Cold war brewing between Romo and Cowboys

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Neither team nor player have said anything that anyone would regret, yet. But the tension is there, and it seems to be building.

On one side, the Cowboys have decided — after telling Tony Romo that he’ll be released — that they want to finagle a draft pick for him. On the other side, Romo still wants to be released.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that nothing is expected to happen this weekend, and that “it’s optimistic” to believe the situation will be resolved within the next week. In other words, the Cowboys are content to sit and wait.

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter of ESPN (who floated the notion on Friday night that FOX wants to hire Romo, which likely was CAA’s way of suggesting Romo has a viable alternative to playing) says this about the situation: “Based off multiple people inside [the] league, it would be a major upset if Dallas is able to trade Tony Romo. Cowboys will have to release him.”

Jerry Jones would say he doesn’t “have to” do anything, especially not for now. With the league meetings starting in two weeks, the smart move is to sit and wait for everyone to go to Arizona.

It’s unclear why Jones changed his mind about releasing Romo, but there’s a good chance that the decision by the Texans to unload Brock Osweiler had something to do with it. Instantly, the Texans created a need for themselves at quarterback. If they’re willing to cough up a second-round pick to get a quarterback they don’t want, surely they’ll do something to get the quarterback they do want. If they actually do want Romo.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle says that they’re interested, but that they won’t trade for him. Maybe the Texans will feel differently after thinking through the options, and after they come to grips with the fact that they currently have Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden.

While it won’t be easy to negotiate a trade that properly balances the possibility of another major injury in the preseason and Romo staying healthy and winning a Super Bowl, he surely has some value in trade. Although I’ve been advocating for months that the Cowboys should simply release him, I can’t blame them for trying to get something from the Texans or the Broncos, especially now that the Texans don’t have the guy they anointed as the starter a year ago.

The dynamic changes if/when Romo ever decides to go public with any of the frustration he may be feeling about being told one thing and having something else happen. For now, though, there’s no reason for either side to flare up. If a trade doesn’t happen in Arizona and the Cowboys still refuse to release him, that’s when Romo should go ham.

81 responses to “Cold war brewing between Romo and Cowboys

  1. Well, when your employer, who states your like family, blatantly lies to your face and the whole world is there to witness it. Heck yeah Tony should be peeved. With a family friend like Jerry who needs enemies?

  2. Well, when your employer, who states your like family, blatantly lies to your face and the whole world is there to witness it. Heck yeah Tony should be peeved. With a family friend like Jerry who needs enemies?

    Please copy a link where one person under current employ of the Dallas Cowboys said “we are going to release Tony Romo”.

    GB traded Brett, Phi traded McNabb, let’s villify the Cowboys for doing the same thing!

  3. The name Jerry Jones has always been synonymous with class.

    I’d expect nothing less from him. If this is the “do right” rule, I’d like to see him on an off day.

  4. Hope he goes to Denver because he won’t last half the season behind that terrible line with Bosa, Houston and Mack teeing off against them 6 times next year. I hope the Donkeys burn all of their salary cap on aging and brittle players.

  5. Dramatic headline for a fluid situation a few days old. And Romo being release was unconfirmed speculation. Media trying to save face and turn this into finger pointing to blame someone else, for something that they reported which was once again, premature.

  6. I fail to see why anyone would want Romo – it’s not just his age and injuries, but the fact that in 13yrs he’s helped the Boys into just 4 postseasons, with a chokey 2-4 record once there. Yes he’s had a few hot streaks, and no the failures weren’t all his fault, but ultimately an elite QB like Brady, Peyton, and even Big Ben, are expected to carry a poor team but Romo never has. More disappointments than joy.

  7. This is called a business decision on Jerry’s part. He wants to get something for an asset that he has right now, Romo. Would you people really just give away something other people want ? Tony should not complain, since Jerry has paid him over 100 million dollars on his contract and all he got for that was 2 lousy playoff wins. Just sit tight.

  8. EVERYONE knows that Tony Romo will NOT renegotiate his contract with the Cowboys. And based on their need for cap room they MUST release him in the near future. Dallas is delusional if they think any team will trade a pick, for an oft-injured QB we all know Dallas WILL release.

  9. Jerry reminds me of Woody Johnson, who held on to Tebow trying to salvage not so much a pick but another layer of his personal ego. Jerry, who welcomed Kraft into the top echelon of owners when he brought new ideas and business savvy, pushed Deflategate because the Patriots were gaining on the Cowboys’ franchise value. Woody’s wife tweeted a cheer when the NFL announced the Deflategate punishment. These billionaire owners can get awfully petty.

  10. Why haven’t the Cowboys considered giving Romo back his job as the starter?

  11. If I’m Romo, I wait until my two-faced, lying “friend” Jerrah Jones finally releases me, and then I go play for the Redskins for a $1.00 as payback.

  12. .
    I think Romo would like to stay in Texas and Houston has a spot for him. However if the Cowboys just release him they get stuck with a 19.6 million dollar cap hit which is a little tough to swallow.

    Houston appears to be playing Jerry for a fool by giving Cleveland a second rounder to absorb Osweiler’s hit but expecting Dallas to absorb Romo’s hit gratis.

  13. Tony Romo can complain all he wants, if he wants to renegotiate & give some money back in order to be released then I’m all for it, if he wants to count for 20m against our cap I want something in return.

    You have to give a little to get..

  14. I can’t blame the Cowboys for trying to get something for Romo either. It’s smart business to try to get something for somebody people want.

    What I can blame them for is telling Romo they were going to release him, then changing their mind and not doing it. Jerry Jones is a slug. Apparently the “Do it right rule” only applies to Romo

  15. Classy Cowboys … after all that talk about doing the right thing. So funny.

  16. This sucks for Romo. They aren’t gonna get a offer for him, but Jerry is gonna wait it out tho hoping he can scoop a pick. And when he finally acknowledges that trade won’t happen and they let Romo walk the Broncos, Texans, Browns, Niners, Jets n the rest of the league is gonna have their QB needs filled and Romo gonna have a real tough time finding a favorable situation

  17. Nah, you can blame them. IF they didn’t tell Romo already that they’d release him, then I would completely get it.

    Don’t go back on your word.

  18. It takes a lot for John Mara not to seem like the scummiest owner in the division, fortunately for him Snyder and Jones seem to be more than willing to break his fall. Just as anyone would have to think twice before accepting a position with the Skins, what player will trust the Boys after this? Congrats Philly, you have the only owner in the division it might be safe to trust behind you.

  19. Karma will square even with Jerry somehow someway. Perhaps his new boo Dak goes down in preseason. Don’t tempt fate Mr Jones. If you promised his release, you should follow through.
    Do thing the right way, and good things will follow.

  20. Why should houston give up any picks and absorb romo’s contract? Unless old plastic face wants to pay every dollar of romo’s salary above the vet minimum….otherwise just wait for release…

  21. Jerry putting it out there that it was implied that Romo would “do right” (i.e., not sign with divisional foe) was BS from the start. first, Jerry was trying to push Romo into a corner SHOULD he be released. Second, I have maintained from the start that Jerry would not release Romo until AFTER most teams had their QB in place. Jerry is too selfish to “do right” by Romo.

  22. Houston doesn’t need Romo. In fact they would be nuts to take him. They need to just grab the young 29, mobile QB in the FA market in a bargain. The one who has already been to a Super Bowl (one last second Crabtree end zone drop from winning it). Who also went to another NFC Playoff final and 1-2 more playoff games. That would be Colin Kaepernick. Who got completely emotionally destroyed when York and Balke blew a championship caliber team up around him. If O’Brien is any good, he can recharge that guys career. And with a team loaded like his, probably win a few championships with him. Kaepernick knows what that looks like. And came within seconds a few times of knowing what it feels like. Kap with talent around him is dynamite! That’s your Huckleberry Houston. Romo wouldn’t know playoffs or clutch performance if it was staring him in the face. Plus he’s as brittle as crystal glass!

  23. Fans, please don’t use terms like “our cap” and “I want something “. You’re a fan, not a principal.

    The Cowboys had a great year and two rookies stepped up big. Enjoy the good times. Alas, you know Jerry is feeling the pressure to win after going one and done and the head coach and team will feel it as well, especially if they face any adversity and most teams do. Jones doesn’t project confidence. He looks like he needs to pass a kidney stone.

  24. I haven’t heard Romo offer to pay back any if his signing bonus to facilitate his release…the Cowboys need the salary cap relief if a trade and that’s their right to seek it

  25. This is a non story to me. But the rest of the offseason for Dallas so far is very troubling for me. Good grief, they better knock it out of the park come draft time, or 13-3 is going to turn into 9-7 real quick.

  26. If Jones said he was releasing Romo, Jones lied. Period. He smoked out Houston’s interest when they believed him and sent Ostweiler to Cleveland. Romo’s feelings and Jones’ personal ethics have been sacrificed at the alter of picks. As ruthless and unethical as the move may be, Jones will not be directly punished. While the Cowboys MAY get a pick for Romo, the long term distrust in Jones (and his organization) from the lie will bear bitter fruit for years to come. This is the type of amoral move that will haunt a franchise and man for many, many years. It will also trigger personal feuds between owners. People now see the type of man Jones is; remember Jimmy Johnson’s treatment? Jones’ legacy will forever be tainted.

  27. deneb1973 says:

    If Jones said he was releasing Romo, Jones lied. Period.

    The media has produced no proof of that.

  28. Romo…retire. Your body has taken a beating. You have a beautiful family and all the money a man would need. Take the TV job and have a great life.

  29. Romo is an employee under contract. He’s a commodity that can be traded for a hefty return. It’s a business not a friendship club.

  30. And through it all, not once has Jerry or Tony publicly said he’s being released, traded, dumped, etc. All y’all are simply listening to media reports…cuz they’re always so damn accurate. The speculation has run rampant, and any time someone speaks (i.e.Jerry) it’s assumed “this is it”. get a grip…until something happens, it’s a non-story. There are four people that know “what’s up”…Jerry, Stephen, Tony, and his wife.

  31. It seems that, sadly, EVERYTHING is about money now.

    I have always thought of Romo as a “Good Guy”. I’ve always respected his grit, and he has always been more than a model citizen.

    I have always thought of Jerry Jones as absolute scum. He has never even tried to prove me wrong.

    Whatever happens here….I hope that things turn out well for Tony, and that Jerry, and his team of scumbags, suffer the wrath of Karma, or justice, or whatever you might call it.

  32. Poor Romo. The two destinations every “expert” has for him have bad or declining offensive lines.

    Free agent subtractions and roster changes, as well as last injuries to the Denver QBs demonstrate how porous their offensive had become. Romo surely would be injured soon there.

    And then there is the fantasy rosey colored land of the Texans. Last season Pro Football Focus documented how poor the Texans offensive was as they failed to run block and continually allowed Osweiler to be pressured and sacked. During Denver’s Super Bowl year, the offensive line was far superior to the horrible Texan offensive line of last season. That was why Osweiler was able to perform well and even win some games with decent protection as well with a real running game to keep defenses honest. At Houston, there was no decent pass protection nor was there a running attack to keep offenses honest.

    If Romo ends up in Houston, he will be injured and out by mid-season.

    Poor Romo.

  33. And this tool bag was voted into the pro football hall of fame? If I were a cowboys fan, I’d be ashamed of the low charachter and lack of integrity this classless clown possesses. The tradition of the Cowboys deserves better. Staubach & co should be shaking their heads & Landry turning over in his grave.

    Hey Jerrah, karma is a fickle B… no tears cried when she comes knockin

  34. Media was wrong saying he would be released last week, now they are making up new stories to cover up their mistake.

  35. Jones is a con artist. I am really surprised his empire doesnt include used car dealerships. Cadilacs with bull horns on the hood would be perfect for him.

  36. Jerry Jones did not expect Houston would trade Osweiller and his burdensome salary to Cleveland, with a 2nd round draft pick, much less that Cleveland would agree. That was stupid of him.
    The deal works out well for both Houston and Cleveland. The Texans get rid of an overpriced, underperforming quarterback, and free up $10 million in cap space; the Browns get a better quarterback than they have on their roster and a high draft pick. It’s called general management.
    Cleveland has more cap space available than just about any other team, and they’ve stocked up on high draft picks for the next two seasons. They basically agreed to pay Osweiller’s salary, which they can afford, in exchange for a 2nd round pick in the draft next year. That’s a move made by a team preparing to dramatically improve. They don’t even have to play Oaweiller–they can still trade him–it’s all about the young, fresh talent they can bring in and build a team around.
    Houston already has a team built, with one of the more decisive defenses and more explosive offenses in the league. They just need a quarterback to guide them. Obviously Osweiller was not that guy, so they got rid of him and freed up enough cap space to find someone who is.
    That guy may indeed prove to be Romo. The Texans are the ideal fit for a quarterback like him, and they have positioned themselves to welcome him. They have a better offensive line and defense than Denver, and he doesn’t have to uproot his family and move to another state. That’s a win-win.
    The absolute last thing Jerry Jones wants is for Romo to go to Houston and play well. It’s a Texas thing that those outside the state really do not understand. Football rules here. Yeah, the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, and all that; I grew up with it. For Houston to take their star quarterback and win with him would be huge, on a level not seen in decades. Ratings for the Texans would be astronomical! And not just in Texas.
    The Cowboys and the Texans don’t play each other this season, except in the Governor’s Bowl, during preseason. This is about next season when they do play. If Houston can sign Romo, give him a season in their system under their coaches with their players, that Cowboys-Texans game will be all-defining. And it won’t be about bragging rights.
    What Jerry Jones fails to understand is that Romo does have value as a quarterback, but he doesn’t have trade value in this market at this time. Jones is holding out for something he’s not going to get and will ultimately have to release Romo, whether he wants to or not. The Cowboys have far too many holes to fill, especially on defense, not enough draft picks and too little cap space for him to do otherwise.
    And every team knows it, especially Houston and Denver. Neither is going to give up anything now for a quarterback they can easily get later.
    This is just another example of the general mismanagement of Jerry Jones. And his team still isn’t going anywhere next year.

  37. would this work? romo give back 5million to the cowboys for release…new team give him 5million bonus as part of signing

    cowboys having to pay a backup 3 to 4 million to replace tony does not really sit well. the cowboys need something out of this…too much value flowing to tony.

  38. Say what you want to say about his playoff record … but Romo has been absolute class as a person throughout this and more

  39. Irsay didn’t hold on to Manning for a draft pick and Romo is no Manning. Absolutely pathetic showing by Jones.

  40. Jerry has already bought himself his gold coat, so he doesn’t have to and won’t do anything for anyone. But he sure still expects others to do the right thing.
    But that’s OK. Jerry Jones is finished. He won’t win another SuperBowl

  41. Jerry can and should do whatever he wants with Tony Romo. He is under contract last time I checked and he’s made about 140 mil+ off of Jerry over his career. He needs to shut up and keep counting his cash. I was a Romo supporter and still wish him success after this resolves, but if he can’t understand that the team that made him rich and famous deserves and absolutely should try to get something for him in return then he’s naive or that eager to take his money and run. He will get to where he wants go,.. be patient. These teams are fools for not tradin for his 14 mil salary as is, rather than get in a bid war. Is Mike Glennon better than Romo? He got 14 mil,… 14 for Romo seems like a bargain.

  42. Colts released Manning. What GB did to Favre was classless. I actually believe the cowboys are better starting Romo. Lol, Dak Prescott. Really? All the defensive coordinators have had a year to study him. They’ve lost 2 starting o lineman.

    Dallas over under at 8 wins.

  43. Dallas had an excellent team last year, and should’ve put Romo back in once he was healthy. They would’ve went to the Super Bowl or at lease conference championship.

  44. Jerry doing nothing wrong.

    He should see if a team is willing to trade and wait until the last minute to do so. He owes the players still there and the fans of the team to at least try to improve it.

    If not, only then cut him.

  45. “Romo plays 2nd half against packers
    Boys would’ve won”

    Wrong. The D let up a 3rd and forever with seconds remaining. Then an average kicker,..who missed 40 yd fg the following week banged two 50+ in 2 minutes. Throw in some baloney calls bout entering a ( non formed )huddle and getting 15 yd on a 30 yd pass gain. Flukey.

    As far as Romo,…NO WAY does he survive, or win at least 3-4 of those games that Dak won with his legs. All those roll outs, PA plays, QB option ( like the 2 pt conversion vs GB) don’t happen with Romo.

    Romo is done.

  46. The Jones family has treated Romo as well as any player in the history
    of football. Romo used this power to his advantage at times. He was
    a difficult player to deal with as far as his head coaches were concerned.. in addition I’m betting it was Romo who released the
    info relating to his imminent release to his buddy Adam ( stand on
    my tip toes during all photographs ) Schefter.
    I have never been a big fan of Jerry Jones, but this time I believe he
    has the right to see what Romo may bring on the market. Romo should count his blessings as well as the money Jerry stepped up to pay him.


  47. leolad72 says:

    You signed a long term contract Romo….you are under team control. Shut up and accept where they send you.

    Has hasn’t said ANYTHING, except good bye to the fans when Jones lied to him about releasing him.

  48. streetyson says:
    Mar 11, 2017 3:02 PM

    I fail to see why anyone would want Romo – it’s not just his age and injuries, but the fact that in 13yrs he’s helped the Boys into just 4 postseasons, with a chokey 2-4 record once there.

    Yes he’s had a few hot streaks, and no the failures weren’t all his fault, but ultimately an elite QB like Brady, Peyton, and even Big Ben, are expected to carry a poor team but Romo never has. More disappointments than joy.
    The Patriots are a top 5 defense every year.. What about Dallas during Romo’s tenure.. Plus he has one of the best QBRs of all time…

  49. Please Tony go to Houston! I have Hopkins on my fantasy football roster and will keep him if Tony comes to town…..yes it will be fun…till he gets hurt and has another lameo throwing him the ball

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