Browns still trying to trade Osweiler

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The Browns traded for quarterback Brock Osweiler not because they wanted Osweiler (based on their current depth chart maybe they should) but because they wanted the second-round pick that the Texans surrendered to get Osweiler and his $16 million guaranteed salary off the books. The Browns are now trying to do the same thing.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns hope to trade Osweiler. If they can’t, they’ll cut him.

Per Cabot, the Browns are willing to send Osweiler and a fifth-round pick for a third-round pick. They also hope that the new team will absorb up to half of Osweiler’s salary.

It’s a long shot at best. If a deal like that could have been done, the Texans would have done it before unloading the full $16 million and giving up a second-round pick. If the Browns hope to trade Osweiler and dump part of his salary, they probably will have to give up a pick or two, too.

And so the much more likely outcome is that Osweiler will be cut. While Cabot suggests that the Browns could save roughly $4 million in offsets based on the contract he signs on the open market, why would any team offer more than the $775,000 veteran minimum? Osweiler still will make $16 million, regardless of what his next team pays. Why should that team, or Osweiler, try to do the Browns a favor?

Potential suitors, based on past relationships, continue to be the Broncos (John Elway, Mike Moore), Bears (John Fox), Dolphins (Adam Gase), and Bills (Rick Dennison). Two days after the trade that sent Cleveland, however, the has been no buzz regarding any team wanting to get Osweiler on its roster.

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  1. QBs are currency, even retreads. It is a one year cap hit in a year where they’ll still be way under the cap. I say eat it and keep him on the roster for a year. Maybe draft a QB this year if not definitely next year. If he happens to have a bit of success, bench him to lock in that memory and reload on the trade strategy next year. Jimmy doesn’t need to recoup any of the money.

  2. I’ll take that Mc pic 2 from McDonald’s and a expired qupond to krogers for osweiler

  3. As far as I can tell, there’s really no hurry in cutting Osweiler. His cap hit is already on the books and his guaranteed money will be paid one way or another. So they could probably let him sit on the roster until at least the start of OTA’s. Might as well wait and see if the phone rings.

  4. I get what the Browns were doing when they made the deal with the Texans. But surely they didn’t think finding a trading partner for Brock Osweiler’s services was going to be a walk in the park? It’s going to take some time and creativity, and a deal doesn’t necessarily need to get done this season.

  5. Based in his on the field performaces and time in Denver behind a very good offensive line and throwing to receivers who actually catch passes, Osweiler is far better than anyone Cleveland has.

  6. Imagine the personal psyche of this poor guy! We now know the answer to age old question of how much a human being is worth… or not.

  7. My recollection is that many of his teammates in Denver thought Osweiler was a solid team player and a quarterback they liked.

    How weird would it be for Elway to turn around and bring Brock back to Denver? Far-fetched most likely but that would be kind of cool in a way.

  8. Why cut Brock if they can’t find another team to trade with?
    His salary is already on the books for this year. Have him go into OTA/Training Camp and compete. He can’t be any worse then who ever is lining up behind center these days in Cleveland.

  9. Honestly, why do people keep quoting MKC, she has a history of having no clue as to whats going on with the Browns but she has sources. lol…

  10. Do the Brows realize that teams are going to use their position against them? They are without a QB and Osweiller is due to make 15 mil. He can’t start anywhere else other than Cleveland. No One is paying that kind of $ for a backup QB

  11. 16 mill to purchase a second round pick… goes to show you how much the patriots have lost in loosing two first rounder’s and some picks lower.
    For what? Some air and a video camera.

  12. Cleveland just bought a 2nd round pick for $16 million. Smart, real smart. OTOH, it costs them nothing to keep him around. They need a QB anyway, and Osweiler is probably better than any of the QBs they are likely to get unless they spend another $16 million.

  13. It seems unlikely but another team would trade with the Browns to prevent another team from jumping in front of them. That’s why they’d do the Browns a “favor”.

  14. Bad deal period. Cleveland is stuck like chuck. I’m glad I’m not a Browns fan. They’re stuck too. Yuck.

  15. The Browns did not go into this without contingency plans… walk through different “what if” scenarios……trying to trade him makes sense, its an option.

    People keep talking about his salary, really? Look what the Bears just did with Mike Glenn…..$16M for a QB is not much nowadays and the Browns cut RG3.

    They will be drafting a QB and having Brock / Cody as a bridge for the new rookie sounds like a good plan.

    Brock was the flavor is the day last year, including the Bronco’s and Texans, only the Texans offered him up $72M and no player is going to turn that down.

  16. fwippel says:
    Mar 11, 2017 3:41 PM
    Tell me again how brilliant this trade was. Good luck with finding another trading partner.

    36 28
    Report comment—————————————-

    It’s still a good trade regardless of whether or not they find someone else to take him off their hands. They traded a bunch of salary cap space which they wouldn’t be able to spend anyway for a 2nd round pick. Chances are they fully expected to not be able to find someone else who would take him, but it would be stupid to not even try.

  17. If you can’t find a trading partner, why not bring him to camp and see how it goes? No real hurry to cut him now.

  18. The Browns don’t care if they have to eat his salary; they are aiming for 1-15 next year anyway. If they’re smart they will try to bet big on the team to lose each game. Then they will have excess cash for 2018.

  19. Haters need to read my previous post. It is Jimmy’s money, no one else’s and they won’t run into cap trouble over it. They just got another 2nd rounder. Works for me. Good move.

  20. So far, MKC is the only resident of NE Ohio in sports who repeats that O will be traded or cut. Has anyone noticed RGIII is no longer with team? Has anyone noticed the Browns are active in trying to build up other elements of the team? And, you didn’t even repeat the Garrapolo trade. Good, that would probably be disastrous for the Browns.

  21. How bad is this guy that 31 teams don’t want to grab him at the low price of League minimum and a 3rd round pick while they let the Browns eat the other 15.5 mil salary? You can’t any second string QB at this price. Teams should be chompin’ at the bit to get any QB on the cheap, even just to use him on the practice team.

  22. ONLY the Browns would assume Osweiler’s contract. There will be no trade partners, he will get cut, a potential suitor will pay Osweiler the veteran minimum, and the Browns will pay the rest. Trading for Osweiler was another goofy Browns decision.
    Cleveland gave Houston a huge get of jail free card.

  23. Osweiler to pats for garoppolo plus a bunch of picks changing hands. The pats love garoppolo but if Jacoby brisett can win up there Brock surely can. With some funky mcdaniels schemes. If the Browns make the picks sweet enough the pats might bite.

  24. Hope no team trades with Browns! These idiots will have all these draft picks with no experience and will continue to win 4 games a year if they are lucky!

  25. Based in his on the field performaces and time in Denver behind a very good offensive line and throwing to receivers who actually catch passes, Osweiler is far better than anyone Cleveland has…and just who does Cleveland have?
    Browns fans weary after so many losing seasons…now they’re delusional: no one, repeat no one, is going to trade for Osweiler unless the Browns eat some salary…

  26. He’s not coming back to Denver. He skipped both the ring ceremony and the white house visit. No one in that locker room wants him back. No one in the head office wants him back. Why would you go against the original move that proved to be correct when they let him walk?

  27. laxcoach37 says:
    Mar 11, 2017 4:24 PM

    Imagine the personal psyche of this poor guy!

    You mean this *rich* guy. When my company kicked me to the curb after 22 years, it felt like a kick in the gut. If they had given me $16 million to go away, I would have been ecstatic.

  28. The Browns, who had one win last season…. don’t think Osweiler is good enough to be on their roster.

    So they would like a 3rd round pick for him. LOL

  29. This trade has cost Osweiller a lot. Texas has no state income tax. Ohio has a state income tax rate of 4.997%. Assuming half home games, his state income tax will be about $400,000 in Ohio. I am not sure about taxation on away games since most of the time is still spent in home town. If tax only falls on how much time is spent in another city, staying a Texan would have saved much more.

  30. they want a 3rd round pick? I hope they are talking about a 3rd round pick in the NBA, not NFL draft. Good lord. A 7th round pick would be too much.

    and who are these people saying the Browns should let him compete? Why even go down that road when they are going to cut him next year anyway? Why waste a year on purpose? I know cleveland likes to waste every year, but i doubt it’s on purpose. What good comes from letting Osweiller compete? you think he’ll play well on THE BROWNS???? hope he builds up some trade value? please.

  31. They need to tank next year to get a good qb. They need to keep and start Osweiler to guarantee they don’t accidentally win a game. Kessler is a good backup there’s no reason for him to get beat up in a wasted season. Getting a 2nd rd pick was worth it, the money wasn’t going to get spent anyway. Who really cares if rich guy Harlem burns 16mil? He scammed plenty of cash from pilot to afford it

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