Bills sign Ryan Davis, bring Andre Smith in for a visit

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The Bills continue to work the fringes of their roster, signing a defensive end away from the Cowboys.

The team announced the addition of defensive end Ryan Davis.

The sixth-year defensive end has 11 career sacks, with 6.5 of them coming in 2014 in Jacksonville.

They also announced three free agent visits. Headlining the list is veteran right tackle Andre Smith, who would add some ballast to an offense that opened free agency by signing a couple of fullbacks. He could also end up talking to the Bengals about a return after spending last year with the Vikings.

They also brought wide receiver Jeremy Butler and defensive end Jayrone Elliott in for visits. Elliott wasn’t tendered by the Packers as a restricted free agent, and Butler didn’t get a tender as an exclusive rights free agent from the Chargers.

9 responses to “Bills sign Ryan Davis, bring Andre Smith in for a visit

  1. Signings to date have been good. Is it more important that they are “names” or that the moves are upgrades?

  2. For a team that had the fewest players under contract, they need these signings to fill out a roster. The signings have been good so far considering the market. Fans are going to have to temper their expectations. This ship won’t be righted with one off-season.

  3. unclebluck – they ended up with almost $40 million in cap room and have done a good job with free agency so far, imo. I would NOT have paid Gilmore $65 million and Zack Brown has already said he is playing where ever the most money is. Did you want to pay Robert Woods $38 million?!!!

  4. If you haven’t made a “name” by the time you hit the FA market, then chances are that you are not an “upgrade”.

    Although we are talking about the Bills so it probably is an upgrade.

  5. Glad to see Buffalo fans digesting the signing of two fullbacks and thinking this free agency period is going well. Hey if you guys are ok with it then who am I to critique it… but You cut DanCarpenter and replace him w a kicker who lead league in missed extra points. You haven’t addressed Gilmores departure. Also you have only 2 starting linebackers on roster.

    My question is…when will someone realize Whaley is a complete catastrophe and needs to be fired?

  6. I’m glad to not see “former Jet ” after every free agent signing. Last year’s ” No Names” included 2 pro Bowlers in Lorenzo Alexander and Zach Brown. This is an area of strength for Whaley.
    The biggest knocks against him are no franchise QB ( there aren’t any floating around out there) and giving up an extra 1st round pick for Sammy Watkins. When you look at Julio Jones ( who the Falcons gave up an additional 1st to draft ) take them to the Superbowl, the additional pick may be justified. The problem has been Sammy’s health.

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