Bears make it clear: “Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback”

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Mike Glennon enters the 2017 season as the Bears’ starting quarterback.

Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said today at Glennon’s introductory press conference that the three-year, $45 million contract the Bears gave Glennon is the contract of a starter, not a placeholder for some rookie who might arrive down the road.

“Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback and we’re fired up about that,” Pace said.

That, of course, doesn’t mean the Bears won’t draft a quarterback next month. After all, the Eagles said last year that they signed Sam Bradford to be their starter, but that didn’t stop them from drafting Carson Wentz.

But Glennon is the starter right now, and he doesn’t think the rebuilding effort is as great as some on the outside might believe.

“I wanted a team that could win, and I feel we can do that here,” Glennon said. “I feel confident in myself and I think I’ll have success here in Chicago.”

There have been few reasons for confidence in Chicago in recent years. Perhaps Glennon can change that.

58 responses to “Bears make it clear: “Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback”

  1. Who is asking this stupid question? It was apparent when they signed him. He may be their bridge QB but that’s another story.

  2. Sure….for this year. I hope they still take a QB early….sigh, this whole offseason is making me nervous. I’m a fan of Pace, but I just don’t think Fox can get much out of his players anymore

  3. “Mike Glennon is Chicago’s starting quarterback and we’re fired up about that,” fans of every other NFL team said.

  4. Everyone’s saying, well he did bad in Tampa because he was on a bad team. But honestly, in their current state the Bears that much better?

    Glennon is not a guy who is going to pull wins out of losses all on his own. He needs fast targets that can get down the field to maximize his big arm, smart WRs that can read coverages along with him and more than anything else, really good protection. The extent to which Ryan Pace is able to put those pieces in place around him could very well determine whether this move turns out to be genius or insanity.

  5. dabears62 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 4:49 PM

    Hey Pace, if Glennon is a bust, you should have a real estate agent on speed dial.
    Tell us: Who would you have signed?

  6. What else were they going to say?
    What else was he going to say?
    This feels like I’m going to be watching a trainwreck, I don’t want to see it, but I will watch anyway. I would enjoy Mike Glennon proving me wrong. Everyone spent so much time trying to look at Jay’s expressions, and interpreting it…I can’t wait until those same people focus in on this guy’s face.

    When I look at him, I feel like he should be wearing overalls with no shirt, tucked into cowboy boots, using words like “knowed” and “t’weren’t.”

  7. It’s pathetic, but will seem like genius once the Brownies give a bunch of the picks they could use to rebuild their team to the Patriots for Matt Cassel 2.0.

  8. This comment isn’t meant to troll, but I honestly think Cutler is better. Then again, who cares what I think. . . .

  9. Tough decision. Cutler has better skillz but is a total dbag. Glennon, unknown talent. Bears needed a new direction, qbs are scarce, they had to do something. Good move, relatively low risk. Better than Brock.

  10. Seriously? Did someone ask Pace that question?

    If so (and I were Pace), I wouldn’t be able to resist responding with something like “No kidding, Sherlock. Keep it up and you’ll be head-of-detectives in no time.”

  11. Okay Let me set the record straight on Glennon! He is Matt Ryan 2.0 Seriously he has Matt Ryan Traits and may be the best PURE thrower of the ball in the league, NOT best Arm, Best Natural Thrower of the football and throws with Anticipation and Ease.

  12. It’s a 1 year deal with 2 years of team option. Glennon “is” the starting QB in Chi-town, but “for how long?” depends on how he plays and/or if he can continuously outperform rookies brought in over the next 3 years.

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  14. It would not surprise me if he turns out better that Winston in Tampa…… Many of their fans liked Glennon more than Winston!

    Of course that isn’t saying much since Winston is so eratic…LoL!

  15. $15M is the going rate for 5 wins in Chicago.

    Glennon couldn’t even beat out Jameis Winston and his 1+ interceptions per game and 85 rating.

  16. Glennon now makes $5,000,000 a year less than Aaron Rodgers. Is this the (stupid) Bears being the (stupid) Bears or are they cleverly trolling the Packers making sure GB now has to up AR to $30,000,000 a year.


  17. Low risk move considering there’s not much out there for QB. Patriots want a kidney for Garapolo. Romo shatters when the wind blows. Krapernick can protest his way out of the league. So in overall, If he fails, Bears aren’t tied to him financially after this year.

  18. I’m a Lions fan and so obviously I hope Glennon fails but I have to say that you people who are making all these negative comments about him and seem so sure about what you’re saying sound ridiculous. All you need to do is look at the stats he put up in TB to know that he’s a solid quarterback. I understand that negativity is huge part of the comments section of this website but you should at least have some idea about what you’re saying before you hit submit

  19. As a BUCS fan, Ive seen Glennon play. He has a really good arm…throws an amazing deep ball. Hes more athletic than he looks being tall and lanky and he stands tall in the pocket. I think this was a really good move for the BEARS. Glennon wasn’t going to get an opportunity with WINSTON on the team, so good for him.

    And, for all you WINSTON haters…WINSTON is the first QB in HISTORY to have over 4000 yards passing in his first 3 years and that’s with a banged up offensive line and a suspect receiving core. So, now we have added JACKSON, will probably add another WR and good RB in the draft…watch out for the BUCS in 2017!

  20. staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb, I’m curious as to what stats you’re looking at. He hasn’t started a game since 2014 when he went 1-4 in five starts with 10 TDs and 6 picks. I know it’s Tampa and all but those stats don’t exactly make him a “solid quarterback”.

  21. redwings1977 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 5:37 PM

    staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb, I’m curious as to what stats you’re looking at. He hasn’t started a game since 2014 when he went 1-4 in five starts with 10 TDs and 6 picks. I know it’s Tampa and all but those stats don’t exactly make him a “solid quarterback”.


    He’s just coming to terms with the fact that Glennon is better than Stafford, Just like how Cutler was better than Stafford.

    You’re just the same person as the Stafford guy it’s so obvious and the Blackhawks OWN the Red Wings.

    Garbage Detroit teams and garbage bitter Detroit fans like you and me know it.

  22. “Okay Let me set the record straight on Glennon! He is Matt Ryan 2.0 Seriously he has Matt Ryan Traits and may be the best PURE thrower of the ball in the league…”

    Not. Even. Close.

    Mike Glennon has the arm to be like Ryan, but that is it. Every other aspect falls far short.

    He’s accurate, but he takes forever to work through his options. He cannot read a defense. He’s a statue in the pocket. He has no pocket presence at all.

    Play action? Nope. Not more than 2-3 times in 8 games.

    He’ll need the best offensive line in the NFL to have time to throw the ball…not because of his passing motion but because he makes decisions so slowly.

    The only exception for these things is usually his first game, where he makes everyone believe he has everything handled. But then comes the rest of the games.

    Mike Glennon will win the Bears 3-5 games.

    Someone asked who someone else would have signed?

    Josh McCown.

    Then the bears woould get the number one pick next year. Because Glennon is just good enough to get them the number 5 pick.

  23. No one wants to go to an inept organization like Chicago…..

    The kid from Houston did not even want to take a call from the Bears…..

    Glennon is the best they could do…..

    What they should have done is kept Cutler and Jeffries and then traded them like the Patriots do……

    Move up a draft round or two……from lets say a 4 to a 3….or the like…..

    Also…..The Bears could have bought the Houston pick and kept the Houston QB for one year and really stunk it up…..

    That is the only way you get out of the Jerry Angelo hole the Bears are in…..

    Just a pathetic organization with limited draft picks to fill like 10 holes…..

    No hope…..

    Hire Theo Epstein to show how to tear it down and then build it up with metrics…..

    The Bears are literally 5 years away and a joke in the league…..outside of Cleveland and Washington…..

  24. Mike Glennon was a great teammate at Tampa Bay, but not a great QB.

    Just a reminder: he’s thrown 11 passes in the past 2 years.

  25. Pace is a budget shopper…if he doesn’t get it on sale, then he’s not interested. If that’s engrained in his personality, he’ll never have the cahones to pull the trigger on players that make a difference. That’s why he was marginally outbid by elite talent and we’re left with crap in free agency.

    But give him credit…when you give him draft picks (a fixed price he must spend to maximize value) he does very well.

    We need a different guy to manage free agency and let him worry about the draft

  26. Glennon isn’t an elite prospect but the Bears are only committed to him for a year. This is a deep draft and now the Bears can take the best player available. They can also trade down in a deep draft and try and get another second round pick.

    Obviously, Glennon is probably overpaid but when Cousins makes $23 million a year if Glennon can be average it’s a bargain.

  27. Pace is a budget shopper…if he doesn’t get it on sale, then he’s not interested. If that’s engrained in his personality, he’ll never have the cahones to pull the trigger on players that make a difference. That’s why he was marginally outbid by elite talent and we’re left with crap in free agency.
    I’m trying to figure out the endgame here too. By my math the Bears still have dozens of millions under the cap to spend. I admire Pace for not overpaying on principle (Glennon excepted) but at the same time, he’s only gonna be able to fill so many holes in the draft. Who exactly are they saving all their money for? Do they have inside intel that there’s going to be some big name surprise cut still coming, or are they cooking up a big trade or what? Or are they just gonna sign a truckload of 2nd tier guys who have no better options to lowball deals and hope by sheer volume they come up with some upgrades?

  28. Unbelievable. He was lousy in Tampa. Never understood what ppl see in him. Do they just like that he’s tall? Yikes.

  29. Wow the hatred on Glennon is crazy. Heres a guy who got pushed into the lineup of a team as a rookie supplanting their franchise QB. Played fine with an overall underwhelming team then was benched for Josh McCown when the regime that selected him was booted. He ended up playing after McCown played poorly on a 2-14 team! Obviously hes not as good as Winston but I dont think hes bad. It says something that Tampa tried to keep him for too backup dollar. The guarantees on this deal dont really go past the 1st year and its just 3 years overall. This team needed a new look for QB. Even if Glennon is a pricey stop gap give the guy a chance. He got beat out by a 1 overall pick and the rest of hi starts were on horrible teams. Im not saying hes gonna be amazing but I think people are quick to call him a failure the week he signs a contract. Idc what anyone says the QB FA market was thi. He deserved what he got based on the other options, and in terms of guaranteed money (the only important thing) he didnt get too much.

  30. going to trust ryan paste on this signing;

    glennon has great mobility for his size, but doesn’t anticipate throws, and has a long throwing motion;

    i miss cutler and hoyer (i’m surprised too) already.

  31. Insisting so strongly that “we’re fired up about that”, indicates they’re probably not, and trying to convince their fans, and themselves, that this will work.

  32. Help me make the list of QBs who won a super bowl after their original team gave up on them. Brett Favre. Steve Young. Kurt Warner. Drew Brees. Jim Plunkett.

  33. Pace has handled this rebuild quite poorly. The actions of the past few days only cement that feeling. The Bears didn’t have to sign the next big QB this year. They actually had some time on their side but Pace chose to ignore and pull the trigger. His comments about Jeffrey before he left only show how he is overmatched when it comes to being a GM.

    Glennon is the Bears QB now and of course he’s going to sing his praises. He would look like a buffoon otherwise. I hope Glennon proves the doubters wrong and he does some wonderful things in Chicago. I just don’t believe that is going to happen.

    The Bears are leaving a lot of money on the table but maybe it will make it easier for the next GM to make the right moves when Pace moves on. Maybe Pace can prove me wrong and pull off some big moves in the coming weeks. We’ll see, I continue to be underwhelmed.

  34. Glennon isn’t as physically gifted as Cutler, but its really hard to not get a little bit excited knowing you won’t have to see a weekly dose of 2 to 3 INT’s & a funble or two. I’m pretty sure the Bears turnover ratio won’t be MINUS in double digits moving forward.

  35. I remember when Hoyer was playing well, we kept hearing “but they’re only scoring 17 points a game, how can you not start Jay?” Then Brian got hurt and with Jay they scored 19 points, sadly 9 were for the other team.

    Now Cutler’s sitting at home waiting to hear if maybe the Jets will let him fight for a starting job.

    Maybe Glennon will be terrible, maybe he’ll even throw 26 picks like Jay’s first year, but if so at least his tenure won’t last eight years.

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