Geno Smith visiting Giants Saturday

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Geno Smith may not be back with the Jets for a fifth season, but a return to MetLife Stadium may not be out of the cards.

Art Stapleton of The Record was the first to report that Smith is visiting with the Giants on Saturday. It’s the first reported visit for Smith since free agency opened on Thursday afternoon.

Smith isn’t going to supplant Eli Manning, but the Giants could throw him into the mix at backup. Ryan Nassib and Josh Johnson served as Manning’s backups for the 2016 season and both are free agents. Neither of those backups saw any action last season and Manning hasn’t missed a start since taking over the job during his rookie year in 2004.

Smith started one game last season after the Jets decided to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, but wound up with a season-ending ACL tear before the first half against the Ravens was over.

11 responses to “Geno Smith visiting Giants Saturday

  1. Do the Giants need a new towel boy, or something? Geno Smith is not an NFL quality QB. If a good arm is all it takes to succeed in the league then Kyle Boller is shouod have won some Super Bowls

  2. This is a great move for Geno and NY. He will be leaving a defensive centric org and heading over to an passing game centric system with an offensive oriented HC. Just watch in two years Geno is taking over for Eli and a top ten NFL QB… ITS ALL ABOUT SYSTEM FIT and BEING WANTED/Not having to play for a defensive coach who knows little about the nuances of QB Play.

  3. He would have to learn McAdoo’s offense, the odd footwork, the no huddle, etc. But at least he knows Brandon Marshall’s preferences. He actually does have some talent.

    Meanwhile I’m surprised none of the QB needy teams aren’t taking a look at Ryan Nassib. Super smart, throws a beautiful ball, accurate, quick release.

  4. >>.Big Ant TV says:
    Mar 11, 2017 12:15 PM
    he’s better then nassib and johnson

    Then they must be awful.
    As a Jets fan I can tell you that Geno is useless.
    Actually, I want the Jets to tank so I hope they re-sign him to a very low contract.

  5. >>kcflake says:
    Mar 11, 2017 1:32 PM
    i think if Geno got with the right team and coach, he could do well. Him and the Jets were not a good combination.

    If Belichick had him, he’d cut him.

    The right team would be one with 5 HOF OLinemen, a couple of stud RBs, a young Tony Gonzalez and Rob Gronkowski, Jerry Rice, and 2 more stud WRs.

    With that “team” Geno would be above average. Not top 10, but above average.

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