Torrey Smith to Eagles on three-year deal

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There was talk about a trade sending wide receiver Torrey Smith to the Eagles before last year’s trading deadline, but Smith wound up playing out the year with the 49ers.

The 49ers released Smith recently and the Eagles have landed their man five months later. According to multiple reports, Smith has agreed to a three-year deal worth $15 million with Philadelphia. PFT has confirmed the deal.

A move for a wide receiver was widely expected for the Eagles after they struggled to find consistent production from last year’s crop of wideouts. Smith is coming off two down years with the Niners, but their quarterback struggles certainly played a role in his limited output after joining the team as a free agent.

Carson Wentz is a step up in that department and the Eagles will be hoping that Smith can recapture the big-play ability that helped him score 30 touchdowns in his first four NFL seasons.

UPDATE 11:27 a.m. ET: The Eagles have announced Smith’s signing.

41 responses to “Torrey Smith to Eagles on three-year deal

  1. Better get than DeJack. Hopefully he has a rebound year. Sorry to see Connor go, hope he can be resigned at a lower number.

  2. $5m is reasonable. But yeah he’s no #1. Matthews 2. Go get a stud in draft or Cooks via trade as your #1. And we have improved that spot.

  3. The Eagles’ receivers are pretty bad, but is Torrey Smith really an upgrade? I guess we’ll see.

    This shouldn’t preclude the Eagles from drafting one in the first/second round.

  4. Price isn’t bad. I don’t think much of him to be honest, compared to say, Britt. But Britt just got more guaranteed than Smith’s whole contract, with not a whole lot of proof he’ll get any better.

  5. Torrey could have made the same amount over four or five years if he just took the deal the Ravens offered him three years ago. See what happens players who chose terrible teams

  6. As an Eagles fan, I like the move- under the condition he is not the only WR we sign.
    If the birds don’t use a high draft pick or sign another useful receiver, this is just more of the same. At this point in his career, Torrey Smith should be used as a 2nd or 3rd receiver along with Jordan Matthews.
    We’re still waiting for a number 1.

  7. Being a Ravens fan and local, i love torrey smith, he is a great person. that being said the guy has hands of stone, i was hoping we wouldnt resign him, i’ve never seen so many dropped passes by one WR. good luck eagles.

  8. Good signing! Mainly because it is cheap and he has had good seasons in the past and the situation in San Francisco was a complete mess from ownership all the way down to the QBs.
    EAGLES BUILD THROUGH THE DRAFT! That is how teams become good. Let Joe Douglas pick the players and Roseman do the contracts.

  9. I am no fan of the eagles but i think this is a good signing. Smith is not only adequate wr but a huge classy person for the franchise. Read the things he has done for sf community. Great character

  10. Well, they got their speed guy and at a very reasonable price. He’ll only be relevant if they find a number one to line up on the other side of him, though.

  11. Torrey Smith may not be the best but 5 million per year for a 2 or 3 receiver is a good deal for the Eagles. Sure beats shelling out $8million for Kenny Brit or $11m+ for Jackson

  12. Bargain. This isn’t the 1990s anymore. The salary cap is just under $170 MILLION. Torrey Smith came cheap. It gets him back on the east coast and on a team with a good young quarterback. It isn’t the final piece for the Eagles but Eagles fans haven’t deluded ourselves into thinking we’re just one piece away. It’s a step forward. More to come.

  13. I wanted Miami to sign Smith if they were bid out of re-signing Stills. I thought Smith would be in the $5 mil a year range and thought it would be a better value than Stills at the reported $12 mil a year. Now I’d prefer a 24 yr old Stills over a 29 year old Smith for only $3 mil more a year, but Smith has skills and should do well with Wentz and his cannon of an arm.

  14. @ zibet says:
    Mar 9, 2017 11:25 AM

    Torrey could have made the same amount over four or five years if he just took the deal the Ravens offered him three years ago. See what happens players who chose terrible teams
    Ravens weren’t paying him $16 million for 2015 and 2016 either now were they? So that’s money in his pocket.

  15. Be prepared to catch lots of bubble screens Torrey. That “cannon arm” wentz cant accurately place that cannon over 15 yards . It is either under thrown or a duck that gets picked. Second coming of James Thrash. Guy has had one 1000 yard season and only caught 65 balls once.

  16. Another Roseman “See what I did Jeffy”… Move… That’s all it’s about anymore”…

  17. Great guy, I wish him well, but he doesnt do a very good job of creating space and getting open.

    Given he had to play for my crappy team the last 2 years but he showed himself to be not much more than a straight burner, and dropped the few wobbly passes that came his way.

  18. I’m fine w this move. Helluva lot better than the stiffs, minus JMatt, we had out there last seas!
    I’m hoping Groh can work wonders with DGB, not sure if I have any sliver of hope left for Aghony though! This has got to be his last yr to prove something, ANYTHING NELSON!

  19. Mind boggling people were ripping the Marshall signing, but lots of kudos for paying Torrey smith a million per less. Lots of arguments how smith had a bad QB situation but Kaep is an upgrade over petty,
    Smith and hackenberg.

  20. Really think this deal and the Marshall deal are good value signings for both teams

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