Adrian Peterson reportedly visiting Seahawks

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Three days ago, the Seahawks had “no immediate interest” in running back Adrian Peterson. They apparently now do.

Peterson will visit the Seahawks, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

With the Seahawks kicking tires on other available running backs — Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray, and Eddie Lacy — it makes sense to bring in Peterson, too. If nothing else, showing interest in all of them gives the Seahawks leverage with each of them, if negotiations ever commence.

Peterson is interested in both the Seahawks and Raiders, even though his father’s recent praise of the Oakland offensive line would seem to apply both to the Vikings and to the Seahawks.

“What we personally like is [the Raiders’] offensive line,” Nelson Peterson said. “The offensive line, they haven’t been playing around. They haven’t been trying to get offensive linemen from the bottom of the barrel and trying to make them into something.”

Since then, the Vikings have added a pair of starting tackles in Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers. That could make Adrian more inclined to return to Minnesota, if Minnesota is inclined to bring him back.

The ultimate question will be the magnitude of any offers he receives. Peterson could end up with a low base salary and a series of incentives that would pay him big money if he generates big numbers.

The Seahawks are the first team to express interest in Peterson. Whether that’s the spark that prompts others to follow suit remains to be seen.

51 responses to “Adrian Peterson reportedly visiting Seahawks

  1. We will see. Another very talented running back who can’t stay healthy to possibly join Rawls and Prosise–two talented running backs who can’t stay healthy either.

    Get Lacy and help him lose some weight.

  2. The limits of Adrian Peterson’s market should be 2 to 3 million base salary with the ability to earn an additional 2 to 3 million in incentives. Even this price range of 4 to 6 million is rather generous. Peterson will be 32 years old for the 2017 season. He is coming off injury and was unproductive when he did play in 2016. Furthermore, Peterson cannot pass block well and has a knack for fumbling while fighting for extra yards. He also does not have great pass catching or route running capabilities out of the backfield. Thus, he is a essentially a one-dimensional running back. Lastly, he is a power-runner. This means he is not suited for spread or shotgun formations. Adrian Peterson earned a lot of money in his career. He may very well enter into the Hall of Fame someday. But as of right now, his days in the NFL are numbered.

  3. “What we personally like is [the Raiders’] offensive line,” Nelson Peterson said. “The offensive line, they haven’t been playing around. They haven’t been trying to get offensive linemen from the bottom of the barrel and trying to make them into something.”
    The convict has spoken, it’s the truth. Cashing in on his kid while being a deadbeat dad his whole life.

  4. All of the sudden Adrian Peterson is Ray Rice. I really can’t believe that every team is staying away. He’s a year removed from a 1500 yard/11 TD season. He was injured last season. The last time he came back from an injury he had a 2100 yard/12 TD season. Is there any real reason to doubt that he has any left in him? I think it would be a good move for some team to pick him up on a 1 year deal to see. So is it the money? The switch incident? Or do teams think his is really washed up?? I’m a little confused.

  5. The problem for AP is that in a year with a REALLY deep running back draft, teams have to decide if he is worth several million dollars more than someone they could get in the 3rd to 5th round.

  6. So the Seahawks signed Blair Walsh, who shanked the field goal that allowed them to win that playoff game, and now they might sign the guy who fumbled to allow them to win. As a Vikings fan, I say they’re welcome to both of them.

  7. I’ve watched every Vikes game since 1973 and in his prime, Peterson was one of the greatest runners of the football I’ve ever seen. But, very poor hands as a receiver, very poor pass-protector, can’t play out of the shotgun and also very prone to fumbling. When he was younger, his speed and power (probably?) made some of us overlook his weaknesses. I’ve watched every snap the guy has ever played and he has lost at least a step if not two. Now that his speed is gone, he is maybe worth 10-12 first or second down carries and some goal-line duty at best. Hope the Vikes don’t make him an offer and sign Lacy.

  8. Let’s see…. Thomas Rawls, CJ Procise, and AP….yep, I’d take that in the backfield any day of the week, including Thursdays.

    The only problem is that AP likes running with a lead blocking FB. The Seahawks had great success doing that with Mike Rob leading Marshawn but since then they’ve used the FB less and less. Marshawn was really good with the read option and so is Rawls. I don’t know if AP is or not but I’d take that gamble in a hearbeat.

    And don’t overlook the Seahawks O-line. Yes as a group they were horrible last season, but also realize they were down to their 4th and 5th string RB’s and their opponents gave ZERO respect to the running game. Pretty hard to pass block when teams are t-ing off on you every snap. Having AP, Rawls and Procise healthy…add in even a little O-line improvement and suddenly much of the “problems” of last year will disappear.

  9. Every team has done homework on him. The big question in is does he fit the scheme for the$ and possible production,

    Its been proven over the last decade you don’t need Adrian Peterson or an Elite Running Back to win a Superbowl. They can be a big contiributor… but Tomlison, and Alexander would have been SB champs if Elite skills only mattered.

  10. This move just smells like a bargaining chip for another signing. Tell Murry/Charles/Lacy that peterson was after X dollars a season and that they can sign him for cheaper unless they are open to negotiating.

  11. Seattle is bringing in every free agent back. Hoping to drive their prices down. Charles and lacy too. Murray is the only one without health issues

  12. He has had a great career and in his prime was amazing, but he cannot outrun Father Time and NFL GM’s realize this, so the huge payday won’t be happening.

  13. I’m not sure where he is going to end up, If I had to guess I’d say Seattle.

    I’m not sure why the Raiders thought it was time to move on from Latavius. I think he was worth the next contract.

  14. jerrytown says:

    Why would you choose the team with the worst offensive line in the NFL?

    Perhaps because he has no other choices.

  15. He paid a steep price for being a child beater, as he had to spend all his prime years in Loserville, USA playing for the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  16. 2 million guaranteed plus incentives is probably about right. Wouldn’t offer anything more for a pure runner who is 32 and just sat out most of last year injured. He is delusional if he thinks he is going to get a big offer from someone.

  17. patfic5 says: Mar 12, 2017 9:59 AM
    exinsidetrader says: Mar 12, 2017 9:08 AM
    Does he have kids in the Seattle area too?
    Soon enough….
    Ding ding ding! We have a winnuh heah!

  18. officialgame says:
    Mar 12, 2017 9:07 AM
    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    True for both the player and the one year dynasty

  19. The loss of Marshawn Lynch was devastating to the Seahawks. Adrian Peterson has a lot more value to them than he does to most other teams. When the defense keys on a HOF RB, it makes it so much easier on the QB and the passing game, especially a QB like Wilson who can extend plays. It’s easier to find open guys downfield when the safeties are close to the line. Lynch was kind of underrated. He made yards on second and third effort that the Hawks took for granted. Rawls is good, but he’s not Lynch or Peterson. Peterson puts the Hawks back in the super bowl discussion. Beast! There is also a super stud RB that is going to slip in the draft due to off-field issues. If the Hawks take him, they have their Beast at a much lower price, and for the next ten years. Don’t count that out either.

  20. joeybrownerguy says:
    “But very poor hands as a receiver, very poor pass-protector, can’t play out of the shotgun and also very prone to fumbling. When he was younger, his speed and power (probably?) made some of us overlook his weaknesses.”
    Nicely done. That paragraph sums it up perfectly.
    I’ve been saying for a long time that Adrian Peterson — as powerful, athletic and amazing as he often is (was?) — is a back best suited for the NFL of the 1960s and 1970s, not the NFL of today.
    It’s good to see a long-time Vikings fan who has watched him closely over the years say it too.
    When healthy (at least in his prime), Peterson would give you the eye-popping rushing numbers and the cool highlight reel. But to be effective and get into rhythm he has to be a workhorse, and that, combined with his limitations in the passing game and out of the shotgun, makes an offense predictable and easier to game-plan for.
    As seatownballers wrote, I believe Seattle is just bringing in all the top free agent backs to drive the market price down. But just in case: Don’t do it Seattle!

  21. This one-trick pony is an anachronism in today’s NFL. I can ‘t see him or any other two-down back fetching a base salary of more than the low 2 mil range.

  22. as a vikes fan, Ap lost a step, he can’t catch, block.. we all know that this so when he’s in the backfield, teams know it’s a run and stack the line. everyone’s complainin the vikes oline sucks.. it does!! it becomes even more pathetic with a aging back when in the back field the opponent know to stack and stop ap. Ap has been great, but on the other hand it’s time to move on, no running game is going win a super bowl this era

  23. curmudgeon13 says:
    Mar 12, 2017 11:10 AM
    If Seattle does this my head will explode. I’ve had enough of Bevfool force feeding players that just don’t fit (Harvin, Graham, et al)………
    Force feeding Graham? As in….once in a blue moon throwing up a jump ball to him and him catching everyone of them? I swear, watching the difference between the Patriots 2 point conversions and the Seahawks, tells you all you need to know about their coaching levels. But putting Graham on any level within shouting distance of Harvin is asinine.

  24. The Seahawks don’t need RB. Rawls and Prosise are great when they are healthy, and you just drafted Alex Collins as well. You need to take that money you would spend on AP and spend it on some OLmen.

  25. tonebones says:
    “The loss of Marshawn Lynch was devastating to the Seahawks. . . . Adrian Peterson has a lot more value to them than he does to most other teams.”
    Both those sentences are myths.
    Yes, Marshawn Lynch in his prime is irreplaceable. But Lynch was nowhere near his prime when he retired. He hadn’t practiced much over the two preceding years because of an injured and worsening back. In his last season, his numbers were way down before he was injured and missed the rest of the year.
    You can blame that on a bad line if you wish, but after Lynch went out Thomas Rawls far outperformed him in yards, averages and effectiveness behind the very same bad offensive line. I’m not saying that Rawls is or ever will be anywhere near the back Lynch once was, only that Lynch was no longer his former Beast self, and due to his back and many hard miles, was likely never going to be again.
    As bad as that 2015 line was, it got much worse last year. THAT is why Seattle struggled so badly in both the running and passing games, not because Lynch was gone.
    Adrian Peterson is another once-great runner in his fading years, one who can’t block, isn’t a great receiver, doesn’t run good routes, fumbles too often, and can’t operate effectively out of the shotgun (which Seattle and Russell Wilson use a great deal).
    More valuable to Seattle? He limits your formations and makes an offense entirely predictable and easy to game-plan for.

  26. unbridledsexy says:
    Mar 12, 2017 10:21 AM

    I’d rather have Jamal Charles.
    Hater that is silly Charles is too small. He gets hurt all of the time. AD would be better fit if they are going a FA route. But too many daft choices for either.

  27. If the Ravens signed him, I would be a fan of 31 other teams. I would rather have a healthy Ray Rice back than a washed up Peterson. He’s a dome player anyway. I lost respect for him when he cried about playing in the snow in Baltimore and left the game hurt. And that was before he gagged a baby to cover the blood curdling screams as he beat him bloody with a stick. The big crybaby can go away. What makes him think he can pick and choose at this point in his career, especially after what he did. I hope any team that signs him has bad karma. He even had a hissy with the Vikes management after what he did. And now it’s time for them to return the favor.

  28. Hopefully no team gives this guy some big contract or on the other extreme tries to screw him over with the vet minimum. I got a feeling AP is going to get humbled. It will probably do him some good and bring him back down to earth. Don’t be suprised if he doesn’t end up back with the Vikings on a 2 or 3 mil deal and then just retire as a Viking. I’m not a Vikings fan, but they seem to be a decent organization who would not try to screw him over and give him a fair contract for all the hard running he’s done for them.

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