Washington fires Scot McCloughan

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On Thursday’s PFT Live, Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan’s agent said McCloughan is healthy and that McCloughan’s recent absence from the team is unrelated to alcohol issues.

The team apparently disagrees; according to the Washington Post, the franchise fired McCloughan.

An unnamed source (really gutsy, Washington) attributed the decision to McCloughan’s “ongoing problems with alcohol.”

“He’s had multiple relapses due to alcohol,” the unnamed source told the Post. “He showed up in the locker room drunk on multiple occasions. . . . This has been a disaster for 18 months.” The source also said McCloughan “has received alcohol treatment” since joining the team, and the source suggested that McCloughan was fired by both the 49ers and Seahawks for alcohol abuse.

On the record, team president Bruce Allen said this, in a statement released to the media: “The Washington Redskins have released Scot McCloughan from the organization effective immediately. We wish him success in his future endeavors. The team will have no further comment on his departure. The organization remains confident in our personnel department as we execute our free agency plans as well as prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft.”

Per the Post, McCloughan has been fired for cause, which means that the team won’t have to pay the two years left on his contract. Ultimately, however, that question could be resolved in a grievance before the Commissioner and/or in a court of law — especially since players told the Post that they never noticed any issues with McCloughan.

“Of a half-dozen Redskins players reached Thursday afternoon, none said they’d ever seen McCloughan drink in the locker room,” the Post explains. “All but one said they never saw him act if he weren’t composed and in control. They added that they never felt he wasn’t able to do his job, and they seemed surprised the question was being raised.”

The smart move for Washington would be to pay the money and move on. They knew McCloughan had alcohol issues when they hired him, and the industry is rife with alcohol use/abuse. (Hell, Jay Gruden’s latest contract extension was negotiated AT A BAR.) Short of any evidence that alcohol actually impaired his ability to do his job, this is nothing more than an effort to move on from a guy they no longer want and to rely on something they already knew about to justify not paying him.

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  1. The GM of the freaking team didn’t go to the NFL combins. Not sure if you’ve heard but that’s a pretty big event for scouting potential players. To me, that’s enough to fire him “for cause” without even delving into anything else that he messed up.

  2. ….and Trent Balke fired Jim Harbaugh…the similarities between these two dysfunctional organizations…two owners who allow bad GM/Presidents to make bad decisions continues…way to go Dan.

  3. Boy, does this whole saga just reek of shady dealings. The way this has been handled by the Redskins has been beyond unprofessional, whether any of these anonymous claims are true or not.

  4. Well never really know what happened. McCloughan has had a history of alcohol abuse, Allen has a history of power struggles, and Snyder has a history of being an dumb owner. I’ll just go with a little bit of both. I feel bad for Scot, he had to resign because of his alcoholism in SF and he may have been fired from his 2nd role as GM due to a power struggle. I hope its that not alcoholism. However we will probably never know with all sides trying to save face.

  5. This guy knows talent better than 80% of the guys in the league. If the allegations from this “unnamed source” about his relapse turn out to be false, that is slander and I would hope Scot sues Danny for every penny, and then gets picked up for a personnel gig with the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys.

  6. tjacks7 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 7:45 PM
    The GM of the freaking team didn’t go to the NFL combins. Not sure if you’ve heard but that’s a pretty big event for scouting potential players. To me, that’s enough to fire him “for cause” without even delving into anything else that he messed up.

    If you really believe that was his choice then Jimmy Haslam has this rebate program you need to check out.

  7. The Washington football team is very amusing to me. Just when they seem to be climbing out of the shell of mediocrity, they remember who they are and all is right with the word.

    My team has not won a championship since 1960, yet I still would not trade places with a Washington fan. I imagine those of you old enough to remember past glory feel the embarrassment most acutely.


  8. Titanic hitting the iceberg, again. The bottom has dropped out. After 20+ years of follwing/ supporting this dysfunctional circus, and after 2 back-to-back winning seasons in 20+ years, I am officially out. Team isn’t concerned with winning. I won’t be concerned to support. Absolute trash. All starts at the top.

  9. You already know what this is. Washington doing Washington things. Vinny Cerrato 2.0 bumped heads with him and went on a political campaign against him. As usual, Snyder takes the side of the dummy in the organization. You saw this from when lumphead Cooley was sent out to start the rumors before they kneecapped him so that they could fire him for “cause,” which is funny because before he even took that job he said he wasn’t going to stop drinking. So even if he was full blown boozing it up at the office, you went into this with your eyes wide open and were asking him just to nail picks, which he was doing, with out expectations of his personal problems.

  10. What a disgrace this organization has become. A once historic and proud franchise has become rotten by Dan Snyder and his meddling ways. If his drinking is true then that’s terrible and I understand his dismissal but the sense you get is he was the scapegoat. They can’t keep anyone in that office besides golden boy Bruce Allen. We give crap to Jerry Jones about the same thing but at least he isn’t anywhere near as incompetent as Mr. Snyder

  11. Everyone knew this was coming for a while now but leave it to that slime ball owner to try to get out from paying the guy by slandering him.

    Skins fans deserve better than Daniel “outdated peanuts” Snyder.

    A Lions fan.

  12. Just when I was starting to worry about the Redskins….they completely implode again and will be starting from scratch, with a clown show in the front office.

  13. The same thing keeps happening over and over in Redskinland. This time in the role of Vinny Cerrato, I give you Bruce Allen. Back to the ship of, “hey, don’t make me look bad”. Instead of accountability.
    Kind of ironic that Cerrato calls Orakpo, Arapco. Allen constantly refers to Cousins as Kirt Cousins.
    This is so sad because of the talent evaluator they lose. And the classless way everyone who gets the door here has nasty things said about them. But I guess I should expect that from the non accountable leaders of this franchise.

  14. Wow, Washington. Wow. While the Cowboys are in terrific shape and the Giants and Eagles are busy supercharging their offenses, you fire your best personnel man, lose some of your prime skill-player talent, and are close to losing the best QB you’ve had in ages.

    It takes a lot of persistence and determination to be this lousy.

  15. Bruce Allen is ruining his rep. All to stay in solid with that inconsequential jelly bean Dan Snyder.
    NFL people know what’s happening here. Bruce better hope that little Danny keeps him on until he retires.
    After this, he won’t get another job.

  16. kevpft says:
    Mar 9, 2017 8:25 PM

    Wow, Washington. Wow. While the Cowboys are in terrific shape and the Giants and Eagles are busy supercharging their offenses, you fire your best personnel man, lose some of your prime skill-player talent, and are close to losing the best QB you’ve had in ages.

    It takes a lot of persistence and determination to be this lousy.


    The Cowboys are a fraud and will fall back to Earth like they always do.

  17. I don’t judge anybody by what they did in Washington since Dan Snyder has owned the team. There is a long list of very successful coaches and front office people who came to work for Dan Snyder and all of the sudden went bad. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Bruce Allen is the only smart one. He doesn’t coach. He doesn’t scout. He doesn’t do anything consequential. He can just work there for 20 years and hire and fire people. Gruden will be the next one to go.

  18. If I was a GM looking for a job I’d be terrified of coming to the Redskins. Look how they handled this.

    And they are going to lose a good QB and end up with garbage like Colt McCoy.

    The only way they will get a GM is like how the 49ers got Shannahan. Huge salary, long contract, fully guaranteed.

    My franchise sucks but these guys are a new level.

  19. If he has relapsed I hope he gets help. But anybody who thinks the Redskins wouldn’t lie about this to justify pushing him doesn’t know anything about the Redskins.

  20. Wow, there’s one born every minute. The truth is he Redskuns didn’t want the alcohol thing to go public. The media kept snooping around until they dug it up. Even Bruce Allen, who I don’t like, tried to keep a lid on it. Do your homework, the Allen’s and McGloughans go way back in football. Nobody wanted to smear Scot McCloughan, the media desperate to make the skins look inept umbled upon the truth leaving no other recourse.

  21. In a December, 2014 ESPN The Magazine article by writer Seth Wickersham, McCloughan spoke openly of his prior issues with alcohol, but insisted he was not an alcoholic. McCloughan did spend 30 days at a Betty Ford Center in 2008, but told Wickersham his divorce from his ex-wife Kelli fueled another descent into drinking and led to his departure from San Francisco.

    Even from the day he was hired, Allen and Snyder and acknowledged McCloughan’s struggles and said they would do everything to provide support if needed. Allen, who has known McCloughan for 30 years, expressed confidence that McCloughan’s troubles were behind him at his introductory press conference.

    “I was aware when Scot was going through his situation,” Allen said. “I did talk to him about it, and we had a very forthright conversation. We’re here to support him, and he would not be taking this job if he thought that was going to be a concern.”

  22. Unfortunately I do think SM was let go justly…hear me out…

    If you get baught out, as the skins should have done if they had to part ways, even if due to alcohol, then there’s a clause in there as part of the settlement where neither party will divulge any information that can damage the other.

    If SM gets fired outright, as has happened here, then all bets are off – SM or likely his agent can air all the dirty laundry and dysfunction that came to make this to be.

    Snyder and Allen are buffoons but not stupid and have had legal consul – if they fired him outright then they are not scared of any he-said she-said crap that come-out..

    long way of saying is that unfortunately, the allegations are likely true and they had cause to fire him.

  23. I don’t know how many of you have had issues with alcohol or have known a daily drinker who has real, fundamental problems but..

    You can see it in his face, from pics over th past few months and longer – the extremely puffy & bloated face, the broken blood vessles/capillaries and general rosesia…not saying anything was deserved, all i’m saying, if you know alcolhism you can clealy see it manifested in his pictures recently…and longer

  24. The Redskins front office “unnamed source” just could be Bruce Allen’s yes man Alex Santos the Director of pro personal. He has always been an adversary to Scot.

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