy. She slept with all of my friends, slashed the tires on my car, wrecked my house, and showed up to my work cussing me out.

    Browns: can I get her number? I think I want to marry that woman

  27. .
    Osweiler was a public relations nightmare for the Texans. In football, as in life, if you make a mistake, it’s best to admit it, correct it the best you can and move on.

    The Texans aren’t the first team to roll snake eyes.

  28. In years past they would have drafted Carr and Mack and we would have ended up wth Crock. I miss you Al, but I don’t miss you.

  29. Great move by the Browns! They get picks and back-up QB that is an upgrade.

  30. from above ^^^
    “What am I missing? Why not just cut him?”

    if the Texans cut him they take a huge cap hit. with the trade they do not.

  31. Sounds to me like Jimmy’s been talking to that homeless guy again, the homeless guy who, this time, swore he was sober and that cheap wine caused the goof with the Manziel pick.

  32. If the Browns cut him immediately, there’s no cap charge, right? I’m not sure why the Texans didn’t cut Osweiler. Perhaps next year’s salary is guaranteed?

    If so, Osweiler is the starter next year and RGIII just lost his job.

  33. Just in from the “silver lining” department, Cleveland can now say their QB beat Tom Brady…a long time ago…on a different team…on another planet.

  34. Better deal than Bill Simmons’ reader buying a Neil O’Donnell Autographed Football to play with because it was selling for less than what a real game ball retailed for.

  35. Relax Cleveland fans, all this means is we paid $10 million for a 2nd round draft pick from the giant wad of cash we have for free agency. No one is saying this guy is going to start or even be on the team come the start of the season.

  36. Cleveland might just cut him and RG3. All they did here was get more picks together to trade to NE for Jimmy.

  37. Worst case scenario is the Browns acquired a backup QB, a 2018 2nd round pick and a 2017 6th round pick for a 4th rounder this year. The focus is about acquiring the pick. If Osweiler works out, so much the better.

  38. Brock Osweiler is actually a very good NFL QB. He just needs a stable environment and he’ll thrive. This is by far the best move the Browns have made since this new regime took over. Great news for some of the best fans in the NFL, even if most of them are complaining today.

  39. “Parting with picks for this bum is a bad move anyway you slice it.”

    Um they turned a 4th round pick into a 2nd, how’s that “parting with picks”?

  40. What is more funny is reading the comments from some of you fools about ripping the Browns. It’s Houston you should be ripping. The Browns got a great deal.

  41. Browns netting the 2nd for a salary dump is a great move. I gotta give it to the DePodesta for setting up the salary cap like this, they have alot of wiggle room and are using it well.

  42. Great deal for Cleveland. Osweiler’s $18 M is basically cap space that the Browns were not going to use anyway, since they had over $100 M of it. He, essentially, becomes a one year place holder, albeit a pricey one, so they can draft a QB this year and sit him if they need to, and since they didn’t give up anything for him, there is no pressure to start him or make him a franchise QB. And despite his struggles, he is an upgrade over the current crop of Browns QB’s. Plus, they got 2 picks back, including a 2nd rounder, so they will just add more young talent.

  43. Man oh man….some of these comments are from people that don’t understand what just happened. The Browns don’t want or care about Osweiler. This was all about leveraging their cap space by taking him on so the Texans could dump him (it would have cost the Texans more against the cap if they would have cut him). And so the Texans sent them a couple of picks to facilitate the deal. Essentially the Browns bought a 2nd round pick with their cap space.

    But by all means, please carry on with your ‘lol @ Browns Osweiler sux’ takes.

  44. I actually think the Browns were smart to do this. Everyone knows Osweiler is garbage, even the Browns. They basically paid Texans 16 million for their 2nd round pick. They can now draft a QB and give them a year to develop, or still trade for Garapolo (doubtful) and then cut Baby Giraffe without any dead money. Pretty smart if you ask me.

  45. This is a win win. Browns don’t plan on using him, they just used their huge cap space to buy a 2nd round pick!

    Yes the Texans wasted a pick top to get rid of him, but the mistake was made last year by signing him, nobody thought he could be traded this year and get back 10 Mil for the salary cap.

    So win win.

  46. Two thing thats certain in life is that the SUN comes up and the Browns continue to be the Browns. Didn’t the Browns have access to Osweiler game tapes of last season.
    I can’t believe Houston got some SUCKA to take this guy off their hands, is there some Mercy rule the league can step in with to help this franchise.

  47. This could be the best trade I’ve ever seen by the Browns. I’ve never heard of a starting QB being traded WITH a future second round pick before. As someone else said, it’s like they’re buying an extra second round pick.

    Well done, Cleveland. Even if Brock flames out and never wins a game for you… well done…

  48. $16 million for a second-round pick seems pretty steep, but I guess the Browns have to hit their minimum somehow and it’s been a problem that no free agents want to sign there.

  49. They were given a pick just to take him. Browns would be stupid not to say yes. The aren’t cap strapped and can throw Brock in the mix. Can’t see saying no.

  50. This is the most lopsided trade I’ve ever seen. If we all didn’t know that the Texans so desperately wanted to get rid of Brock we would think that the Browns had serious blackmail material on the Texans GM and Owner.

  51. Cleveland made another dumb move taking Osweiler. He ain’t cheap, and it is unlikely that they would want to keep him long term unless they can restructure his contract but good luck doing that.

  52. “What am I missing? Why not just cut him?”

    If the Texans cut him, they’d still have a cap hit from his contract. Now the Browns have the cap hit and the Texans have a lot more cap space in order to pursue Romo or any other QB they might want.

    The Browns have a ton of cap space and don’t figure on contending this season anyway, so they can absorb the cap hit just to take the extra draft pick. And maybe Hue Jackson can fix Osweiler? Seems unlikely to me – this feels like it’s more about the extra draft pick for the Browns.

    It’s a hilarious deal, but it actually makes sense for both teams.

  53. DeAndre Hopkins is looking forward to meeting his tenth starting QB. Browns also have had nine starting QBs in the same time period. Yet in those same four years, one of these teams has had three 9-7 seasons and two playoff trips.

    I’m thinking that the Texans will emerge as the winners on this one. But I’m still in shock….

  54. I actually feel BAD for BOTH TEAMS. Neither got anything. Browns fans are so dumb that they think thye got a 2nd rounder as winners. Remember you have to pay Osweiler! you can literally pay your entire DRaft Class that much money. You lost too unless he restructures to include upfront money and an be cut. This will hurt no matter what. Cash now or Dead Cap later. LOL! All this to come in 4th place again

  55. Idiotic move by the Browns. Why would you take on a multimillion dollar contract of a horrible quarterback? ? ? Browns fans says we’ve got plenty of cap space ? Why not, he might not be that bad? This is why your the stinking Browns! You stink, and always will. I hope to God they spare Ogbah and trade him anywhere away from that cesspool. It’s a career killer.

  56. So, this could be a 0 or 1 year 16m deal, 2 year 34m deal, or 3 year 51m deal. Plus we a 2nd rounder in 2018 and a 6th rounder in 2017. All of this for a 4th rounder?

    Good use of extra cap.

    Worst case, we paid 16m and a 4th rounder for a 2nd rounder and 6th rounder.
    Best case, we get a starting QB, 2nd rounder, and 6th rounder for a 4th rounder.
    Most likely case is a 1 year rental for 16 and a 4th rounder for a 2nd rounder and 6th rounder

    Browns have 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders this year and 1 first rounder and 3 second rounders in 2018. Prediction…saving up for Jimmy maybe?

  57. Every now and then, the Browns start making moves and draft talent that give the impression they’ve turned the corner and could improve the following season. They took Joe Thomas with the third overall pick and later took Brady Quinn as their QB of the future. Long after Quinn failed, then they worked on building their defense by drafting talent like Barkevious Mingo and Danny Shelton. Now they’re bulking up their offensive line and are poised to take Myles Garrett with the #1 overall pick.

    And then I sit back and realize this is the Browns we’re talking about, so nothing will change.

  58. Now I get it.

    Osweiler to Browns; Cleveland dumps RG3; Redskins dump Cousins; Redskins re-sign RG3; Dan Snyder beats his meat…..

  59. Savvy move by the Browns front office and one of sheer desperation by the Texans.

  60. Browns just bought a second round pick. If Brocks arms fall off, they wont care. The pick was the focus here. This is how you get 26 picks in 2 years.

  61. Cleveland is kicking butt and taking names later…2 yrs with Hue and Osweiler will either live up to his potential or find a new line of work….Browns fans, Congratulations, Hue is in charge and making all the right moves so far and he still has 5 picks in the top 60 of the draft… you guys will contend immediately plus have a QB that will have 2 yrs to groom….welcome back to the NFL been far to long….and got a 2nd round pick smh. hell of a deal brown fan

  62. “Texans just robbed the Browns.”

    How do you figure? The Browns basically paid $10m for a 2nd round pick next year – with the way the NFL is making money hand over fist, that’s chump change to a team.

    Unless, of course, the Browns staff are intent on playing Osweiler as their QB, that would be a different story and such a Browns thing to do…

  63. I hope for the sake of Browns fans, they took Osweiler to be their potential #2. If that’s the thinking, the whole deal is excellent for them.
    If they’re looking to Osweiler to be their starting QB…yikes! It would be terrible for them. And sorry, the Browns have yet to earn the benefit of the doubt on their moves.

  64. Giving the Browns more draft picks is like giving a crack addict more crack. Nothing good is going to come out of it.

  65. Wow, that’s is a deal for the Browns. I am surprised that other teams wouldn’t jump for a second rounder, a 6th and a backup QB for a 4th+cap space.

  66. This could be a genius move by the Browns. They have too much money to spend and I’m guessing some baseball moneyball type guys don’t believe you can win with just free agents. They’re basically taking on Osweiler as a way to spend some money short term (I believe I remember hearing that cutting him in 2 years isn’t a bad cap hit) while they continue to aquire more draft capital. And let’s be honest, Osweiler is better than any other option they had, but won’t be enough to get them more than a couple of wins so they’ll have massive draft capital next year as well. At some point I think the Browns will wind up with maybe 20 draft picks and at that point they’ll truly try to build a team. It’s the 76ers of the NFL.

  67. The Browns aren’t going to start Osweiler OR have him as a backup–they’re going to flat-out release him just like you see NBA teams do all the time. They just wanted an extra pick.

  68. As someone said don’t even know who won this trade, Browns assume a hefty contract lends itself to believe that he will be your starting QB, good luck with that one lol…

  69. I know this is crazy but


    Brock turned his career around and lived up to his hype and became a franchise QB for the Browns.

    That would have to go down as the worst trade ever.

  70. I don’t understand the hate on here for the Browns. They bought a 2nd round pick. Osweiler probably won’t even play for them. How is this a bad move? Osweiler sucks? So what? Cut him. Thanks for the 2nd rounder, Houston!

  71. Quite possibly Osweiller never even puts on a Browns shirt. Essentially they bought draft picks from the Texans in paying off his guaranteed money. They can cut him, use him as starter or backup or whatever they want. Win win for perennial losers.

  72. The Browns fans are patting themselves on a victory. However, here is the bottom line… like the Jags, the Browns have been top Drafting for a decade and still can’t make 8-8. What is the point of having stud Drafts if you have no Cap room to pay them after the rookie contract is up. You better make this draft class the best ever if you want to move up one spot in the AFC North. Once again NFL Offseason Champs!

  73. Strange trade. I think the Texans made a good deal. They get lots of cap space this year and give up a 2nd round pick next year. I do not understand why the Browns cannot use this cap space. In 2017, the Browns get a QB unlikely to start , give up a 4th round pick, and must pay the poor QB $16M. The Browns must wait until 2018 for a 2nd round pick.

  74. I don’t get it so what do the browns have to pay osweiller? Or will they take the two picks and just cut osweiller and feel minimal cap hit? Makes no sense for Cleveland to even give him a roster spot.

  75. I kinda like this deal for Cleveland……………….
    Osweiler didn’t get much support from his head coach or GM. He’s still in the learning curve but the Texans treated him like he was some savvy veteran. And ….. it didn’t work. He just wasn’t ready. Now he goes to a team in a full rebuild who just signed 3 stud O Linemen. Now he needs some weapons. I think it’s a decent enough fit for Brock.
    Time will tell. Give him a full year to work out the kinks in learning a new offense.

  76. If the Texans pick up Romo and make the playoffs, the Browns get like the 55th overall pick next year for picking up the rest of Osweiler’s terrible contract.

  77. People who actually think they see Osweiler as their QB are clueless. Everyone watched the same tape last year, and Cleveland didn’t try to sign him during FA a year ago to let you know what they think of him. He’s a stopgap for them at best while you groom a QB out of the draft. This is strictly about more picks, preferably high ones, which is how you improve your team. You do it with the draft, and the more picks you have the better. Time will tell on what they scout and pick, but this is the only way it works. Hit on a couple of key players like the Raiders did, and you’re in the mix.

  78. This is ridiculous, Cleveland are terrible and now they have Osweiler??? What do they think is going to happen now, he is the worst of the worst in QB’s. He shouldn’t even be in the NFL

  79. I have a mentality of not worrying about what people say about me, good or bad. That’s not what I’m putting my energy into.
    Brock Osweiler

  80. The only thing more stupid and mind numbing than this deal is the Washington Redskins. They beat everything.

  81. This changes the trade from #12 and a 2nd rounder in 2018 for Garopolo to #33 and 2 2018 2nd rounders.

  82. Why are you all bashing the Browns? The Texans are the ones who are the laughing stock right now. Bears fans are breathing a sigh of relief that there was an even stupider move to overshadow overpaying Glennon.

  83. Only clueless Browns fans would celebrate this trade, lmao. Just doing “because we have plenty of cap space ” is typical Browns losing culture. 1 of the stupidest trades ever. Why not spend more money on Romo, since you have it. Dolts

  84. That weirdo Browns owner has the HOTS for him is all. He has a severe weakness for long necked boys. He used to drool over Merton Hanks!!

  85. but… but.. now Romo has a better option than the panther or heehaws!
    mr.ed is gonna be pissed he couldnt lowball and steal another player. guess with no manning as bait the heehaws are not as appealing.

  86. Thank again Houston for not drafting a guy who happens to be the brother of David Carr when you desperately needed a quarterback in 2014.

    The Raider Nation

  87. now watch the Browns take their 1st pick #12, Houston’s #2, and trade with New England and get the QB they REALLY wanted.

  88. Have fun if you think Cutler is really much better than Osweiler. Only smart move Houston could make is Garropolo. Romo will get snapped in two. Then you’re left with Savage again.

    I like the move for Cleveland. Why not?

  89. As a Texans fan, I am ecstatic over this trade. Everyone is talking about how screwed up this is, and that is true in one sense, but the net effect of this trade is they sold a probable low 2018 2nd round pick and a low 2017 6th round pick for $10MM and a high 4th round pick.

  90. Classic example how toxic free agency is for teams who can’t keep their wallets closed. Be prudent, build from within and use free agency to plug a hole or two instead of trying to build a team with it….

  91. Hugh Jackson is the real QB whisperer, so Osweiler may actually be better off in Cleveland. For all the naysayers, remember Osweiler showed flashes in Denver. I’m not ready to give up on him yet.

  92. Flip a coin. Heads you get RG3. Tails you get Osweiler. Cleveland Browns 2017. Becomes the luckiest NFL team on earth if this somehow works. Or they become; well; the Cleveland Browns of 2017! Either way though they are loaded for this draft. And can do some serious damage if they pick right. O-Line, RB, TE and sign Terrelle Pryor should be their only mission. Oh yeah; and prepare Cody Kessler to beat head or tails out in the QB derby.

  93. Texans lubed up the Browns on this deal. Only the Browns would make such a trade. The GM needs to resign. Texans celebration under way!

  94. I want to think this is bad for the Browns, if they had just traded a 4th for Brock.

    But the Texans tossed in two more picks just to make it happen.

    Texans cuttin’ bait, good for them. Browns getting more draft picks, good for them.

  95. Browns win the trade because we will now draft Garrett. My dream is to see us draft 4 defensive players in the first 2 rounds, or 3 and a TE.

    Hopefully we don’t draft any of these mid-range QBs unless one is still there in the 3rd round.

  96. I have been a Texans season ticket holder since year one and this is SO like them! They make horrible decisions and then pay through the nose to try and fix them. They have made a few good picks over the years: Arian Foster, Clowney, J.J. Watt, and a few others, but their front office is filled with idiots that make fans want to jump from the nose bleed sections!

  97. Yay! Clever move Browns FO. Now if the Garrett just turns out to be the next Julius Peppers and not the next Courtney Brown.

  98. From an ex-Cowboys fan, you guys in Denver or Houston have no idea what you are in for with Romo. He’ll either play lights-out until the playoffs, then fall on his face, or fall on his face in the first couple of regular-season games and be out for the rest of the season. Either way, no Super Bowl for you! And it couldn’t happen to a couple of better teams.

  99. Texans had this planned all along. Texans can now send a fifth round pick and the “lost Brady Jersey” to the Patriots for JG. The jersey was rumored to be worth 500K$ last I heard a month ago, should be worth a cool 2 million now. Squirrel!

  100. Why does everyone keep saying the Browns got a 2nd? It’s a 2nd…*next year*. The deal is worse than it first looks, giving up a high fourth for (probably) a middle of the round 2nd. The jump was more like a round and a half, with the payback a year from now.

  101. timtheenchanter1 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 3:43 PM
    What am I missing? Why not just cut him?

    Straight up salary dump.

  102. Osweiller won’t play a down in Cleveland. They are going to use that extra second round pick next season, the 12 pick this year and maybe Osweiller to make a run at Jimmy Garappolo. Osweiller is too afraid on the pass rush to be a starting QB. On every pass play in the shotgun he comes up to the line to point out a rusher and make line blocking calls. Then he throws to the check down option. His mechanics and throwing motion are horrible. He has happy feet in the pocket. His ability to read defenses sucks and he has poor vision of the field for a dude who is 6’8″. The Brown’s have no intention of ever allowing Osweiller to start. He may not even be on the opening day roster.

  103. Oddly,some “fans” fail to grasp the mechanics of the trade. Win-win for everyone not named Osweiler. Even he may wind up getting traded to a good spot. Moneyball NFL begins in the unlikeliest of places.

  104. Trade Osweiller or cut him, if he plays for another team in 2017, Browns get a dollar for dollar credit on his salary. Hell, Steelers just gave $2.2 mil to Landry Jones. If someone pays Brock $5 mil, it lessens the cap hit and makes it even better for the Browns. WIN all day long.

  105. Reading the posts I think people are only looking at the surface of this trade. For Houston its a win. For all intensive purpose they traded a 2nd round pick and paid 18 million to kick the tires on a QB that may or may not have been any good (He wasn’t). There has been a lot worse deals in the NFL. For the Browns they spent 16 million to get a 2nd round pick on money they were probably gonna lose cause they couldn’t role over all that dead cap space anyway. As much as I can not stand Rick Smith and think he should have been fired long ago. He got out of this disaster with as much grace as was humanly possible. The only loser is this deal, Osweiller , I hope he has some thick skin cause this move is gonna bruise his ego for a minute.

  106. The previous play is under review. says:
    Mar 9, 2017 3:46 PM

    LMAO!!! If I was Oseiler I would be ashamed and embarrassed. The Texans had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dawg pound to take him.
    This literally made me laugh out loud!

  107. I love how people whose sports knowledge come from watching sports and listening to pundits on TV leap up and say dumb trade on the part of Cleveland. Teams are required to spend money. The are just accumulating picks. Many picks won’t work out but some will.

  108. Frees up some money to overpay perennial playoff loser Romo. Keep walking backwards Houston. Lol

  109. whyamiacowboysfanagain says:
    Mar 10, 2017 2:23 PM
    John Elway looks like a genius….

    For trying to sign Osweiler for 16 Million per? That’s not so smart.

  110. Man, what death spiral this guys career has entered. Goes from Denver to Houston to Cleveland at the speed of light. I have to believe the CFL and AFL will eventually see Brock at this rate of decay.

  111. Sure wish this would have happened before NFL Combine so I wouldn’t have had to listen to all the Patriot-loving analysts make dream trades of Garappalo to the Browns.

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