Lions sign D.J. Hayden to one-year deal

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The star-crossed football career of D.J. Hayden will move to Detroit.

Hayden, a cornerback selected by the Raiders with the 12th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, has agreed to terms with the Lions. Adam Caplan‏ of ESPN reports that it’s a one-year deal that could pay him up to $5.25 million.

Presumably Hayden will have to stay healthy to earn anything close to that $5.25 million, and so far in his career staying healthy has not been easy. Hayden is immensely talented, but he has a long history of injuries. During his senior year at the University of Houston, he suffered a life-threatening injury to his heart when he took a hard shot to the chest during practice. Injuries have followed him to the NFL, and in four seasons with the Raiders he has missed 19 games.

Still, Hayden has undeniable talent, which is why he was such a high pick. If Hayden can stay healthy and make the most of his talent, the Lions may have just significantly upgraded their secondary.

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    Patriots style move by ex Pats guy, Bob Quinn…….. Low risk/ high reward. Lions fans should be aware that some of these signings work and some don’t. I’m hopeful that they won’t jump ugly on Quinn when one of these deals goes south.

  2. Immense talent? Look, I like DJ and his story, but he was not good in coverage. Decent against the run though so maybe box safety? Have fun with the def holding and PI calls

  3. With Hayden, it has less to do with his health as a Raider and more to do with his terrible play. He is a penalty machine. I hope the best for him though, hopefully a change of scenery helps him take a step in the right direction.

  4. I hope the Lions are not counting on this guy.

    Last season he was out of the line up (6) as many times as he had good weeks (6). He rated average (2) twice and below average (3) three times.

    So you never know what your going to get with this guy.

    Will he be average or below average ( 5 of 17 weeks)
    Will he be good or above average (6 of 17 weeks)
    Will he be out of the line up (6 of 17 week)


  5. He seemed to have found his niche covering slot receivers. Was always physically talented. The problem is that when you are drafted that high the hopes are you become a lock down corner. That has not and will not ever happen. I wish him luck.

  6. Reggie didn’t draft well that year. Rounds 1 and 2 netted Hayden and Menelik Watson.


    Nobody drafted well that year. That was an all time stinker of a draft. Reg was smart to trade out of the 3 spot and let the Dolphins have Dion Jordan.

  7. Not a bad kid,very athletic but lacks confidence in his own ball skills and kills you with PI calls.

    Nice addition by subtraction.

  8. I’m just glad that Hayden is no longer on the Raiders roster. When he started for us, he was a major defensive liability to the point that I felt he was the worst starting CB in the league (and along with Larry Brown, the worst in Raiders history).

    My condolences to Lions fans – I wish Hayden would’ve wound up with the Broncos, Chiefs or Chargers.

  9. By these standards every first round pick is a superstar. It’s “undeniable”.

    Have you ever heard the stories of players that looked great on film, in college, at the combine, they looked…. great? But, when it came time to practice teams know right away they screwed up.

    Vernon Gholston was taken 6th overall by the Jets. After the first practice many exects and coaches on the Jets KNEW they made a mistake. Talent is never undeniable.

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