Mayock: “No official contact,” “no interviews” with Washington

Getty Images

In response to the report that he’s a candidate to become the next G.M. in Washington, long-time NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has issued a statement.

“There has been no official contact between myself and the team and no interviews about the job,” Mayock said. “My focus and energy — as it typically is this time of year — is squarely focused on the NFL Draft and NFL Network’s coverage of that event . . . this year in my hometown of Philly!”

The response provides plenty of wiggle room, allowing for an inference that there has been “unofficial contact” between the two sides. Also, at no point does Mayock rule out the possibility of joining the team.

At most, Mayock’s message is that he’s staying put until the draft and that, after that, anything can happen. Regardless, there’s no outright denial lurking in Mayock’s statement, nor a claim that the report of candidacy is #fakenews.