Report: 49ers to sign quarterback Matt Barkley

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The two quarterbacks who threw the most passes for the Chicago Bears last season are now both heading to San Francisco to join the 49ers.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the 49ers are going to sign former Bears quarterback Matt Barkley.

The deal with Barkley comes a day after Brian Hoyer agreed to a deal to reunite with new 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in Santa Clara.

Barkley appeared in seven games with six starts following Jay Cutler’s season-ending labrum injury in November. Barkley completed 59.7 percent of his passes for 1,611 yards with eight touchdowns and 14 interceptions for Chicago.

The Bears only victory with Barkley did come against the 49ers, a 26-6 victory in early December.

21 responses to “Report: 49ers to sign quarterback Matt Barkley

  1. We all know he’s not very good, but give the guy credit for acting like he wants to be in the huddle, and wants to win.

  2. Umm, WOW… why? Of all the no-name choices out there, this is just odd! Hope they didn’t give the Bears much for him. So now the 49ers have a #3 or 4 backing up a #2 or 3 starting QB. Our QB situation now feels so much more secure for this season… we can rest easy knowing they’ve secured the best QB’s possible for this season… NOT!
    I know, be patient! Next year they’ll get the QB they really want in Kirk Cousins, or whomever. Let’s hope Hoyer doesn’t get hurt at all this season!

  3. Hoyer and Barkley are just filling in until Daniel Snyder lets Cousins out of his contract or KC plays out the season. Or else these two quarterback the Niners into another top 5 draft choice. Either way SF will have a better QB and supporting cast next season.

  4. That’s a great model to win. Go 2-14 and sign QBs from a 3-13 team. Barkley’s best game was against SF so I guess they have a good scouting report on him.

  5. I’m not so sure I’d be all that thrilled with what the 9r’s are doing if I’m a fan. Are you kidding me? They must be looking to tank in 17.

  6. I personally like the move. Hoyer and Barkley were both taken on the cheap until we can find our franchise qb. This year it’s slim pickings for a decent qb. This is going to be a 2 to 3 year rebuild. Let’s be patient and allow things to play out over that time.

  7. All three of the QBs the 9ers had last year are better than these shlubs that Gomer P. Shanahan brought with him. Shanny’s teams over the years have been below average offensively, why try duplicate mediocrity?

  8. barkley adds good depth to the qb position for SF. but above all, PLEASE do NOT sign jay cutler. i’d rather have colin kaepernick than jay cutler. …wait, did I just say that?

  9. Before this move, the Niners had 1 qb on the roster. You need 4 for training camp. They still need to draft 1 and then pick up 1 more to fill out the 90 man roster. I wouldn’t think too deeply into this.

  10. This is a great signing. The 49ers now have two legit QBs. I think Hoyer is a good backup and Barkley has a chance to be a decent starter. Whatever it ends up being, there should be a healthy competition. Young QBs usually get better and better with experience, especially if they’re being coached right. The Shanahan’s are as good with QBs as anyone I can remember.

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