Source: Packers didn’t offer Jared Cook more than Martellus Bennett

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An unexpected skirmish has emerged in the aftermath of Green Bay’s decision to pull the plug on talks with tight end Jared Cook and to sign Martellus Bennett instead.

In response to reports/suggestions that the Packers were close to paying Cook more than the three years, $18.45 million that Bennett reportedly will receive, a source with direct knowledge of the discussions claims otherwise.

First, the source insists that Bennett received three-year, $21 million package, a “clean” $7 million per year arrangement with no incentives or fluff. (The contract eventually will be filed and reported on, so the truth on that specific claim eventually will come out.) The source also says that the most the Packers offered Cook was $6 million per year, and that included incentives.

The Packers, we’re told, made it clear to Bennett that they are loyal to the players who played for them, and they were candid about the intense effort invested in trying to get a deal done with Cook. That loyalty actually had a positive impact on Bennett, even though it delayed the team’s effort to pursue him — and potentially would have made an arrangement between Bennett and the Packers moot.

Ultimately, the Packers decided to pay more for the man they deemed to be better player, and to let Cook look for a better offer elsewhere.

So why are there multiple reports to the contrary? With Cook still unsigned, it remains important for him to maximize his market. If the narrative can be established that the Packers viewed Cook as worth more than Bennett, maybe one of the other 31 teams will see it that way, too. Or at least something close to that way.

23 responses to “Source: Packers didn’t offer Jared Cook more than Martellus Bennett

  1. The market for tight ends probably isn’t what either of them thought. Bennett wound up signing for less than the Patriots offered him in November (3/21). It’s a great tight end draft and the two chosen in the first round are better than Cook and Bennett (Njoku and Howard).

  2. Swing and a miss by Jared Cook. He should be lining up a new agent immediately. Nothing about his short but good run in at the end of last year should have changed his market….which 12 months earlier was a middling 2.75 for 1 year. Overplayed his hand, now is going to go to a much worse situation for him. Foolish.

  3. i liked cook and wanted him back, however whether its the packers trying to be cheap or cook wanting too much. i really don’t care as long as they get help.

  4. Cook has been in the league for eight years.

    Teams know he can play. He’s just not as good as Bennett.

    His agent overplayed his hand.

  5. I don’t see how there can be a whole of debate over who the better player is. I watched Bennett as a Bear against Green Bay for 3 years. The man is talented.

    I wish Cook all the best. The guy brought something to Green Bay that was long missing … and equally long needed but, I’d put my money on Bennett as well.

  6. So the Packers paid more for Bennett than they offered Cook.

    Unless they paid less.

    Either way, they got a guy that blogged about Angelina Joile hypothetically serving him spaghetti and pancakes for lunch many years ago. And that’s gotta be worth something. It’s not every day you run across someone that would write something like that.

  7. Gotta love pastabelly claiming two players who haven’t played a down in the NFL are already better than veterans who have proved to be good for multiple years. Shouldn’t you be scouting for a team or something?!?

    Bennett >>> Cook and it’s not close. One player rarely get injured, blocks like a boss and can stay on the field all three downs. The other – well can’t. Case closed!

    Marty gonna look so so nice in that green and gold!

  8. Bennett is much better blocker – something the Packers have needed at TE for sometime now. He also can break tackles something we are still waiting for Richard Rodgers to do once in his career. In my dreamworld – they still bring back Cook and trade Richard Rodgers for whatever they can get – a 7th rounder, young long snapper? Bennett & Cook would be Chmura and Keith Jackson Part II.

  9. Don’t work cheesers, I’m sure ol ted will sign one or two really good TE’s from the vikes after the training camp roster cuts or off practice squad. We all know how much the packers love viking scraps

  10. “both guys are off injured. a top one or two round pick made more sense”

    Not when you have as many needs on the defensive side as GB does. They need a LB and CB in the first two rounds.

  11. We saw a lot of Bennett with the Bears. Liked Cook a lot, it was a bummer he had the ankle injury. When he played he produced, but no doubt Martellus Bennett is the more complete player.

  12. The Bears were so happy to get rid of Bennett – didn’t realize he is that well thought of.

  13. milkcan44 says:
    Mar 11, 2017 1:54 PM
    The Bears were so happy to get rid of Bennett – didn’t realize he is that well thought of.

    They were also happy to trade Greg Olsen…. in favor of Kellen Davis if I recall correctly.

  14. Dallas is a nice city, New York is a big city, Chicago has some nice things, Boston is a great city to live.
    Green Bay is like a big suburban town with a lot of dopey, chubby, white guys!
    Martellus is going to lose his mind.

  15. Numbers are just numbers until you see the contract but if Jared Cook turned down 6 million a year, bad move in my opinion but I wish him the best. I don’t blame guys for trying to leverage their value to the best contract but it’s kinda looking like his agent overplayed it. I hope he gets a good deal and I think he will.

  16. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Mar 11, 2017 10:25 AM

    Don’t work cheesers, I’m sure ol ted will sign one or two really good TE’s from the vikes after the training camp roster cuts or off practice squad. We all know how much the packers love viking scraps

    —the other way around, fool…..

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