Will the Broncos land Romo? Vic Lombardi says yes

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Tony Romo soon will be released by the Cowboys. So where will he sign next?

Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live, Vic Lombardi of Altitude Sports Network predicted that Romo will end up in Denver — but only after G.M. John Elway plays a “slow dance” that culminates in a deal that works for the Broncos.

“Ultimately he’ll become a Denver Bronco,” Lombardi said. “They’ll hit him with an incentive-laden contract. They’ll give him enough now to make it worth his while. And if he stay’s healthy and he’s playing games, he’ll make it up.”

Lombardi pointed out that, in 2015, Peyton Manning took a $4 million pay cut with an opportunity to make it back by winning the Super Bowl. And he did.

As to the other quarterbacks on the roster, Lombardi said that Romo wouldn’t be pursued if Paxton Lynch were ready, and that the team should keep both Lynch and Trevor Siemian around, given Romo’s durability question.

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  1. Denver needs to fix it’s wretched OL now which limits cap space for Romo. Trevor has proven to be adequate. Denver also needs Campbell on the DL. The numbers really aren’t there for Romo. Denver wouldnt be able to keep him upright.

    Ps, Denver has the toughest schedule in the NFL this year. Elway has work to do to keep the Broncos playoff viable.

  2. So by week 4 who will be the starter, Lynch or Siemian?

    As long as Mr Ed works it so they aren’t paying Romo while he is injured, they should go for it.

  3. Sign him for 15M – get rid of the very orange and very very average semein, keep lynch the choker on the bench.
    Bosa will make lynch the starter within the first half of the first Bolt/Donkey game. All he will have to do is run towards romo and his back will hurt.
    unless, of course, he is allowed to use HGH like manning.

  4. What Vic knows is close to the nose…just ask of course, is Vic’s horse the famous Mr. Ed. People yakkity yak down the street and waste their time away but Vic will choose just to bleat whatever Elway can say. Don’t call Vic short call cause Vic’s the sort to wear high heels to reach the counter anyway.

  5. The best you’re ever going to get from Romo is a playoff appearance, he’s not holding it together long enough to take any team to the Super Bowl.

    Just need to decide if making the playoffs is enough to justify his cost.

  6. Anyone know what the Texans have for cap space? If they have enough, I’m thinking Romo ends up there. All the better for Romo and the Broncos. Mush rather see Denver fix their oline and run defense while developing Siemian and Lynch.

  7. Am I the only one who thought Siemian played pretty well for a 1st year starter?

    And am I the only one tired of this crap that the Texans were some formidable force last year that was hindered only by Osweiller? they played in the weakest division in the game and padded their defensive stats. Their defense is top 10, but not top 5. What defenses are better? In no particular order: Denver, NE, Seattle, Minnesota, KC, Baltimore, Philli, NYG. I don’t understand the obsession with the so called talent on offense. One good receiver isn’t something to wet your pants over. they aren’t some superbowl ready team that’s a quarterback away everybody claims them to be. JJ Watt may be coming back but don’t dismiss the rumors that he considered retiring because of the back problems.

    Denver is Romo’s best option for a superbowl run, especially if Denver trades Siemian to the Jets for Richardson. Denver has addressed their defensive tackle needs and adding Richardson to that line wouldn’t be fair. Offensive line isn’t great but they should be better this year.

  8. concord148 says:
    Mar 9, 2017 11:40 AM

    Elway taking Rome is the second dumbest thing in the world – the first is me getting married.
    LOL I would have to agree, AVOID at all costs!

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