Tyrod Taylor ultimately made the right decision for him

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Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor at one point was reportedly “unwilling” to restructure a contract that had a major balloon payment due today. Ultimately, Taylor agreed to a new contract — and it appears that the decision came after getting the team’s offer and subtly finding out what else may be out there. Which is exactly what should have happened.

During a recent press conference, Taylor suggested that his agent attempted to gauge the market during the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

“I didn’t physically talk to any other teams,” Taylor said. “Casual conversation with my agent through — I mean everyone’s at the Combine and stuff like that. No official conversations.”

Taylor elaborated on the effort to see what other teams would do during a Friday visit to PFT Live.

“As far as the money, we didn’t get into too many specifics,” Taylor said. “My agent can’t get into too much because of me still being in a contract with the Bills. So it was more of casual conversation. I was never technically released so they couldn’t get into numbers or offers that were out there.”

Technically, there should have be no conversations of any kind, official, unofficial, casual, hypothetical, etc. But it made sense for Taylor’s agent to get an idea as to what would be behind Door No. 2 if Taylor decided not to accept the Door No. 1 offer extended by the Bills. And it actually helps the Bills if Taylor realizes that no other team was willing to do what the Bills did financially.

Also, it’s important to remember that neither the player nor the agent does anything “wrong” by finding else what other teams would pay. It’s the teams that commit the tampering violations by engaging in conversations with players under contract elsewhere. Regardless, the end result of the process resulted in a renewal of the vows between Taylor and the Bills.

“We came to an agreement that both sides thought fit the team and fit my situation the best,” Taylor said. “I’m excited to be back. This is a very talented team with a great coaching staff around it and I’m excited to see what we can do moving forward.”

Fans should be excited too. Regardless of who else would have been available, consistency at the quarterback position is key.

17 responses to “Tyrod Taylor ultimately made the right decision for him

  1. “And it actually helps the Bills if Taylor realizes that no other team was willing to do what the Bills did financially.”

    So it helps them not to know what they offered Taylor was overpaying him compared to other teams?

    I don’t think so.

  2. Taylor might have found a similar paycheck elsewhere but that would mean “starting over” to some extent. And which nightmare situations were open? Jets? Browns? He did the smart thing. Now, the Bills should do the smart thing and bring in a REAL back-up that can be groomed to be the QB of the future. Make a spot by ditching EJ Manuel immediately.

  3. Can’t figure out why Bills fans would be against the reworking of Taylor’s contract since Taylor is a good QB IMHO–it wasn’t Taylor’s fault Buffalo lost to Miami week 16–it was Rex Ryan’s fault with his “ten men on the field” during Jay Ajayi’s 57 yard run that set up Fins win–with Rexy out of Buffalo (along with Gase in Miami) I’d say now that the Patriots finally have serious competition in that division. And the over throw just might happen in 2017 (and I don’t care how long Brady plays or BB coaches!).

  4. A good decision all the way around…for the Bills, Taylor, and their fans. Tyrod Taylor is a good young QB who will likely play well for them going forward. And as been said, it gives them continuity and consistency at the position. Very important.

  5. donbat67 says:
    Mar 11, 2017 11:25 AM

    Tyrod staying in Buffalo ,,,,,,,Miami thanks you .
    And Buffalo says you are welcome, since he is a better QB than the one starting in Miami.

  6. To the guy saying that TT had a lot to work with on offense…. Sure he had a good running game but other than that what receivers did he have? Sammy Watkins was injured, Robert Woods was injured and double covered when he was healthy. Other than those two he had a bunch of practice squad guys to throw to. Sure he could have hit Clay over the middle a bit more but i watched every game and his receivers were not getting any separation.

  7. Glad we got this guy back. The offense put up 26 points a game and was number 1 in rushing. He’s hard as hell to stop on 3rd down and in the red zone with his escapability. Let’s not forget Watkins was down most of the year and woods missed a handful of games. He didn’t have much to throw to. He’s top half of the league as far as starting qb’s. Prob right around 14-18

  8. Taylor is very capable of leading the Bills Offense to the Playoffs. The big question in Buffalo is if McDermott can put a defense on the field to match.

  9. Tyrod Taylor can be a successful QB in this league, but a big part of his success is going to be tied to Doug Whaley. If Whaley gives Taylor some protection and a few weapons he’ll flourish… If he equips Taylor with undrafted players or “backup” type players he’ll struggle like he did last season when more than half of his receivers were out and he was playing with 4th & 5th receivers as starters.
    Taylor already has one of the best running back duo’s in the league in LeSean McCoy & Mike Gillislee and a new weapon to lead them in Patrick DiMarco. He has Sammy Watkins & Charles Clay, but after that It’s a big question mark. The Offensive line is intact from last season, Now Whaley needs to work some wonders and bring in a few receiving options… Two WR’s and at least one TE.

  10. Mar 11, 2017 1:24 PM
    donbat67 says:
    Mar 11, 2017 11:25 AM

    Tyrod staying in Buffalo ,,,,,,,Miami thanks you .
    And Buffalo says you are welcome, since he is a better QB than the one starting in Miami.


    Except he got beat by both the QB starting in Miami and the backup last year.

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