Saints’ Cameron Jordan says “nobody’s safe” after Brandin Cooks trade

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Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan does not appear to be a fan of the team’s decision to trade receiver Brandin Cooks to the Patriots.

Shortly after news of the trade broke, Jordan tweeted, “Maaan thats so weak.”

After that, he tweeted, “We get it . . . Nobody’s safe. #NotForLong 80,84,76,92,10”

The numbers are the jersey numbers of players who have been sent packing by the Saints in recent years: Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills, Akiem Hicks, John Jenkins and Cooks.

The Saints have indicated they’re trading Cooks because they want to improve their defense. Jordan is one defensive player who doesn’t think that trade was necessary.

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  1. Nobody’s safe, and none of those trades have worked out. The best has probably been Max Unger for Jimmy Graham. Unger’s been decent, but Graham has certainly been better after a slow start.

    But what really makes that trade bad? Well, the Saints couldn’t re-sign Darren Sproles the year BEFORE the trade because of Graham’s contract, and lost him to Philly-which is another trade that Cameron Jordan forgot to list that was certainly impactful.

    So, the Saints have to trade Sproles because lack of cap space and the need to sign Graham, and then they trade away Graham the next year, losing their two best offensive weapons for little return. Good job, Loomis.

  2. .
    From the “you are what your record says you are” dept :

    4 out of the last 5 seasons the Saints have finished at 7-9. Staying the course is not an option. And, btw the Patriots won 2 of the last three Super Bowls and are in the midst of a major roster overhaul. Nobody is ever safe there.

  3. I am not convinced the Saints are doing this to rebuild the defense. Cooks was a player they drafted, and was excellent. He is someone you hang on to and pay. Instead they drafted a wide receiver in the 2nd round last year. If you were rebuilding your defense, you wouldn’t have done that.

    The problem is that they are in cap hell because of Drew Brees and bad FA acquisitions (looking at you Byrd and Fleener).

    The Saints are not trading Cooks for defensive help, they are trading him because they do not want to (or cannot) pay him and they are really in rebuilding mode. They just don’t tell you that.

    This pick has quarterback written all over it.

  4. If Loomis would stop wasting cap space on marginal players, he wouldn’t have to trade away the stud players. It’s astounding that Loomis still has a job.

  5. ““We get it . . . Nobody’s safe. #NotForLong 80,84,76,92,10””

    Not sure why he would want to be “safe” from going to the team that has consistently been the best or among the top 4 teams in the league for the last 15 years.

    If they’d traded Cooks to the Browns, Vikings, Redskins, 9ers or one of the other bottom feeders I could understand the sentiment. Most players, especially receivers, are happy to go to NE.

  6. Safe? Does Jordan understand that Cooks asked to be traded? In any case, the best move for the Saints is to rebuild that defense. It’s awful and they already have Snead and Thomas. Can’t blame them for going for balance and draft picks are cap friendly.

  7. Cooks was good but the best WR on that team and the undisputed #1 is Thomas. A great WR can beat man coverage and won’t disappear when the other team’s best CB is lined up against him. Cooks is purely a speed guy and speed guys come a dime a dozen. They can ill-afford to go 7-9 again and have to start winning games with their defense.

  8. No one is safe when another team offers you a 1st and a 3rd for an average player with 1 year left on their deal and a 4th. If you can find a team dumb enough to make a trade like that…….you take it.

  9. I think Jordan should just keep his mouth shut cause one of the reasons they traded Cooks was cause they want to get “you Cameron” some more help.

    I bet Jordan will be happy if we use one of those two 1st rounders and get a stud DE and the double teams don’t come quite as much to Jordan’s side.

    Fact is, is that we traded Cooks before Monday so we don’t have to pay him that $781,599 roster bonus he was due and we got something in return for a disgruntled player who chances are, would’ve left when he became a FA anyway….

  10. Why should anyone be safe after 3 consecutive 7 and 9 records. Especially when the defense has been ranked in the 30s in most categories. I’m sure that Peyton doesn’t want to get fired. Cooks was starting to complain and could have become a cancer in the locker room.

  11. Look. If Cooks wanted to be traded, then trade the guy! I mean it is not skin off Saints’ teeth if he goes to the Pats or another AFC team (ooops–the Saints play the Pats this year!), but anyway, Jordan has a point–trading Kenny Stills to Miami has worked out great–for Miami, who traded Dannelle Ellerbe for Stills…I don’t imagine Ellerbe is still in NOLA, now is he? (Funny that Stills gets along great with Tannehill when he couldn’t get along with the better Drew Brees…weird!)

  12. Cam keeps running his mouth, and he may not be safe. You don’t hear this kind of crap from NE players, which is why they keep collecting rings. Cooks is lucky.

  13. Ummmmm Ellerbe is still here.
    And lets not make Stills out to be some Pro bowler. He might be the number 3 WR in Miami really soon.
    And if Cooks was unhappy with his role in N.O. wait till he suits up for N.E. it’ll be the same way one week he’ll catch 7 balls for 141 and the next 3 for 29.

  14. If Cam is whining is part of Cooks being a locker room cancer then it’s good the Saints got rid of him.

    The Saints need to get some leaders in the locker room who can keep people like Cooks in check.

    The best way to stay safe on the Saints team is be a hard worker. Anyone who complains about Brees’ salary is honestly a moron. Brees’ is the epitome of the kind of player you want. His work ethic is unmatched, he’s in at the crack of dawn studying tape, working out and there for every practice.

    Many of the players who have been traded are out partying, late for meetings and then complain when they don’t think they’re as big of part of the game plan as they think they should be.

  15. What was wrong with the 18th pick the Titans were offering. Seems there’s more to this and Butler is going to figure in at some point. Granted, Loomis can do really idiotic moves but this would be a stretch for him

  16. I might be wrong but I think the Pats and Saints love doing business with each other cause it probably really rubs Goodell the wrong way watching the 2 teams he has screwed the most doing deals.

    Hopefully Butler does end up in N.O. cause then we can really focus on that front 7…..

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