Aaron Rodgers approves of the arrival of Martellus Bennett

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It didn’t take long for Aaron Rodgers to forget about Jared Cook.

After publicly stumping for a new contract for the man who made one of the best catches of the year in the NFC playoffs against the Cowboys, Rodgers has no complaints about the decision to dump Cook and sign Martellus Bennett.

Rodgers posted on Twitter a image of a fist bump with the his “relax” catch phrase as behind a hash mark.

“Jared Cook, I think, needs to be near the top of the priority list, the way he played this year,” Rodgers said after the NFC title game loss to the Falcons.

Cook and/or his agent may have placed too high of a value on the player in light of his quarterback’s public plea, causing the talks to break down earlier in the day. Enter Bennett, and now Rodgers has a new weapon in the passing game.

At the risk of raining on the ticker tape parade some already are planning for Titletown, the dynamics between Bennett and Rodgers will be critical to the success of the overall relationship. Bennett marches to his own beat, and so does Rodgers. If the personalities clash (like they did when Jermichael Finley was the pass-catching tight end), Rodgers may end up missing Jared Cook. And Bennett may end up missing Tom Brady.

32 responses to “Aaron Rodgers approves of the arrival of Martellus Bennett

  1. I was with you till the last paragraph Florio. Green Bay has much too strong a locker room to let someone come in and play the part of a butthead. I am sure it was the same in New England. I like this signing and sans Greg Jennings (whose sister seems to run his life), Rodgers finds a way to keep his receiving corps happy and allow them to meet most of their incentives.

  2. Florio is just sour like the rest of his Viking buddies…I guess after seeing his team sign 2 reject tackles, most people would be sour too when their division rival upgrades an already potent offesne

  3. irishgary…florio may love the Vikings but nothing compares to the sexual tension Joe Buck and Aikman have for Rodgers. Eat your cheese and your words!

  4. Great, more odd musings by Florio.
    Like Rodgers, Packer fans loved having Cook on the team last season.
    Quality person, football and community minded.
    Great teammate, it would have been nice to see what he could’ve accomplished without the injuries.

    I was disappointed when reports came out that contract talks broke down between Cook and the Packers.
    But we’re all grown ups and realize this a business as well as a sport.
    Wishing Cook all the best, but looking forward to many Rodgers/Bennett hookups in 2017.

    And as far as planning ticker tape parades in March, we save that for real Championship wins.
    You must be thinking of the Barneys and their bitter, delusional fans.

  5. This is a great signing by the Packers. Rodgers will find him to be a big upgrade over Cook.

    BTW- I’d be very surprised if he had any locker room problems. He was great in the Pats locker room. The guys loved him on both sides of the ball, just check social media. He left the team and they are all happy for him.

    I’d be interested to know what he signed for ultimately. You’d have to think it was for less than what Cook was demanding. Maybe the truth is that Marty like winning more than he thought.

    Well he’ll win in GB, and rack up some impressive stats too. No playing second fiddle to Gronk. He will be a key player in that offense.

    At any rate – Good luck to him, except when we see him again at #52. 😀

  6. MF is a polished practitioner of “newspeak.” when it comes to Pack stories. He tries his best to hide his minisoda bias but his hatred for the 13 time Champions bubbles to the surface. Frankly, He’s no more objective than all the other cry baby whining lavender lucies that post here.

  7. grogansheroes says:
    Mar 10, 2017 7:30 PM

    Bennett has the same number of rings that Rogers has.
    Did someone say they didn’t? Or are you just stating something that we all know already?

  8. irishgary says:
    Mar 10, 2017 7:24 PM
    Florio loves to hate on Rodgers and the Packers, a closet Vikings troll
    Yeah he hates on them so much that he picks them to win the division every year.

    barelylegal18 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 7:39 PM
    irishgary…florio may love the Vikings but nothing compares to the sexual tension Joe Buck and Aikman have for Rodgers. Eat your cheese and your words!
    Thank you for this. I tried to get my friends to play a drinking game where every time Buck or Aikman says Rodgers’s name you have to take a drink but they said no because they didn’t want to be blacked out midway through the first quarter

  9. Keep the Vikings homer to your discussions with Paul Allen. Just jealous the Packers have talent.

  10. Great Caesar’s Ghost says:
    Mar 10, 2017 8:02 PM
    They should also re-sign Cook. Like Jackson/Chmura back in the day

    Hopefully minus the rape. Shockingly that prick Chmura was planning on running for political office as a republican before assaulting his kids babysitter spoiled those plans

  11. lscratchingthesurface says:
    Mar 10, 2017 7:55 PM
    Good luck on trying to beat New England next season. And btw, I am not a Pats fan..


    They’ve been quite successful against them in the past (sans Rodgers being replaced by Flynn), and I’m sure nobody in Green Bay is scared.

  12. Bennet is a better player than Cook. Bennet is a complete tight end, Cook was just a pass catcher……And for all you Viking trolls….You couldn’t land any of the A list tackles, so your team just paid $85 million to two second tier tackles…..

  13. Wow, chippy posts on Packers stories too.

    jchipwood says:
    Mar 10, 2017 7:21 PM
    It will take Bennett some time to adjust from catching those lame ducks in New England.

    14 50
    Report comment

  14. staffordisnotbetterthanmyteamsqb says:
    Mar 10, 2017 8:51 PM
    bearssuck says:
    Mar 10, 2017 8:33 PM
    Rodgers = D-bag.

    Absolute truth. Wasn’t it priceless to see the look on his face during the Falcons game? For once in his life he didn’t look like the most smug person on the planet
    There, I fixed your moniker for you.
    You’re welcome.

  15. I’d rather have had my favorite club keep him but this is a good, no make thayt great, move for GB. He’s a slight upgrade as a pass catcher from Cook but a major upgrade as a pass blocker. Contrary to what two delusional NFC East fan bases think THIS is the team with the best chance of replacing Atlanta as NFC champs.

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