Browns have nine Top 65 picks in next two drafts

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The Browns had more picks in the 2016 NFL draft than any other team. But their 2016 haul is nothing compared to what they have in 2017 and 2018.

After yesterday’s Brock Osweiler trade, the Browns now have a whopping eight picks in the first two rounds of the next two drafts, as well as the first pick in the third round this year, for a whopping nine Top 65 picks in 2017 and 2018. Here’s the full haul:

The No. 1 overall pick in 2017.

The No. 12 overall pick in 2017 (from Philadelphia).

The No. 33 overall pick in 2017.

The No. 52 overall pick in 2017 (from Tennessee).

The No. 65 overall pick in 2017.

Their own first-round pick in 2018.

Their own second-round pick in 2018.

Philadelphia’s second-round pick in 2018.

Houston’s second-round pick in 2018.

The analytics people running the Browns have prioritized acquiring future draft picks, and they’ve done it masterfully. No team in the NFL has anything close to the draft capital the Browns have over the next two years.

The question, of course, is what the Browns will do with all those picks. Trade a bunch of them for Jimmy Garoppolo or another quarterback? Use one to draft a franchise quarterback? Stockpile the roster with talent on both sides of the ball?

Or will the Browns squander those picks with bad players? Having a lot of picks is no guarantee of success. But it is clear that the Browns are building their team exactly the way they want to, with a bounty of draft picks.

70 responses to “Browns have nine Top 65 picks in next two drafts

  1. They will get Johnny Drunkball 2.0 and 3.0
    Josh smokem if you gotem Gordon 2.0 and 3.0
    Trent cement shoes Richardson 2.o and 3.o
    then trade the rest away for Jimmy aka Matt Flynn/Matt Cassel future bust Garroplo all while paying another bust QB to not play for $12mil or what ever it is.

  2. Genuinely wish the Browns great success with these next two drafts.

    If done right, that pile of picks could build a monster for any team. About time Cleveland’s luck changed.

  3. I think they should focus on BPA in all picks. They could use help everywhere.

    Why trade a bunch of locks for Jimmy G, give him an offense with no weapons and get upset when he’s not performing well? Solidify the other positions first, then focus on a QB.

  4. You’re exactly right Mr. Smith. It all depends on what they do with those picks. Now if the Browns could acquire good scouts as good as they can acquire draft picks, they’ll build a dynasty like we’ve never seen. I personally don’t believe they put much stock in scouting, so they’re trying to win by playing the numbers game. It’s always smart to do what you do best, but I think Hue Jackson would like to see them try to do both, and create that dynasty. If they start squandering those picks, Hue is going to blow his top.

  5. Browns usual draft strategy = whiff on most of the first and second rounders. Get future coaches in the 3rd and 4rth round and get 25 pro bowlers and all pro’s in day three rounds and undrafted free agency who will only see the field on the last year of their contract just to walk in free agency.

    Cleveland is great at getting talent, not so great at recognizing which ones should be starters and which ones should be backups.

  6. Looks like the Browns have tried the NBA method: get real bad, stockpile picks, draft a lot early and hope to build a sustainable winner. Now it’s up their front office to not screw this up.

  7. Let’s not knock these Brown’s off just yet … need to remember that the team who made those crappy picks are not in place any longer.
    Their draft haul last year was quite good. And I’m loving their commitment to the O-line. That’s got to help … regardless who is under center.
    Not a Brown’s fan, but if they keep their commitment to youth and using their cap wisely … I believe they’re on the right track

  8. I for one am rooting they come out on top with those picks. It’s time for the Browns to have, maybe not a Factory of Happiness yet, but at least like a mom and pop corner store of Happiness. Gotta start somewhere, and it’s looking like it might finally be Cleveland’s time to get somewhere.

  9. For just 5 more picks you would have qualified for one Jimmy Garropolo! Oh so close.
    Brown’s are The door mat of the nfl and the worst franchise in all of pro sports.

  10. We are talking about the Browns here. I hate it for their fans but this is the worst organization in football and maybe all of sports. They could have the top 6 picks in this draft and somehow would have 5 busted players.

  11. Please, don’t trade them for Jimmy G or anyone else.

    USE THE PICKS ON GOOD PLAYERS. You have such a unique opportunity. Don’t get cute or squander it.

  12. I have to think that if you can trade for Garopolo, then he’s not the answer because Bellacheat knows Brady could break something with one shot at his advanced age and would not trade a franchise player or serviceable qb.

  13. .
    Everybody is in love with the picks. Give me more and more picks!!! Yet what most people fail to realize is that well over half of the first rounders underperform their draft positions.

    If draft choices are so valuable, then why have Cleveland, Jacksonville, and the Rams been drafting in the top five for over a decade? A draft pick is like a car. If you don’t know how to drive, it’s useless to you.

  14. Correct me if I wrong, but have the Cleveland Browns even had 22 successful picks combined since they came back in the league in 1999? No? Then what good is collecting all those picks going do them??

  15. yawn

    and the Patriots and Steelers and Packers have 4..

    the Browns are awful….no qb. awful wr’s, awful lb’s and awful secondary…for starters

  16. Love what the browns are doing. Why give up anything for Jimmy G today, when you can get him for free next year ? And while Brock has lots of room for improvement, I’m interested in picking him up if I’m the Jets…

  17. I’m a Ravens fan. Generally speaking, with the Browns being in division, I want them to fail (by default). But I feel bad for the organization and the fans. I do hope they choose wisely, going forward. Even if they beat my team twice every year, I’m cool with it. So long as they’re competitive. It makes football more fun to watch.

  18. The main problem with this strategy is that they will have at least 12-18 major contributors that all need to get paid at about the same time coming towards the end of rookie contracts. Most teams can only extend 2-3 guys per year. I wish the Browns well… it is interesting as a fan to see theory play out.

  19. Great job by the Browns.

    Turned the League and talking heads on ESPN upside down yesterday.

  20. Is this overflow of riches an affirmation of the Brown’s recent conversion to the use analytics and other data-driven services to dictate player personnel decisions?

  21. As a bronco fan which has an excellent system in building their team thru the draft, etc. The browns have an opportunity to do the same with all the picks. I would keep Osweller, hopefully he will improve but use all the picks to improve a young team, it will cost less, etc.

  22. Hopefully, the Browns FO is smarter than the local writers covering the team. If they had their way, the Browns beat reporters give all 8 picks to the Patriots for 3 magic beans. Seriously, If the Browns were to give two first round picks for Jimmy G, that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and this camel has survived 20 years of severe backache. Like them or not, Sashi Brown and Co have really brought a face of legitimacy to the franchise. They still have to draft players, but man, yesterday was a really good day.

  23. They’re doing good work this offseason. Much better than a number of other teams, which is very strange to say.

  24. They could turn around quickly.
    Or they could draft a bunch of average players and be a 8-8 team with no QB.

  25. They can have all the picks they want, but if they keep missing on the picks then it doesnt matter. Most people forget, Sashi Brown the GM was apart of Ray Farmers team who wasted two 1st round picks on Justin Gilbert and Johnny Junkie.

  26. Jimmy Haslam is working on it. Spending most of his time driving around querying the homeless of Cleveland on just what do to with all the picks

  27. As a Met fan I was excited to see Depodesta get to work in a different sport. He wasn’t just a baseball guy, he works with healthcare companies on finding efficiency, dude is legit brilliant. Now hopefully they have upgraded their scouts and they can hit on these picks, or swap some for Jimmy G and put him behind that stud O-line they’ve built.

  28. how can the bengal sign 2 players and then say they only have 3 mill left for free agents.
    where did the money they were paying the 2 linemen that left go to?
    sounds like bull s**t to me as always.

  29. It does not matter what they have if they don’t know how to develop talent. This has been clearly the case over the last few decades.

  30. “Sashi” and the rest of the moneyball dorks think they are the smartest guys in the room.
    Well see how smug they are when the picks dont pan out and they still need a qb 2 yrs from now.

  31. Tons of picks in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory. People still making jokes about them? Now, they’ve got to scout and hit on players, but they’ve done well. Theyve also been accumulating late round picks too. Mingo who we were all told would be a star in New England, didn’t do anything there for their 5th rounder, but I guess Patriot fans forgot they told us that because they won the Super Bowl, so we should forget.

  32. datdude84…………….Sorry but the worst organization in football are the LA Rams. Cleveland should hold on to those picks unless they get a trade they cant refuse for an established true franchise QB. Im not talking about an older stop gap guy , but a true franchise QB. If that doesn’t happen , build a great defense through this heavy defensive draft. Build the OL with draft picks and FAs. Mix in a receiver or two. Draft the best available player with each pick. Then go find a QB . Remember that only 50% of the players drafted become starters. So the more picks you have , the better chance of getting starters for your team.

  33. This is not the same management team that has drafted so foolishly over the years. These guys are not stupid.

    Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys and Belichick’s Patriots stockpiled picks and that turned out okay.

    They are going to use the number 12 to get DeShaun Watson (if he is there they will take him if they know they have to package that 12 with a second to move down to take him they will).

  34. Why is it surprising that a perennially horrible team has a lot of high draft picks. This team hasn’t had a decent QB in forever but they passed on Carson Wentz who looked pretty darn good as a rook in Philly.

  35. What Cleveland doing (accumalating draft picks) is exactly what a team in their position should be doing.

    I think they will either trade pick 12 or one of their 2nds for more 2018 picks. They are clearly trying to add the draft capital needed to get either Darnold, Rosen or another top QB prospect next year. And, obviously, the more games they lose this year makes it easier to get one of the top prospects in 2018.

  36. There’s the chance – just a chance, mind you – that the Browns are on to something here. For Browns fans everywhere, I hope this to be true and not yet another trip down “lost opportunity lane.”

    Meanwhile, maybe a Browns fan can help me construct a proper paper bag to wear over my head to ‘Skins games. That dumpster fire is on the verge of being truly magnificent in terms of flame height and overall BTU output. On the bright side, I guess that means they’d be the best at something, right?

  37. History shows the Browns can’t do anything with draft picks so I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

  38. On another note, how does the Houston GM still have a job after that Osweiler mess from last offseason?

  39. The Cleveland Browns trade for Osweller was brilliant. I don’t think their fans understand how important his play is to retaining the value of all those high draft picks the next two years.

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