Cowboys keep Terrance Williams


The Cowboys are keeping wide receiver Terrance Williams with a new four-year contract, per multiple reports.

Williams, 27, has been consistent and productive for the Cowboys, who drafted him in the third round in 2013. He’s been a starter since midway through his rookie season.

Williams has 20 touchdown receptions in his four-year career and had a career-best eight touchdowns in 2014. He’s caught at least 44 passes in three of his four seasons, and his return gives Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott another proven playmaker. Williams averaged better than 16 yards per reception in each of his first three seasons.

10 responses to “Cowboys keep Terrance Williams

  1. Knows the system, has chemistry with Dak, has the big play ability, just learn how to go out of bounds. Welcome back. Dez, Tnew and Butler, along with Zeke and our line, Offense stays atop the NFC.

  2. Well, he doesn’t actually have complete chemistry with Prescott (yet, it’s only been one year), but he can get open deep and will save Dallas from having to break someone new in at WR2, which has added value.

  3. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I thought his market value was going to keep Dallas from resigning him. This is a great signing for the Cowboys. I suspect Terrence gave them a discount to stay with the team. My man Terrence!!!

  4. Good move! This move (along with re-signing Butler) means Dallas can scratch WR off the 2017 draft wish list. Can concentrate on best CB, SS and DE available. win/win.

  5. I was afraid he’d want to join back up with his Baylor University buddy RGIII in Cleveland and try to recapture some of that old magic. On the same day RGIII was cut, T-Will resigns with Dallas. Welcome back!

  6. It’s a good thing the O is staying together (minus Leary) because the D looks like they’ll be coming off the streets again. D coach finally got them working together halfway decent and now half of those are gone. No way they’ll field a competitive D, especially with the O upgrades throughout the rest of the East. Trouble in big D again regardless of who they bring in.

  7. IQ of about 45. Too stupid to understand how to get out of bounds to kill the clock and horribly inconsistent. Hopefully they didn’t spend much on this moron.

  8. It’s okay to think the coach is a Homer and unqualified, it’s okay not to like signings one way or another. However it’s not okay for morons like you to speak about another human being in that manner. People like you shouldn’t have access to express such vile as drools from your drunken lips. Turn in your comment card, your opinion much like your you know what, stinks.

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