Chase Daniel asks Eagles to release him

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The Eagles have signed quarterback Nick Foles to a two-year deal to back up Carson Wentz, which appears to leave Chase Daniel without a spot on the team’s roster.

Daniel has drawn that conclusion as well and he’s asked the Eagles to let him seek a job with another team. Daniel told Howard Eskin of WIP in Philadelphia that he’s requested his release and suggested the Eagles are open to it.

“Yes we did and it was mutual,” Daniel said. “I believe I’m a starter in this league.”

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that the Eagles have been trying to trade Daniel for the last few days, but that the team is now expected to release him on Monday after failing to find a landing spot for the quarterback.

37 responses to “Chase Daniel asks Eagles to release him

  1. Every QB in the league thinks they’re a starter. It’s the GMs and coaches you have to convince, Chase.

  2. Since the Jets know they are rebuilding for the next 2-3 years minimum, they might as well sign Chase to a cheap contract and let him start. You’d probably win as many games as you would with Cutler, and you’d save some money in the process.

  3. Chase, I know you want to be a starter, but Philly fans everywhere appreciate you teaching Carson the system. Best of luck out there.

  4. He thinks he is good enough to start and there are at least 16 teams that he is definitely good enough to start for…soooooo.

  5. You can think that all you want, different ballgame when your the starter. Like the competitor in you but stay in your lane and cash big checks,should not be too big a pill to swallow.

  6. That he *might* be good enough to start somewhere says more about the state of the NFL than it does about Chase Daniel.

  7. “I believe I’m a starter in this league.”

    Possibly the most comedic statement of free agency.

  8. Yeah No. You are a solid QB but dude you cannot see over the LOS on deep drops and you dont have the arm to throw deep. WCO QB Yes anything else No. Doesnt mean you are bad

  9. Remember when you started for KC in 2015 against Chargers and you escaped the pocket too quick or got sacked because you couldnt see and there were routes running open down field

  10. bettis3636 says:
    Mar 13, 2017 11:14 AM
    Dear Kevin Colbert…. THIS MAN NEEDS A STEELER JERSEY….!!! we cant bank on another TERRIBLE year from Landry Jones…

    Steeler Nation

    Yes, Ben making 20+, Landry making $2.2, and Chase making…$5-7m? That seems smart to devote so much to one position.

    Not to mention Chase says he thinks he’s a STARTER. Why would he accept another obvious backup gig?

  11. @ clintonite44 says:
    Mar 13, 2017 11:27 AM

    This guy is better than Kirk Cousins, Jay Cutler, Mike Glennon, Brock Osweiler and Trevor Semien, to name a few.
    How can you tell? He’s had such limited playing time. What are you basing it on? I get it that Osweiler , Glennon and Semien are raw. Cutler was spotty and Cousins has put up great numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know much about him other than he’s been a career backup. I guess he looked at the landscape and thinks, “hell I’m better than that guy, that guy and that guy too.”

  12. I am laughing (in a good way) because one poster said “It’s almost frightening how many teams this guy could upgrade.”

    While another said, “slow down there chase, I for 1 believe you’re a backup in this league.”

    And….they are both 100% correct. It is a sorry state of affairs when you got your top 5-6, and then pretty much everyone else. I’ll even take it down to 10 in a 32 team league. But when teams are paying (coughs) $73 million for a backup it shows the state of play (and pay) in the NFL has degraded.

    Hats off to the commenters!

  13. He is better than Alex Smith. My guess is the Chiefs won’t take him back because all the fans know he’s better and we all believe we’ve seen Alex’s ceiling (a ceiling that will keep them out of a Super Bowl)

    Chase a pawn in teaching Wentz but I’d take a 4 million a year pawn gig any day if the week. He’all likely get something similar in the coming days.

    I’d like to see him as a starter, tough durable guy with a good arm but who would really know what he’s capable of playing so little this far into his career.

  14. “Since the Jets know they are rebuilding for the next 2-3 years minimum, they might as well sign Chase to a cheap contract and let him start. You’d probably win as many games as you would with Cutler, and you’d save some money in the process.”

    While I would entirely agree with this premise, you must remember how it works with the Jets. If the Jets signed Chase Daniel, he would have an amazing season, leading the Jets to a 9-win campaign, barely missing the playoffs, but good enough to put them too far out of reach to draft a true franchise QB. In the excitement of a surprising 9-win season, the Jets would then rush to extend Daniel. giving him starters’ money with a hefty guarantee, effectively taking up a solid amount of precious cap space for 2-3 seasons. Then the next season, with expectations of the playoffs riding high for Gang Green, Daniel would return to form and become the reliable clipboard holder we all know and love. J-E-T-S. JETS! JEts…jets.

  15. Interesting how 3 out of 4 NFC East teams have QB’s that demanded to be release or traded to get out from their contracts.
    Is it a case of good management or bad management?

  16. I’m actually shocked at the amount of people here who actually think this guy is a decent starting QB. Have any of you actually seen him play? He’s a classic backup and not a great one. He’s just mediocre enough to go in for a half or maybe a whole game in a pinch but that’s about it.

  17. Even with the lack of quality signal callers in the league this guys is still not Good enough to start. In fact, I think he is a lower end backup who has never played for an extended period of time. He also lacks top end physical tools. Peterson did him two huge solids by signing him to that ridiculous contract and letting him save face by him going public to ask for a release. Nobody in their right mind would trade for that contract. He knew he was toast the minute foles signed on who is a better option at a cheaper price who has real in game experience and better physical tools. Chase is a glorified players coach. No offense, he is probably going to make a heck of a coach one day but he has less than 300 career passing attempts in 7-8 seasons?

  18. He’s like Gary Kubiak. A do nothing who gets a check and then rides the coat tail accomplishment of the starting QB.

    He’ll be coaching sometime soon after a team dumps the coach that built them.

  19. He would be stupid to asked to be released given the amount due him on his contract. He probably saw the writing on the wall after they signed Foles though. There’s zero chance they can trade him because of that contract. My guess is that no matter where he goes, he’s in line for a big paycut. I hope he saved up some of that money he made least year.

    If I had to classify his career I’d have to consider him a career backup. He has never really played much anywhere. That’s different from a journeyman. A journeyman is good enough to start for some teams even though he may not be very good. Chase has never started for anyone, or even played that much, so his career is more accurately defined as a career backup.

  20. I would take him for my team (Steelers) in a heartbeat. I think he is a better than most are giving him credit for. Come on Steelers, it’s time to upgrade. You already know Ben is going to miss his annual 4-5 games due to his talked up injury…. I don’t want to see Landry Jones. Let’s do this thing. Please!

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