Andre Branch actually gets $24 million over three, plus incentives

The first clear case of an overstated 2017 contract came from the initial reports regarding the contract signed by receiver Alshon Jeffery in Philadelphia. Dubbed out of the gates a one-year, $14 million deal, Jeffery actually will hit that number via a $4.5-million incentive package that includes, among other things, making it to the Pro Bowl for the first time since 2013.

There’s another case of misinformation being given to multiple reporters about the value of a contract. Multiple reports pegged the Andre Branch deal in Miami as being worth $27 million over three years. Per a source with knowledge of the deal, the base value is $24 million.

The difference may not seem like much, but it’s a full million when looking at the average per year, making an $8 million deal look like a $9 million contract.

He gets $6 million to sign, a $2.9 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2017, a $7.9 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2018, and a non-guaranteed $6.9 million base salary in 2019. Throw in $100,000 in annual workout bonuses, and the total is $24 million.

He can earn up to $1.25 million per year in incentives based on playing time and team performance, which would actually push the maximum package to $27.75 million. If that’s the case, the information disseminated by Branch’s agent to the Associated Press, ESPN, and NFL Network (to name a few) should have been “three years, $24 million, with a maximum package of $27.75.”

But life moves pretty fast in #scooptown. Far too fast for folks who hope to get the burst of dopamine that comes from standing out among an army of insiders to make sure that the information they’ve been handed is, you know, entirely accurate.

9 responses to “Andre Branch actually gets $24 million over three, plus incentives

  1. Thank you Miami for giving us disgruntled Jags fans something to laugh at. You could have paid me half that to just windmill my arms.

  2. Yea jag fans it was really nice seeing your front office in the playoffs last year, NOT, you shouldn’t throw stones in your glass house….

  3. I see jags fans are still bitter that Branch had his best season…. Not with their team.

    How much money has your team spent this off season so far?

    Thank you jags fans for giving us excited dolphins fans something to laugh at.

  4. Pro Football in Florida is not a powerhouse, but at least the Dolphins and Bucs have Super Bowls and winning records. Hey, Jag-Off Fans… what is it like to always be a loser? Next to the Browns you have more top picks for over a decade and still can’t win. My guess is you suck at developing talent, so your comments and criticism is hilarious!

  5. First, you guys expresses immediate skepticism regarding the basic terms of the deals when the news first breaks.

    And then, when the details emerge, you act *so shocked*!

    The skepticism AND the shock both seem a bit exaggerated.

    We all know that the basic terms of a deal (e.g. “1 year, 14 mill”) don’t tell the whole story. It doesn’t take a genius skeptic to figure that out.

    And there’s nothing shocking — or worthy of this faux moral outrage — about there being incentives folded into a deal to raise the amount earned to the number given to the press when the deal is originally announced.

    So chill, wouldja?

  6. The difference between Andre Branch in Jacksonville and Andre Branch in Miami is coaching. Sorry the pathetic coaching in Jacksonville can’t bring out the best in their players but Gase and staff can. Sorry Jags fans spend over $100 million in free agency and they will fail to make the playoffs yet again. Last but not least sorry I’am not sorry.

  7. “Thank you Miami for giving us disgruntled Jags fans something to laugh at. You could have paid me half that to just windmill my arms.”

    If you say so, sounds liek you are just jealous phins got some production out of him.

  8. Hey salty Jags fan, thanks for giving everyone here a great laugh at your expense. Sorry if players come to Jacksonville and don’t give any effort. But why would they for a bottom feeder team and organization? Now you get to see how they play, and get rewarded for doing so, on a good team that can actually make the playoffs. Enjoy watching Thomas get back to playing like an elite TE too and enjoy missing the playoffs after spending waaaaay to much in FA.

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