Howie Roseman: One-year deal with Alshon Jeffery a “win-win situation”

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The Eagles have added a pair of wide receivers in free agency, but only one of them is signed beyond this season.

Torrey Smith inked a three-year deal with the team, but Alshon Jeffery was signed for just one year at up to $14 million in a deal that executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said wasn’t necessarily the team’s intent when they started talking to Jeffery about coming aboard. During a media session on Friday, however, Roseman said that it fit the team’s salary cap situation and offered other benefits as well.

“Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say it was something that we wanted. . . But from our perspective it was a win-win situation, and when you have guys on one-year deals, you still have options,” Roseman said in comments distributed by the team. “I mean, you have tags at your disposal; you have exclusive negotiating rights before free agency. For us, we thought it was a great opportunity to get a player who’s extremely talented and has something to prove and wanted to be here. So it worked out, and obviously you always like to have guys on longer deals, but we also have to look at the opportunities. We said all along that we’re going to try to be aggressive if the opportunity made sense, and we just thought the contract made a lot of sense.”

An unmentioned benefit to the one-year structure is that Jeffery is coming off two injury-plagued seasons and the deal doesn’t leave the Eagles with the risk of owing money in the future to a player who fails to stay healthy again in 2017. Roseman said that there’s no point in talking about the chances of a long-term deal with Jeffery at this juncture, but said he was confident that “this will be a place he’ll want to be” if all works out this year.