Eric Winston back to Bengals on one-year deal

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The Bengals lost a pair of offensive linemen on Thursday when left tackle Andrew Whitworth signed with the Rams and right guard Kevin Zeitler agreed to a deal with the Browns, but they held onto another one on Friday.

Tackle Eric Winston announced on Twitter that he’s “happy to be headed back” to the Bengals. Katherine Terrell of ESPN reports that it is a one-year deal.

Winston made two starts at right tackle last season and could factor into a competition for playing time there as Whitworth’s departure may push either Cedric Ogbuehi or Jake Fisher to the left side of the line. Winston has also seen time at guard during his career, so a move inside may not be out of the question with Zeitler playing elsewhere in Ohio.

If he doesn’t start, Winston will be a top reserve while continuing to serve as the president of the NFL Players Association.

16 responses to “Eric Winston back to Bengals on one-year deal

  1. NathanP2013 – classic line. Ha! Ha! That’s the manly look. He is going to grab his bowl of Campbells Hungry Man souo and wipe it all over his face in a second.

  2. ridnaway says:
    Mar 10, 2017 12:23 PM
    That whooshing noise you just heard was Andrew Whitworth’s plane headed west.

    Or.. the whooshing noise of Opposing team’s pass rushers running past the crappy Bengals O-Line that just got even crappier.

  3. Really Bengals? You let two pro bowers leave and this was your backup plan?? Bwahahahahahaha! What a disaster! So glad to say I haven’t gave Mike Brown one penny for over 10 years! 26 years and counting with zero playoff wins

  4. The annual free agency tradition of the Bengals sitting on their hands while other teams snatch away their best “draft first” players continues.

  5. Winston is a washed up, never was that creates trouble as rep for players union. Cincy shoulda just let his crappy career end….

  6. Ah, Winston returns to his side job of pretending to be a football player so he can retain his title of President of the Players Association. This is the best the Bengals could do to protect Dalton’s blind side? Yep, that’s about right, replacing solid players with pretend players, Marvin is a pretend coach, Katie Blackburn is a pretend vp of operations acting like she wants to keep the best players with vanilla contracts and Mike Brown is a pretend owner who pretends like he cares about this city or its fans by offering a free box of popcorn if you re-up on your season tickets (total truth). This city, the fans and the players deserve better!

  7. I can’t wait for Dalton to demand a trade (Or retire a la’ Palmer) as he knows he will be on injured reserve by week 4.

    Bengals will need Dalton, McCarron, and two other QBs to finish the season.

    The new team mascot will be an ambulance.

  8. and the bengals just got even more mediocre….say what you want about the browns but atleast they try to get better bengals like always satisfied with being mediocre its the brown family way…thanks mike signed your
    mediocre fans we’re used to medicocracy

  9. Bungles bungling free agency as always…imagine that. And here is why….remember a few years ago when the league removed the blackout ban? Meaning Mike Brown can’t force tickets on those who wish to watch the game…so what is the incentive to be good? Mike knows he gets paid anyway. And what have they done since? Lost Whit, Zietler, Jones, Sanu??? Yep the bungle way, never has been about winning. Just the profit margin. Why can’t the Bengals relocate to Vegas?

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