Bears bringing back Connor Barth

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The Bears made a switch at kicker just before the start of the 2016 season when they swapped out Robbie Gould in favor of signing Connor Barth.

If they make another last-minute switch this year, it looks like Barth will be the kicker sent packing. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Barth has signed a one-year contract with the team. Per Biggs, the deal comes with $155,000 in guaranteed money.

Barth made 18-of-23 field goals and connected on 31-of-32 extra point tries for Chicago last season. He’s made 84 percent of his field goals over eight NFL seasons with the Chiefs, Buccaneers, Broncos and Bears.

Punter Pat O’Donnell and long snapper Patrick Scales are under contract for 2017, so the Bears are positioned to bring back all of their kicking specialists.

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  1. Completely convinced now, they are pulling a “Suck for Sam Darnold” year.

    Truly unbelievable what has transpired this offseason with the Bears. 2017-2018 will be nearly unwatchable. At least Cutler is gone.

  2. By “unwatchable”, you must be referring to at least the last 10 years.

    Yes, Jay was a part of some really sucky teams, but it wasn’t all his doing or all his fault. This team needs to be sold to owners that have an interest in winning.

  3. Completely convinced now, they are pulling a “Suck for Sam Darnold” year.
    It’s hard not to think that, isn’t it? It seems like the plan is for the Bears to bottom out this season, Fox gets bought out and Pace starts over with a new, young HC and another Top 5 draft pick and see where things go in ’18.

    From what I’ve seen I’ll be in no hurry to block off 3 1/2 hours every Sunday to watch this team.

  4. Kickers tend to have on and off years. He only has $155,000 guaranteed, so they can release him if he doesn’t beat out a rookie or another camp kicker. If you don’t like the Glennon signing, then read this….

    This signing of Glennon was smart for the Bears and here are the reasons why:

    1. Glennon has 18 more games of experience than any undrafted rookie, has an NFL arm and size.

    2. He threw for over 4,000 yards with 30 TD and 15 Interceptions. Those numbers are better than HOF QB’s Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for their first 18 games. Check for yourself. Both of them threw a lot of interceptions early in their career.

    Over 16 games, those stats equate to 3,600 yards, 26-27 TD and 13 Interceptions. I would take those stats in a heartbeat……and gladly. He probably would get a couple of additional TD’s from QB draws at the goal line.

    3. He was on a team in 2013 and 2014 that had a combined rushing and TD total from their top two RB (Martin and Rainey) that was less than 1,000 and 7 TD. Again, less than 1,000 yards and less than 7 TD per season in 2013 and 2014 from not one but their two top RB’s. Howard eclipsed those numbers by himself last season and then some. They had barely a running game those two years and not much of an offensive line.
    They blitzed him constantly and he still had a 2:1 TD to Int ratio.

    4. His contract allows for the Bears to get out after one season and only counts as $8 Million this season against the cap because of paying him with bonuses.

    5. Instead of thinking that he is a stopgap, why not open your mind to the possibility that he can be the Bears franchise QB that he have needed for years. I am using his past stats and intangibles as a reason to predict that he could be a solid QB.

    6. The Bears were looking at maybe trading too much for Garoppolo or even McCarron. Glennon has more game experience than both QB’s combined although McCarron did play in one playoff game. The Bears didn’t have to give up any draft picks, only budget space.

    7. Glennon is not Brock Osweiler or Matt Flynn or any other QB used as a comparison to try and discount him or the signing. Give him a chance before making any judgments or determinations.

    8. Loggains worked wonders with Hoyer and Barkley. I am looking forward to see what he can get out of Glennon who has a better arm and size than either of those QB’s, in addition to a good attitude with an heir of modesty versus a chip on his shoulder.

    Last season, they showed improvement on both sides of the ball. I am not talking about J.C. I believe they will have a top 12 defense this year. The safety they signed is 32 but doesn’t have the wear and tear of one because he played special teams for a number of years. He is a ball hawk and solid player. The CB they signed is also a solid player and former 1st round pick. If he didn’t have some injuries over the years, he would have cost the Bears a lot more money and may not have been available to them. The TE they signed hasn’t been the #1 TE but has showed to be a receiving and blocking TE in limited action.

    If you want to try and find reasons to knock the signing of Glennon, that is up to you. However, it doesn’t appear to be justified based on the facts. The Bears are moving in the right direction and are fortunate to have retained their coaching staff from last season, especially Fangio and Loggains.

  5. Only $155k for a guy whose leg might be the difference between wins and- aw, who am I kidding? Da Bears won’t even be able to make the scores close this year.

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