Calais Campbell cashes in

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Defensive lineman Calais Campbell considered offers from Denver, Washington, and Jacksonville. He opted to play for the Jaguars — and he’s about to get paid a lot of money to do it. (And he won’t pay state income tax.)

His contract, per a source with knowledge of the deal, is worth $60 million over four years. The full guarantee at signing is $30 million, with a $6 million signing bonus, a $9 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2017, and a $15 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2018.

The deal also has an option bonus of $3 million, due 22 days before the start of the 2019 league year. That extra trigger forces the Jaguars to decide more than three weeks before the start of free agency whether to keep him.

If they do, he’ll make $12 million in 2019. He’s also due to make $15 million in 2020.

The contract for Campbell comes one year after defensive lineman Malik Jackson signed a massive contract to jump to Jacksonville from Denver. With a blend of veterans and ascending youth, the Jacksonville defense could indeed be in position to do some very good things.

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  1. I feel for Jaguar fans, you hope that they see some light for a change… but you just have to wonder how many of the guys they signed this year will be cut before the start of free agency next year.

  2. Over 30, different defensive scheme, bad organization. Sounds like a recipe for a bust.

  3. Bigcig10 and jjbo811, both of y’all are mistaken. Campbell is a monster both against the pass and run games. He even blocks fgs and extra points. Tom Coughlin will have Jacksonville back in the hunt for the playoffs for sure. That defense has the tools to be very very stingy and he will help get the offense going. That division isn’t all that strong. They better watch out for the Jags now…

  4. So in two consecutive years they gave out two massive contracts to players who project to both play the same position of 3 technique. There’s nothing wrong with having a deep rotation, but it seems odd to duplicate positions with massive contracts. On pass rushing situations it’s not a big deal, but in base situations, which player will play 1 tech?

  5. As a Hawks fan I can tell you he was kicking our butts even before our o line turned into jello. If he was a receiver maybe he would be a bust but he’s gonna be just fine for the jags. Wish my team had an extra 30 mill to plug him into the d line.

  6. Jacksonville (my hometown: Homer alert) has long been a place for free agents to cash in and do NOTHING! Hold his a** accountable Tom Coughlin!!!

  7. The Cards only let him walk due to the insanity of $15m/year for a guy north of 30. But he’s definitely a stud, a HUGE positive presence in the locker room and the community, and will definitely be a positive influence on the whole team. Absolutely as solid a citizen as anybody in the NFL. He’ll be an instant huge hit with the Jags fans, guaranteed.

    What I’d be concerned about is how much he has left in the tank at such a high level relative to his salary, and going to a 4-3 scheme from a 3-4 scheme, which can make a world of difference to how effective he is. But I wish him nothing but the best.

  8. So many haters. Which is fair…but I LOL at the tarp talk that still goes on. There would be no London comments if you actually knew about Khan and what he’s doing and has done for the city either. But let not let facts get in your way of a few thumbs up.
    For one this team was absolutely devoid of all talent when the new regime took over. We had to overpay to get guys to come down to Jax while they rebuilt from scratch. All the contracts were smartly structured in a way as to be cut without taking huge caps hits..exactly why the team has so much space to go big again and no home grown talent to resign. They were stop gaps while the team developed their own picks finally.
    Now were starting to see that. A Rob, Lee, Telvin, Linder, Ramsey. Now this FA the Jags are signing guys who their old teams WANT to keep.
    Campbell is a consumate vet and Ramsey will push Bouye to earn that contract. The team has lots of players now, but it will come back down to Bortles. If he can be just an above average QB the team can start putting up W’s and changing the perception.
    It feels different with TC in charge, give him some time and lets see what ol Doug can do.

  9. Jacksonville is building a great defense. When you have a great defense, you can win with a decent QB. Blake Bortles isn’t great, but he’s decent. This team is going to be good for the next decade.

  10. It’s a culture thing. That organization has been paying out huge contracts for years but they continue to underperform. Julius Thomas is the most recent one to hit it big and move on. Talent is one thing. But chemistry, system, and culture are another. Talent and money are wasted until those get straightened out.

  11. Campbell is and was a beast for the Cardinals. Had they not had Chandler Jones and his contract to take care of, the Cardinals would have kept CC. The Jags got a stud player and an even better person both in and out of the locker room.

  12. As a Cardinals season ticket holder I can tell you…Jags got an Amazing player and leader in CC. He’s the best from top to bottom. He never gives up a play and is an one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet off the field.
    You got a great one

  13. He’ll pay state income tax. Pro athletes pay state taxes in states they play games in. Since 50% of the games he’ll play in are in Florida, he won’t pay taxes on at least 50% of his income.

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