Vikings sign offensive tackle Riley Reiff

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The Vikings have lost an offensive tackle, and now they’re adding an offensive tackle.

Shortly after their own left tackle, Matt Kalil, signed with the Panthers, the Vikings have signed tackle Riley Reiff, according to multiple reports.

Minnesota’s offensive line was a major problem last season, and they’re hoping that Reiff can help turn that around. Reiff has played both left tackle and right tackle and it’s unclear now which side he’ll play in Minnesota.

Reiff is the No. 32 player on our Free Agent Hot 100.

41 responses to “Vikings sign offensive tackle Riley Reiff

  1. Well, it’s nice they have someone to replace Kalil. The question is, is he an improvement, or just another fill-in until they can find someone better?

  2. Very good right tackle who can be adequate at left tackle if necessary. Major upgrade over either spot from last year. Hopefully, they can reel in Okung, too.

  3. remember when Mini Soda “rebuilt” their OL last year? Looks like its happening again this year, albeit with older, more broken down linemen

  4. Well, if you’re trying to piece together your first-ever Super Bowl-winning team, what better place to look for help than the Detroit Lions, a team synonymous with winning.

  5. FA signings and the highest paid OLine in football worked out so well in 2016 why not try it again in 2017? SKOLOLOLOL!!!!

  6. Upgrade. Hard to say why this guy hasn’t quite met expectations (he was rated a Top 15 pick coming out), but he’s young enough he could still improve some, I think.

  7. Curious to see how much they pay him, and how much of a salary difference it would have been for Detroit to keep him vs. getting Wagner.

  8. He is one of a couple of tackles I thought they would sign. That is one OL down, 1 or 2 to go. Who is going to be our right guard?? One website said Reiff was an average blocker. That would have made him light years better than Kalil. Same for Andre Smith.

    The Vikings better get some more OL so we can draft some OL to develop. I still remember last year when they didn’t draft Cody Whitehair. That still bugs me. But of course, drafting OL in the 2nd round is not Spielman’s style.

  9. blowpackblow says:
    Mar 9, 2017 4:23 PM
    Ziggy Ansah approves! He gets to face him twice a year!

    Yeah he is so happy he may improve his sack total to 2.5 now next year.

  10. It’s funny to see packer stock holders on Vikings threads when free agency opens, as owners seems their time would be better served working the phones trying to improve that awful Defense

  11. publicenemy#1 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 4:27 PM
    ZIGGY going to have 6 sacks on vikings next year LMAO!


    So he will triple his season output from last season in 2 games. Sounds like a reasonable response.

    In reality it’s an ok start, I’ll wait to see the $ before passing judgement, but so glad they didn’t sign Jeffery, would rather see them invest in the OL.

  12. Considering what is available for tackles in free agency the Purple did a good job. I’m going to guess he’ll last a lot longer than Kalil. The contract he just got is beyond believable!

  13. The Phantom Stranger says:
    Mar 9, 2017 4:20 PM
    Very good right tackle who can be adequate at left tackle if necessary. Major upgrade over either spot from last year. Hopefully, they can reel in Okung, too.


    Maybe. Or maybe we can just dispense with all the pollyannaish talk and see how things work out.

  14. Will be interesting to see his numbers seeing as how the Panthers gave Kalil $25M guaranteed. All I remember about Reiff was that he has T-Rex arms, was injured a lot early in his career, and seemed to play better at RT. Anything helps with this line.

  15. publicenemy#1 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 4:27 PM
    ZIGGY going to have 6 sacks on vikings next year LMAO!
    I knew that Detroit was super excited to draft 43 year old rookie with the 5th overall pick… but he had 2 sacks last year.

  16. I like the pick, he’s young, clearly has talent as was a 1st round pick. Hope he plays RT where he can be for the next 5-6 years. Still need one more to open draft for BPA. Skol

  17. The fact that he might (emphasize the word might) be an upgrade over Kalil doesn’t mean he is even an average tackle. I realize at this point average is better than the human turnstiles that the Vikings trotted out there last year.

    Typically teams don’t let their core players get to free agency so the fact that the Lions who had him for the past 4 years didn’t bother to resign him tells me more about his abilities that the Viking fans chiming in on this post.

    Something tells me that this free agency plug and play strategy that is just an emergency strategy to mask all the swing and misses of Spielman’s draft choices is not going to work this year any better than it did last year.

  18. We need one more good OL free agent, then we can take the best OL available with our first pick in the draft and have a better front 5 than last year.

    If you put any stock into ratings, NFL has Rieff ranked 19th best OL.

    Considering Kalil is listed as 62nd, not sure Remmers will help us – he’s ranked 77th.

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