Colts free agent outside linebacker Erik Walden visiting the Titans


Perhaps the AFC South hasn’t been the most decorated division in football.

But it’s certainly among the most intramural.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, outside linebacker Erik Walden is visiting the Titans, the latest player to look for work within the division.

Walden had a career-high 11.0 sacks last year, but the Colts signed John Simon (from the Texans) and Jabaal Sheard, so they didn’t seem to want Walden back. The 31-year-old Walden had just 12.0 sacks in the previous three seasons, so some skepticism about repeating last year’s numbers seems warranted.

And keeping it within the division has been a theme, with Texans free agent corner A.J. Bouye going to Jacksonville (after interest from the Colts and Titans) and Jaguars free agent Jonathan Cyprien going to Tennessee. I guess they know each other better than most people, since most people don’t watch the AFC South all that often.

2 responses to “Colts free agent outside linebacker Erik Walden visiting the Titans

  1. He had a big year last year, but watching him play in GB (his most famous highlight for me was watching Walden running in front of Kaepernick not realizing that that he was even there) and in Indy the last few years doesn’t convince much of his ability beyond being a stop-gap starter or a depth chart backup kind of guy. He can stop the run and provide pocket pressure to a degree, but he shouldn’t be relied on to be an everyday starter in lieu of other talent at the position.

    I don’t want to be entirely negative. Like I said, I think he has value as a roleplayer or backup, but with 11 sacks last year I think someone may overpay for him next year with expectations that won’t be completely fulfilled.

  2. Funny, I’ve watched the AFC South since 2002 (Titans fan) and this division is actually pretty good. We just beat the hell out of one another and no one notices because everyone’s always around .500.

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