Bears sign cornerback Marcus Cooper

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The Bears announced Saturday they’ve signed cornerback Marcus Cooper.

Cooper, 27, started 13 games for the Cardinals last season and recorded a career-best four interceptions. The Chiefs traded Cooper to Arizona just before the start of the regular season.

The Bears have been busy since free agency opened on Thursday, and Cooper gives them a boost in both talent and experience in their secondary. A seventh-round pick of the Chiefs in 2013, Cooper had three interceptions, forced a fumble, recovered a fumble and scored a defensive touchdown as a rookie.

He’s started 24 of 53 career games.

11 responses to “Bears sign cornerback Marcus Cooper

  1. As a Bears fan this makes me very happy. This kid had insane combine numbers and it looks like from his production last season that he is just now starting to put it together.

    One wouldn’t have known it from watching last year but the Bears DB coach Donatell is actually quite good… it’s just the players were so awful there wasn’t much he could do. This kid and Prince (if he can stay healthy) will help their situation a lot, I think, plus whomever they can snag in the draft.

  2. He was not picked by the chiefs.

    He was picked by the 49ers and the chiefs got him off the waiver wire.

  3. From a Cards fan, we all felt it was silly that Cooper became a Pro Bowl alternate last year. He had some bright spots but cost us often opposite PP21 and most fans still want an upgrade at CB2. That said, he stepped into a situation of coming in after an early season trade and word is the Cardinals did want him back but were afraid his numbers last season (inflated from a crazy game he had where he won Def Player of the Week) would result in him being overpaid. Hope he does well for you guys.

  4. Two teams (AZ & KC) that both needed a decent CB to compliment their star CBs (Peterson & Peters) both cut Cooper. That kind of says it all.

    He seems like a good human being. He’s just not a very good football player. Looked like he might be a player his first few starts with KC, but it never materialized.

  5. hmm not heard of him, but the rams have great talent on defense, so he could be very good.

    eeexcellent…the rebuild is nearly complete.

  6. I expect a lot of competition in camp at the Defensive backfield. Competition breeds success. The more backs they can bring in, the better. Can’t wait to see what the Bears do in the draft.

  7. As a Cards fan for 20+ years, we haven’t had a decent DC since Coach Bowles left and therein lies much of the problem, plus our GM isn’t the sharpest manager around. Cooper came in under less than optimal circumstances and was thrown into the fire . He was shaky at first but the Cards expected him back, they just didn’t want to pay and got their bluff called. Cooper showed growth through the season and I expect him to contiue to develop with a good DC.
    Just because he didn’t get signed right off by Arizona means absolutely nothing. They haven’t done anything in FA to make the fans go WOW!

  8. Cardinals have $30 million in cap space right now. Next year they will have $94 million. Cooper was not the solution, and sometimes made fatal errors. Draft a great CB2 or sign Prince Amukamara.

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