Chandler Jones plans to be a more vocal leader now

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Linebacker Chandler Jones signed a deal with the Cardinals this week that will pay him handsomely to come off the edge and harass opposing quarterbacks for the next five years.

During a press conference to discuss the deal, Jones said he believes the sky is the limit in terms of what he and Markus Golden can do as pass rushers and added that’s not the only place he sees room to do more in the future. Jones said that he also plans to be a more vocal leader.

“I didn’t want to be the new guy coming in calling guys around,” Jones said, via the Arizona Republic. “You’ve got great leaders in Calais [Campbell] and Patrick Peterson and Tyrann [Mathieu]. Now that I have a year under my belt and I have those guys’ respect and trust, I feel I can be more verbal.”

Campbell is in Jacksonville after signing with the Jaguars this week and the Cardinals lost safeties Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger as well. Jones said he’s confident the front office will plug any holes while he does what he can to fill the leadership void created by Campbell’s departure.

6 responses to “Chandler Jones plans to be a more vocal leader now

  1. for that kind of money he better be superman in red. i don’t want to hear talk, i want to see do.

  2. milehipigskin says:
    Does this include not showing up at the local police station looped out of your mind on synthetic pot? Just curious.

    Chandler Jones is a stud. Why, he could play half-naked and still . . . wait, he just might someday. It seems to be his M.O.
    Seriously, the guy is a killer pass rusher and probably worth what the Cardinals will pay him. As you said, he just needs to say off the synthetic weed.

  3. Money well spent. This guy is a top 8 pass rusher in the league. The Cards front office continues to show that they will pay their guys when they hold up their end of the bargain. They have also shown that guys can develop in our system and get big contracts elsewhere be they an undrafted Free Agent or a guy on a one year deal. Even aging veterans can join the Cards and have a great late career run. Thanks to Michael Bidwill and Steve Kiem this franchise went from a joke to one of the better organizations in the NFL. Go Cards!

  4. Jones was all the positives the Cards hoped for last year and none of the red flags (off field or disappearing in games or late in the season, like Pats fans warned). Cards went from almost last in sacks to first, with two young bookend OLBs in him and Golden. And he signed for a contract lower than some lesser OLBs signed last year, and lowered the cap hit from what his franchise tag would have been. Good job Steve Keim.

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