Browns boot quarterback Robert Griffin III

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As it turns out, the Browns have more than one expensive quarterback they didn’t really want.

Or at least, they did.

Per Josina Anderson of ESPN, the Browns are releasing Robert Griffin III, after last year’s experiment never really came to fruition.

This was #asexpected, with him due a $750,000 roster bonus tomorrow and coach Hue Jackson offered a tepid endorsement at the Combine, saying: “we’re going to keep working with him until we don’t.”

Injuries limited Griffin to five appearances last year, and nothing he showed indicated that he’s got much of a future in the NFL.

And after taking on Brock Osweiler (for now) and his contract and knowing they’re going to add another quarterback later, there wasn’t much point in keeping him around.

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  1. Probably the end for Bobby the 3rd. Too bad, he was electric in his first year. At least he is probably smart enough to have saved the majority of his earnings.

  2. Remember all the college kids going crazy about this guy?

    That won’t be the last time.

  3. The Browns released a QB named Bob Griffin. No one cares. As Ndamukong Suh first said, “you gotta EARN a cool nickname like RGIII.”.

    Another fine Baylor representation.

  4. I still wonder how his career would have gone if he didn’t get screwed over by the turf on that field. Maybe would’ve ended up here anyway, but I like to think he had a few more good years in him before that. He should’ve gone to the Olympics when he had the chance. Never skip an opportunity like that. People don’t even remember that now, they just think he’s a turd.

  5. Cut by the Browns. What a sad (apparent) end to a career that showed so much promise at first.

  6. This is the same guy Jackson said a year ago – “It felt like the Earth moved beneath my feet,” – while watching him in drills. Every coach thinks he’s the one that can save a player every other coach has given up on, yet few can. But they never learn.

  7. Wow going from #2 pick, worth 3 firsts and a second, to cut from the Browns. If thats not the biggest, steepest fall I dont know what is. Oh yeah, I forgot about their last QB Johnny Speedball!

  8. I remember all those dopey skins fans going we are going to the SB with this guy and going to win 5 with him…blah…blah…blah….lol. skins are the most overhyped org in the NFL and have absolutely nothing so get ready to be cellar dwellars for the next 10 years.


  9. I hope this isn’t Deshaun Watson 3 years from now. Especially if my team winds up drafting him.

  10. Meanwhile Kirk Cousins is making just under 44 million for last year and this year and nobody knows how much next year.

  11. Everyone saying Jimmy G costs XYZ. In his rookie year, RG3 showed 10x whatever Garoppolo has ever shown and is still considered a bust. And the Browns are supposed to throw away their draft for a guy that has only shown 2.5 games?

  12. Shanahan overused him, he played hurt when he shouldn’t have. There is blame to go all around here. And it’s sad because all that potential went to waste for a one season chance to lose a first round playoff game.

    Not one person, even Robert himself, was thinking long term career.

    Very, very sad.

  13. Just overhyped his whole career. Reminds me of al the hype Joey Harrington got and just couldn’t get close to delivering.

  14. be real, dude. Shanahan didnt ruin his career, he actually set up a perfect offense for him to thrive in as a rookie. The NFL quickly figured out how to stop the gimmick offense, and once Bob Griffin had to try to be a real QB ( understanding route trees, figuring things out pre snap, etc..) he was done. Shanahan gave him his only good yr

  15. Shanahan and the SKins ruined this kid’s career by playing him after he got hurt which made things worse. He never recovered. I hope he kept the money he earned safe for the future. He should look at suing Washington for what they did!

  16. Of course he was the wrong answer, but the Browns wunderkinds didn’t do him any favors by gutting the OL.

    Who thought it was a good idea to create cap space you didn’t need by decimating your OL and signing an injury prone QB?

  17. @ bradygirl12 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 12:58 PM

    This just shows how fast things can go south. When the Browns cut you, you’re toast.
    Hoyer’s still kicking around the league. This doesn’t really apply to non-QBs.

  18. The Browns released a QB named Bob Griffin. No one cares. As Ndamukong Suh first said, “you gotta EARN a cool nickname like RGIII.”

    Bye-bye, Brittle Bob.

  19. Players always want to stay on the field, especially in a big game. Plus, he was a rookie in his first playoff game. A HC should know when to pull a guy when he CLEARLY was badly hurt. I mostly blame Shanahan.

  20. So, let’s number this up. $16 million minus $8 million equals $8 million—
    minus $4 million in trading Osweiler equals $4 million for a 2nd round pick. Not a bad deal.

  21. These running quarterbacks need to learn from Steve Young. Save the running for when you really need it. Young greatly extended his career by not taking monster hits downfield.

  22. Can you imagine if this kid had come to a first class org. Like say NEW ENGLAND

  23. Man, where does a QB go after getting cut by the Browns? CFL?

    Sorry, Bob. I never was a fan of RG3 or the Redskins or Browns, but I was pulling for him to get it together and return to his rookie year form.

  24. It’s time folks. It is time for Bob to give us what we have been waiting for. A sequel to the movie Good Burger. We all want to see Bob in his natural environment as a fast food employee on the big screen while yelling”welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take yer awwrder!”

  25. And everybody slammed the Browns for giving “weird disinterested signals” when they didnt trade up for this guy during that draft. Tim Couch remains our best QB since 99………SAD! (In my Trump voice)

  26. Hopefully, Hue does better selecting his guy and stops playing favorites. It was so bad last year that Hue had to have a fake QB competition. When a reporter mentioned that McCown was playing better, he snapped that’s your opinion. Then this year rumblings in media that Kessler wasn’t his choice. Sounds like history is being re-written.

  27. The Browns will continue to be the worst team in the NFL! Browns release a QB in a new system on a bad team after one season. No QB could have been good behind the OL of the Cleveland Browns. So to blame Griffin for the losing season makes no sense. All of the Browns QBs were beat like a drum, Kessler was knocked out of the game two or three times as well as McCown who was injured twice. You get rid of a QB who only makes $7MM with a $750,000 roster bonus and you bring in a worst QB in Brock Osweiler. This makes no sense!

  28. If the Browns are smart…they’ll play up the Brock trade to make everyone in the NFL think that is their future starter. That way nobody trades above 12 to take the QB they REALLY want to draft.

  29. You just got released from the Browns. SMH.

    How will little Danny Snyder spin this to look like RGIII wasn’t his idea in the first place…?

    Better get ready to duck Bruce.

  30. The think with him was he was really raw and probably needed to sit for a year. Shannahan knew it but draft him anyway because Dan said to then he pulled a passive aggressive move by drafting Cousins a few rounds later. RG3 was doomed right then. In the back of Shannahan mind he wasn’t committed Griffin and wanted Cousins to play and show he was right all along.

  31. Shanahan didn’t ruin this kid. RG3 has been fragile his whole career. It only took him about 3 minutes at Cleveland before he was hurt again.

    Even Tony Romo thinks this guy is fragile.

  32. Hue Jackson’s “QB Guru” reputation takes another hit. He demanded that the Browns draft Cody Kessler instead of Dak Prescott, and he insisted upon signing RG3. Think the team should listen to him on Draft Day as to which QB to take? If they’ve got any sense, they’ll have him away on vacation during the draft. And they should refuse to answer any of his phone calls.

  33. RG3 played well for the Browns, given the overall team and the youngness and lack of depth on the team this year. They will improve next year. Hue is a good coach, I can tell.

    the reason he decided to pass on RG3 for 2017 is because RG3 got hurt the first game and he was depending on RG3 to play the entire or at least most of the season. If the team had played well enough to win at least 6 games this year, Hue, could have continued the experiment. But at 1-15, Hue was exhausted with trying to replace and play so many QB’s. No QB’s fault really. But, with the weight of the press and how Hue wants to win and get going with his offense, he wants to spend time getting a QB ready that he feels he can expect them to be available all year.

    Since RG3, unfortunately got hurt this year (which they were concerned by the reputation of getting hurt, Hue felt he needed to move on. We all know, winning fixes everything, well losing can mess up a lot!!!

  34. goodellmustgoblog says:
    Mar 10, 2017 12:54 PM
    Mike Shanahan should be prosecuted for playing him with injury in the Redskins playoff game his rookie year, and ruining this kid’s career.
    It is NOT Shanahan’s fault that RG3 has zero pocket awareness and cannot read defenses.

  35. kcchefs58 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 12:43 PM
    They just signed Brock. They’re set for years…
    Haha. Either KC has turned their focus to cooking or you really don’t know how to spell Chiefs.

  36. RG3 was fun to watch as a college player.

    But constant spread offense shotgun, minimal pre- and post-snap reads, and lots of QB runs…that just doesn’t work in the NFL for long.

    Griffin never showed a consistent ability to step up in the pocket, be aware of the routes and coverage, and go through a receiver progression.

    Instead, most of the time when he felt even a hint of pressure he’d start scrambling, which eventually frustrates and demoralizes his O-line.

    Regardless, among the 30 other NFL teams, some QB-desperate coach will probably give him a shot at backup. Doubtful that Griffin will be able to do much with it. I predict he has at most 3 more years in the league.

  37. dukeblue12 says:
    Mar 10, 2017 1:07 PM

    Everyone saying Jimmy G costs XYZ. In his rookie year, RG3 showed 10x whatever Garoppolo has ever shown and is still considered a bust. And the Browns are supposed to throw away their draft for a guy that has only shown 2.5 games?
    Without the threat of run, RGIII is NOT an NFL QB….

  38. Shanahan didn’t ruin RGIII. I’m pretty sure it was Haloti Ngata who nearly broke his leg in that game. The decision RGIII made led to the vicious hit in the open field against a 340 pound beast. Was never the same again.

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