Eagles offered Malcolm Jenkins and more to Saints

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Before the Saints agreed to trade receiver Brandin Cooks to the Patriots, the Saints had other offers. One offer came from the Eagles.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Eagles offered safety Malcolm Jenkins, a third-round pick, and a fourth-round pick for Cooks. The Saints wanted a second-round pick plus Jenkins.

Jenkins entered the NFL as a first-round pick of the Saints in 2009, winning a Super Bowl title as a rookie. After five years in New Orleans, he signed with the Eagles, starting every game in three years with the team. He made it to the Pro Bowl in 2015, and he was named the winner of the 2016 Byron “Whizzer” White award, given annually by the NFL Players Association.

36 responses to “Eagles offered Malcolm Jenkins and more to Saints

  1. I find that hard to believe! I want to know the source. Jenkins is a huge part of The Eagles plus he is a leader.
    If that was the deal The Saints were fools not to take it. Jenkins,a 3rd & a 4th. then The Eagles would have to sign Cooks to a huge deal???
    Anything is possible but part of this proposed deal does not sound right at all.

  2. Malcolm talks a lot about how this is a business… Let’s see if his feelwings are hurt or if he handles this professionally.

  3. How are we fools ?
    We already have our Safeties. (Bell gonna be a Stud)
    We already had Jenkins. (and he’s getting old)
    We wanted a 1st rounder, not a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

    Jenkins is good, but he doesn’t score 9 TDs and catch for 1,100 yards……

  4. “The Eagles would have to sign Cooks to a huge deal???”

    No they wouldn’t have had to give Cooks a “huge deal”. He has two years left on his rookie contract. This year he gets something like a 1.5 million and next year the Pats have an option for 2018 that’s at a reasonable price.

    After that, yes he’ll get big money, but not this season and next season unless he so impresses the Pats they give him a new contract.

  5. I don’t buy it. Sounds like someone’s made up report. No way they were going to give up Jenkins and 2 picks. Just don’t see Howie putting so much on the table. And if it is true, there is definitely something wrong with the Saints for not accepting.

  6. Seems far fetched to me. Jenkins is more than just a good player for the team. He’s a leader as well. Not only that, anyone who follows the Eagles know that they have NO corners right now and would certainly not want to further weaken the overall secondary to obtain a wide receiver when they can choose from many (and did) in free agency.

  7. To; Harrisonhits2, Yes they would have next year’s 5th year option… but what team would trade all of that and one of their best players and 2 very high/valuable draft picks and NOT sign the player to a long term deal? No one with a brain if you want a happy player plus you risk losing him to free agency. It is all about player control and they really wouldn’t have that by letting him play under the original contract (meaning a happy well paid player)

  8. Jenkins will be entering his 10th year and he’ll be 30 years old playing the safety position. He doesn’t have many years left and last year he signed a 5 year contract with 4 years left. $21 million guaranteed with yearly earnings left of $7.5, $10, $9.75 and $9.25 million.

    The Aints would have been insane to agree to this deal and the Eagles were insane to offer Jenkins this contract.
    They were just trying to unload Jenkins and his, and bad for the team, contract on the Aints.

  9. @styr01

    You said “Aints” now I’m not going to pretend I know what your team is cause it doesn’t say it in your screen name but it sounds to me like you have something against N.O. ???

  10. styro1 says:
    Mar 11, 2017 8:36 PM

    Jenkins will be entering his 10th year and he’ll be 30 years old playing the safety position.


    I’m no rocket scientist. Heck, look at my username. That said, my math indicates he’s entering his 9th season and won’t be 30 until the end of December, close to the season’s end. My Google box might be wrong. Check it out for yourself.

  11. Teams and organizations aren’t dumb minus Cleveland. This goes for the same thing about the titans report. Yeah, the saints passed up the 18th pick for the 32nd. True research and journalism is dead. With that being said Jenkins is a decent football player but trading a 30 year old who was already let go of by the organization and two mid round picks for a wr entering his prime is not very realistic.

  12. That would have been a terrible trade for the Saints. Jenkins is a very good, very expensive 29 year old Safety. Cooks is a very good and cheap 23 year old WR.

    The Saints getting a first and third for Cooks and a fourth was a good deal for both teams.

  13. and he was named the winner of the 2016 Byron “Whizzer” White award.

    Oh yeah? Well, I’m the WIZ !!! And nobody beats me!
    Joking aside though, Apparently N.O. just really wanted that first rounder as that was their asking price all along.
    Plus would rather build through the draft and get younger then get one of their retreads. I think Jenkins is very good but apparently the Saints said ya thanks but no thanks. Only time and drafts will tell if the Saints were smart to reject this offer and take Pats offer instead.

  14. MichaelEdits says:
    Mar 11, 2017 7:18 PM
    I won the 2016 “Whizzinator” Award but nobody ever mentions that.


    I’ve won it on camping trips a couple times.

  15. I’m sorry but am I the only one who thinks cooks is a little bit over hyped? Sure he’s young and has some talent but I don’t think of him as an elite go to receiver. Plus it’s always buyer beware when it comes to a Brees/Payton WR. Pats really only gave up a early 2nd round pick since they had the last pick in the first round

  16. This story is about as plausible as the Saints turning down the 18th pick in the draft only to take the 32nd.

    For starters, Jenkins is the leader on defense. Second, trading him would have left only one starter remaining in the secondary (McCloud). Third it would have left them with more than 6 mil in Dead cap money for a team already up against the cap to begin with.

    Do I think the Birds kicked the tires on Cooks? Of course. But if they weren’t willing to give up Graham or the 14th pick, then they really had no shot and I am sure they knew that. Offering up a guy the Saints walked away from years ago entering the last stage of his career seems like a bogus story.

  17. I don’t believe for one second this is true. Not only that I’d much rather have Jenkins. Top 3 safety in the NFL or over rated midget WR ? Hmm Jenkins will still be good in the last year of his deal. Had he not gone to play with Brady, would cooks?

  18. There is the smartest and most successful team in the NFL (the pats if you have been living under a rock go the last 20 years) and their fans…..and then there is everyone else. That explains everything.

  19. As an Eagles fan, I’m thankful that this trade didn’t come to fruition (if this story is actually true). Crooks would have been a welcomed improvement to their non-factor WR corps, but to surrender 2 CRUCIAL picks AND the best DB and team leader on a SEVERELY underperforming and overmatched secondary? I’m not sure This came from a reliable “source”.

  20. No, the Cowboys take the overhyped honor. Eagles come in second tied with Giants.

    New England fans, get over yourselves with the greatest coach, QB etc. Cleveland said same thing in the 50’s, San Francisco, Dallas, Pittsburgh in the 60’s, 70’s etc. Enjoy it while it last nothing is forever.

  21. New England fans, get over yourselves with the greatest coach, QB etc. Cleveland said same thing in the 50’s, San Francisco, Dallas, Pittsburgh in the 60’s, 70’s etc. Enjoy it while it last nothing is forever.
    Not even the stupidest of the stupid PIT fans are stupid enough to claim Bradshaw was the greatest QB ever.

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