Kevin Zeitler says Browns “offered the best deal” in his decision to sign with Cleveland


Kevin Zeitler’s decision to choose the Cleveland Browns over the New Orleans Saints appears to have a come down to a pretty simple concept.

They offered the most money.

In an interview with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Sirius XM NFL Radio Thursday, Zeitler said the Browns gave him the best offer.

“My agent actually kept things pretty quiet,” Zeitler said “I know on Day 1 a couple of teams came in and started talking. As it went on, it came down to New Orleans and Cleveland.

“It sounded like Cleveland just offered the best deal. My agent suggested I go with it.”

That deal ultimately makes Zeitler the highest paid guard in league history. The contract is worth $60 million over five years with $31.5 million in guarantees.

With the additions of Zeitler, J.C. Tretter and the re-signing of Joel Bitonio, the Browns have committed significant offensive line resources alongside perennial All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas.

12 responses to “Kevin Zeitler says Browns “offered the best deal” in his decision to sign with Cleveland

  1. Meanwhile the Bengals have no O line and are going to be last place in the AFC North.

    –Disgruntled, disgusted, fed up Bengals fan.

  2. While this is a loss to the Bengals, there is no way they could justify making him the highest paid guard in history. Browns made the deal they could/needed to. Zeitler took the best deal for him. That is just not a number most teams were going to be able to match and Zeitler, as is his right, took the money and ran.

  3. Zeitler got a great deal and the Browns got a heck of a player, he was the Bengals best o-lineman and still has upside.

    For those who say they spent too much on a guard, who are you to say? An all pro caliber guard doesn’t fall off trees and I’m sure whoever is playing qb for Cleveland will appreciate him. I feel sorry for Andy Dalton, he is in for a rough season.

  4. insane that he got that much and never made a pro bowl. I am a New Orleans fan but his agent was right take the money if you don’t care about anything else because I know the saints weren’t prepared to offer anything close to that ridiculous contract.

  5. So Bengal like…they let their best 2 Olinemen walk and reup mediocre players like LaFell and Kirpatrick fed up long time bengal fan. Bengal fans pull your head out your a$$ if you can’t see this organization for what is is..mediocre and that’s Mikey boys theme, mediocre coaches, players, accept for AJ and he’ll walk his 1st chance.

  6. Zeitler and Thomas played for Wisconsin and Tretter played in Wisconsin.

    That’s going to be one hell of an O-line. Now they only need a QB to put behind them. Good luck with that.

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