Panthers trying to bring back Julius Peppers, Captain Munnerlyn

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The Panthers are in full family reunion mode this week.

After bringing center Ryan Kalil’s little brother Matt Kalil in to be their new left tackle, they’re trying to bring back a couple of guys they drafted.

As pointed out by multiple outlets, the Panthers are working on bringing defensive end Julius Peppers back to add depth to their defensive front.

The second overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, Peppers went away to Chicago and then Green Bay, but wants to play another year and teammates have been actively lobbying to get him back in the fold. The veteran pass-rusher is fifth on the all-time sack list (143.5), and finishing his career in his home state might be something he’s interested in for a number of reasons. The Panthers tried to sign him in 2014 before Green Bay offered more money at the last minute.

But Peppers isn’t the only old hand they want back. They’re also talking to Vikings cornerback Captain Munnerlyn, who entered the league as a seventh-rounder in Carolina.

Munnerlyn would fill the nickel corner role they needed so badly last year, and lend a little edge to a secondary full of kids.

If they can reel them both in, it will be a productive free agency for the Panthers, who have been quiet in the market in recent years.

9 responses to “Panthers trying to bring back Julius Peppers, Captain Munnerlyn

  1. Of course the Panthers would want Munnerlyn back. They didn’t care that he left; but, now that he spent a few seasons in MN they have to have him back.

    Let’s see, that would the Panthers in on former Viking cast offs in Kalil, Tyrus Thompson, David Yankey, Joe Webb and possibly Cordarelle Patterson.

  2. I have disagree with the assessment that these signings would lead to a productive free agency. What an utter disappointment this has been. Tampa has made some quality moves and it appears as though the Panthers have decided that there goal was to be mediocre…at best. They were horrible last season and mediocre in 2 of the last 3 times they made the playoffs.

    I believe the Panthers have the least athletic group of offensive players in tne NFL. One might say that their athleticism s offensive. Who needs team speed as long as you have less than mediocre ” hog mollies”…… wait a minute…..

    I have never bought into the Dave Gettleman worship. He appears to be a cheapskate with a limited understanding of market value as evidenced by the absolutely insane move of revoking Norman’ franchise tag. The only that made any sense was if Norman came to realize he overvalued his services. It turns out that Norman undervalued his services and Gettleman overestimated his knowledge. That equals a lost season preceded by a draft filled with reaches in a lame attempt make up for a mistake. This type of mistake borne of arrogance is unforgiveable. He should have been fired unless this nonsense eminates from the ownership level.

    Quit feeding me this line of limited FA forays, great drafts, and resigning your talent. What is really going on is the operation of a franchise on the cheap. Our grafts have mediocre at best, shopping in FA bargain basement, and only resigning a couple of quality players drafted by the prior regime and relying on the franchise tag. Now we have the added dimension of signing ex-Panther players now that they are well past their prime……I am not buying this nonsencical repackaged ” buying on the cheap”.

  3. Captain is good, Kalil not so much, but the Panthers sure do seem to be getting older.

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