Chargers releasing King Dunlap

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The Chargers signed Russell Okung early in free agency, which seemed to be a sign that 2016’s left tackle King Dunlap wasn’t long for the team.

That feeling is set to become reality. According to multiple reports, Dunlap will be released by the Chargers with a $500,000 roster bonus due at the end of the week.

Dunlap spent the last four seasons with the Chargers, but only played a complete season once over that stretch. Healthy or not, Dunlap may not be available for all of the 2017 season either as he was recently arrested for violating a protective order filed by a girlfriend. Dunlap’s attorney says it was a misunderstanding about what Dunlap was allowed to do under the order, but an arrest could lead to league discipline.

Dunlap will hit a market that’s seen several tackles find new homes. Ryan Clady and Andre Smith are among the most recognizable names still available.

UPDATE 2:09 p.m. ET: The Chargers have announced Dunlap’s release.

11 responses to “Chargers releasing King Dunlap

  1. McCoy is in Denver. It would not shock me if Dunlap ends up there. Odd because it basically turns out as a Okung for Dunlap trade between The Chargers and Broncos.

  2. He was drafted in the 7th round by the Eagles in 2008. 8 years later the guy is still playing and has been a starter for several years in the league.

    He’s far from a bust pal.

  3. Played better than expected and earned his first Charger contract extension, but as they say, your best ability is your availability.

    The move frees $5 million from the cap.

  4. I doubt the arrest is what keeps him from playing. Misunderstanding or not, it was a minor arrest for him going to her house to pick up some stuff, and I don’t believe she was even present. It’s probably not an arrest that will put him in jail or anything of that nature.

    As far as his play goes, he’s been effective if not for his injury history. Never an elite tackle, but certainly capable of starting. As the above poster said, Denver makes sense as his former HC is there, but almost any team would likely be willing to pick up as he will be a cheap former starter. He figures to be someone’s insurance policy somewhere, and would be a great pickup in that capacity.

  5. jjackwagon says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:49 PM

    Man you are a harsh grader. A 7th round pick that had a 9 year career is a bust?

  6. Com’on Man! It’s a wonder Rivers isn’t walking around with a cane! Now they’ve got Okung a Seattle and Denver cast-off..whoopee! They’ve dumped San Diego. The Carson City Chargers are ranked 27th. They have no “home games.” Who would pay $5,000 to $7,000 for 2 decent season tickets at Carson Field when you’ve got the choice of Disneyland, the Dodgers, the Rams, Universal Studios, the Clippers, the Lakers, the LA Kings, USC Football, UCLA Football, NASCAR racing at California Speedway, Directv who televises ALL NFL games and lest not forget, the beach! Hello, Dean..the dollar in LA is spread too thin!
    If Spanos was smart he’d fire all the wonderful attorneys and advisors who told him to move to L-a-a-Land, beg the NFL’s forgiveness, reverse this awful deal, return to Qualcomm and request a refund. This was the dumbest move on record and the NFL and Spanos should be ashamed. Spanos thinks he can get more money by selling it in L-a-a-Land. I’m not so sure….. Pathetic.

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