Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman’s top at parade

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While no NFL players (or anyone else) should be pulling down a woman’s top in public and exposing one of her breasts, the last one who should be doing it is Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot. And yet he has done just that, via TMZ.

Elliott, who remains under investigation for domestic violence allegations made against him last year, pulled at the top of a woman and exposed her breast in an incident that was captured on video during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Per TMZ, one of Elliott’s representatives claims it was “all in good fun” and that the “woman wasn’t upset.”

Whether the woman whose clothing was partially removed in a public place by Elliott is upset doesn’t matter. Whether the league office views the behavior in a negative way does. If the folks at 345 Park Avenue trying to sift through the evidence are still undecided on whether to believe Elliott or the woman who has accused him of five incident of domestic violence in a six-day period, this is the kind of thing that could break the tie under the very low “more likely than not” standard of evidence.

It also could amount to an aggravating circumstance for any violation happening in 2016, enhancing the punishment the league imposes. It also could amount to a separate violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Given the explanation provided nearly seven years ago when Goodell suspended Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the league would take action for this kind of conduct regardless of whether the woman was upset by it.

“My decision today is not based on a finding that you violated [the] law,” Goodell told Roethlisberger. “[Y]ou are held to a higher standard as an NFL player, and there is nothing about your conduct . . . that can remotely be described as admirable, responsible, or consistent with either the values of the league or the expectations of our fans. . . . Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare.”

It doesn’t matter whether Elliott, the woman, the media, the fans, or anyone else believe that Elliott’s conduct crosses the line. What matters is whether the NFL believes it, and whether the NFL will do something about it.

176 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman’s top at parade

  1. Who are you gonna believe, Elliott’s representatives or your lying eyes? smh. Based on the girl’s reaction in the video she wasn’t expecting it and this is a really bad look.


    2ND,,,he was just checking the PSI..

    Right Roger??

  3. What an idiot. He is under investigation already and frankly has been quite lucky so far. So he “pulls” this. He is saying, “Here, let me risk the welfare of my team, as well as my own professional career.” What an idiot.

  4. “More likely than not” is not a low standard. It is the standard used in all civil trials (often phrased as “preponderance of the evidence,” etc.). And NFL punishment, etc. is a civil, not criminal matter. The DA may want to pursue a criminal case, but that’s separate. “More likely than not” is exactly the correct and necessary standard, unless you believe that not playing football is on a par with a felony.

  5. 1 million dollar fine, loss of a 1st and a 4th draft pick and a 4 game suspension should just about do it!

  6. Well, she’ll never be allowed to perform during the Superbowl halftime show now.

  7. Those comparing him to Rice or making him a pariah need to relax. With that said, what the hell is wrong with you Elliot? Dumb move that’s going to cost you and your team. He really needs to get his immaturity under control.

  8. “Given the explanation provided nearly seven years ago when Goodell suspended Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the league would take action for this kind of conduct regardless of whether the woman was upset by it.”

    Terrible example. There wasn’t any question the woman raped by Big Ben was upset by it.

  9. Yeah, they’re all buddies now, but just wait until she checks the dozens of voicemails from lawyers.

  10. dynastypats says:
    Mar 13, 2017 1:37 PM
    Who are you gonna believe, Elliott’s representatives or your lying eyes? smh. Based on the girl’s reaction in the video she wasn’t expecting it and this is a really bad look
    Totally wasn’t expecting it…….

    The woman is playing to paradegoers and motions at her breasts — then points to Zeke. Next thing you know, he reaches over and pulls her top down, exposing her bare breast. She scrambles to cover up.

  11. This is a shameful act and the Cowboys should condemn it immediately. Ezekiel has a mother and should think twice before mistreating a female.

  12. Greg Hardy would be proud.
    What a complete and utter DB. I knew this guy was so full of himself he would eventually explode. Didn’t take long.

    What a piece of garbage. 6 games suspension….easily

  13. Why does he behave so stupidly? He’s still under investigation for his domestic violence, so is he completely dumb?? Maybe he thinks he is above the law, idiot.

  14. Come on Man!!!

    This dude (and so many others sports) has a chance to make ton’s of money and with his talent, possibly go down in football history as a HOF’er. But because he’s an idiot, he’s risking all of that.

    Millennials, I just can’t understand them.

  15. The girl just became rich. Either by payoff or suing him for “Emotional distress”

  16. lol the girl egged him on to do it, then hung out with him afterwards, and you think he’s gonna get suspended? probably not.

    haters are in full force here in the comment section

  17. These athletes think they can get away with everything. Hence, why there are so many rape accusations. “I’m a rich athlete, who wouldn’t want to sleep with me?”


  18. Bottom line, Jerrah has more power control with the NFL than Goodell. This is going nowhere. It’s all about politics within the League. Jerrah is the king and endorsed by fellow owners because Jones make them more money. Yes. it is that simple.

  19. Boys will be boys and the President can grab them by the ——-? This doesn’t match the level of Rice’s incident but it’s climbing the chart considering the allegations under investigation. Money gives you status and makes you brave. Big dummy.

  20. Elliott shouldn’t be doing this for the simple reason he is a highly paid professional football player who stands to get sued by it. But then again, watch the video and tell me that she didn’t enjoy the attention. It would be tough to sue given that huge smile on her face.

  21. The point being, if he shows this brazen lack of disrespect to women, there may be fire near the smoke of the assault allegations.

    This kid is why we keep building prisons, he already got away with rape, he will slip eventually.

  22. Even if she downright asked him to do it… like doesn’t he have enough sense that hey, someone might see this or record this and take it the wrong way which in turn will hem me up in some nonsense that I don’t need considering the domestic violence stuff? I guess I expect too much logic from someone who clearly hasn’t evolved to a critical thought process. If anything this gives more credence to the domestic violence stuff, even if this was done in good fun or whatever. It shows he acts without thinking, something common to and an incredibly lame excuse for domestic violence.

  23. Should’ve selected Ramsey in the first and either Howard or Henry in the second as Elliott’s character is now in question and Smith is still hobbled and will never be what he was pre-injury. Told you so right after the draft, Jerrah and his eye glass polishing fan boys, and time is proving me right!

  24. Here we go Steeler fans, make Goodell hold him to the same standard as Roethlessberger.

    Feel New England’s pain.

  25. I’m sure the league will stay abreast of this situation.(pun intended)

    Just when you think a multi-million dollar athlete can’t possibly do anything that stupid in public….

  26. What a big dummy, definitely should be at least a 4 game suspension for conduct unbecoming, or detrimental conduct to the shield….he needs to realize he represents something more than himself, more than the cowboys, its the league, the whole sport….c’mon man

  27. This can’t be tolerated. If this gets swept under the rug, it’s just *more* evidence that Goodell plays favorites and that if you’re the Cowboys, Steelers, or Giants you can play by different rules with no fear of repercussions.

  28. Watching the video, she was kinda encouraging it. Doesn’t make it right at all to pull her shirt down and she does act surprised when he does it, but it looks like a couple classy people being drunk idiots. Personally, I don’t think it warrants punishment from the league. But if I were the owner of the team, I’d probably have a talk with him and tell him to quit being stupid in public.

  29. The woman wasn’t offended or upset, at least at the time since she probably had no idea who he was but she does now. There’s going to be some explanation along the lines of she was afraid to say anything at the time. She was afraid they might do more harm…bla bla bla. Now she’s going to win millions for Ezekiel showing her top to the world because everyone who snapped pictures is going to post them online. At the end the girl will get some kind of deal to pose in a bikini or nude for a magazine or internet site.

  30. These idiots just don’t know how to handle money when they get it. I could care less. I’m a Giants fan and I hope he does more stuff like this and finds himself not playing football anymore

  31. Not a good look.

    But anyone who still thinks the NFL holds itself to a higher standard – if it ever did – needs a reality check.

    It’s just a money-printing machine, and any time someone interferes with the fat cats printing the money, they get deleted. Until you get caught, there are no standards.

  32. All kidding aside, how politically correct are we becoming? Every time I ever went to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, women exposing their hoo-has for beads was just part of the traditional fun.

    (Full disclosure: I didn’t click the link because I’m lazy and prefer to post uninformed opinions.)

  33. Every time something like this comes up with an athlete, entertainer, etc. the first thing I ask myself is when is he or she going to learn? I’ve decided the answer is never.

  34. They talk about banning weed when they should be banning booze. All the problems players have is because of booze. You think Ray beats his wife sober? You think he and his wife get in a fight that leads to the knock out sober??? No

  35. Wait,parade?Did the boys win something?I don’t remember them winning anything.

  36. She wanted people to notice that she had an “enhanced” chest. Zeke merely helped her get the attention she wanted.

  37. Yet even more proof that the ghost of Michael Irvins crack pipe still haunts that locker room.

  38. He was Justin and she was his Janet… he was practicing for a future Super Bowl Halftime show since he’ll likely never play in one

  39. Well, I’m not defending this type of thing, on paper, but the video clearly shows leading up to the “malfunction”, she was encouraging it.

    I dislike him as much as the next guy, but y’all need to watch the video before jumping to conclusions.

  40. Kathleen Willey wants this woman’s abuser prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, unlike what happened to her abuser.

  41. “The woman wasn’t offended or upset, at least at the time since she probably had no idea who he was but she does now.”

    Or maybe she had no idea her rack was going to posted up on the internet… Might be able to say it was a minor enough incident in the moment witnessed by maybe a couple dozen strangers, but you might have a change of opinion when you come to find out it’s now online for your children, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc, etc to see for the rest of your life.

  42. questionableopinion says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:01 PM
    He was just following the example set by our president.

    He probably wasn’t even alive or old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s rape charges (multiple)

  43. not a good look. also not a good look for commenters here on this site saying she was looking for it. Grow up already

  44. NFL players need to live their lives as if everything they do is being caught on video and that TMZ will get a hold of it and post it to their web site.

  45. This is one Dallas fan who is plenty ticked off about this.
    Zeke, grow the eff up. Stop being a dbag, and start treating every woman with the same respect you would treat your mother.

    Acting the way you do is like taking a giant turd on your team’s logo, and believe me, we don’t need any help smearing it this way.

  46. questionableopinion says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:01 PM
    He was just following the example set by our president.

    Yea cuz making fun of Rosie O’Donnell and saying the “p” word in a private conversation is totally the same thing as ripping a girl’s shirt off in public.

    The far left in this country are mentally ill.

  47. It’s a little concerning that hundreds of people are now upvoting comments that he’s “been smacking women around with no consequence”

    Guess that shows this incident does indeed cause people to believe the worst about those other, unproven allegations.

    The article is likely correct on that point.

  48. I wonder what Jerry “Gloryhole” Jones thinks of this behavior?…

    “I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and I’ve been here when it wasn’t. Having said that, I want me some glory hole.”

  49. thermalito says:
    Mar 13, 2017 3:17 PM

    Yea cuz making fun of Rosie O’Donnell and saying the “p” word in a private conversation is totally the same thing as ripping a girl’s shirt off in public.
    The far left in this country are mentally ill.

    I was more referring to Trump advocating sexual assault and having been accused of it by multiple women.

  50. ctiggs says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:50 PM
    Comment section reeks of jealous. Also what guy in here has not done this
    What guy has done this?

  51. ctiggs says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:50 PM
    Comment section reeks of jealous. Also what guy in here has not done this.


    I haven’t.

  52. Fact: most NFL players are really dumb. It’s why we shouldn’t listen to, or care about their political stances and worldviews.

    Fact: NFL players are taught through the way they are treated, to feel like entitled little millenials. Every agent out there teaches their client what to say publicly to go with the party line, but they always think they are above the law.

    Hopefully Goodell cracks down on this clown. Domestic abuse, pot shop in Seattle, now this…this dude obviously needs someone to tell him that a rule or 2 apply to him.

  53. A person who wears a suit that exposes his abs in not going to be living by the same set of standards and maturity level as the business professional conduct that the NFL expects of its players.

  54. Like it or not, children model professional athletes’ behavior. It could.be a good educational moment as you take away your kid’s Zeke jersey.

    And for those saying she ‘asked for it,’ she looks totally surprised by it. I’ll bet she certainly didn’t plan on posing for internet infinity.

  55. You can hire a private stripper to come to your home, and pull her shirt down all you want. Of course it will cost you, but not as much as this incident. It takes some kind of stupid to do this.

  56. Dumb move sure to be overplayed by the press and possibly Goodell. Smarten up Zeke!

  57. Did anybody bother to ask her if she was offended?

    What a bunch of think skinned mamby pambies manufacturing outrage!

  58. The 1st league “investigation” will be complete just before training camp with no penalty and this “investigation” will take another year, with no penalty. All b/c he plays for the Dallas Cowboys which is one of the leagues unpunishables.

    The only reason Hardy was punished 10 games was b/c he was playing for the Panthers when he committed his offenses. Then an arbitrator, a real one not Goodall, reduced that to 4 games, b/c he was a Cowboy. Funny how Hardy was allowed to appeal his punishment to someone other than the person handing down the original penalty, who was Goodall. Unlike, um, ah,…… Brady

  59. ctiggs says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:50 PM
    Comment section reeks of jealous. Also what guy in here has not done this.
    Seriously? Come up behind a woman you don’t know and pull her top down? I don’t know anyone who has done this and don’t want to know someone who would do this. It is called sexual assault, real sexual assault, and it is a crime.

  60. jsm08 says:
    Did anybody bother to ask her if she was offended?
    I doubt she will press any charges, and probably little or nothing with come of this from either the law or the NFL.
    Nevertheless, what Mr. Elliott did is considered an assault and is therefore a crime in the eyes of the law. In that case, whether she was offended or not is utterly irrelevant.
    As others have noted, it’s likely that even if she wasn’t offended at the moment it happened, she was later on after she realized video of the incident is now being seen by millions of people.

  61. We may as well not waste time speculating on what the NFL will do to him. If the RG1 years have taught us nothing else, we should know that discipline is absolutely random, more of a crapshoot than an actual craps table, totally dependent on RG1’s whims, personal relationships with teams and players (which themselves are random), and which way the wind is blowing that day.

    That said, Elliott should face some kind of discipline. Every person over the age of 12 should know this is just not something you do in public.

  62. And the lengthy NFL investigation will continue on this female abuser. He is a sick SOB that believes in total indemnity because he is a Cowboy and Jerry will take care of his prize pup. Sad.

    Zeke reminds me of tat sick rb from Nebraska that Vermeil cried about.

  63. In regards to wat was acceptable in the league 7 years ago with Big Ben and all is now….probabaly friggin acceptable today. I am a Cowboys fan and I gotta say….”damn Zeke, chill buddy. Ur the best thing we got right now, dont screw it up.” If he gets punished it will probably be a fine, suspension and Jones has to give Romo to the Texans. LOL

  64. What he did qualifies as sexual assault. I guess this will be added to his docket of things he’s being investigated for. He seems to have zero respect for women. What a waste of a great athlete…Great abilities on the field,but his brain seems to take a leave of absence when he’s off of it. He should hang out with Dak Prescott. You never hear one negative thing about him. He is light years ahead of Elliott when it comes to maturity. I hope Jerry doesn’t get him out of this one.

  65. Zeke would have looked a lot cooler if he just let her pull them out by herself instead of forcing the issue, she wanted to do it. Instead he looks like a clown and may have a lawsuit now that it is all over the internet.

  66. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it.” says one famous person who set the example of what is acceptable now.

  67. Even though I am from St. Louis area and watched Zeke grow up, he needs a TO I am also an avid follower of the OHIO State Buckeyes and rooted for this young man through college. Seeing what a suspension did for players like Von Miller, Ben Roethlisberger, etc…, It is time for the ROY to sit and grow up. I don’t think Jerry can get you out of this one, even if he is tied to the hip with MR. Goodell.

  68. What is interesting is if you watch both videos on TMZ the lady flashes her t@ts to the crowd on her own which from a legal view does not help her case as being a victim. Now from a joe six pack view, Zeke definitely did not take into consideration how it would look when he decided to help unleash those cannons. After considerable thought and video views…..I give those cans a solid 8.5 and give Zeke a 0!

  69. Amazing how infantile so many responses here are, people just as dumb and clueless as this kid. It has nothing to do with the woman’s opinion or our society being PC. He commited sexual assault in full view of thousands of people, as he is under investigation for related charges and, possibly will lose his very lucrative career over a dumb mistake. Those are the issues. And if the girl flashed them moments before, that is also irrelevant to whether he committed the crime. Just like if your girlfriend one day breaks up with you, you don’t have a right to rape her because she used to have sex with you. How dumb are you guys?

    Also amazing/frightening/hilarious how many of you seem to think women’s breasts are filled with air. One day maybe you’ll learn. Thanks for being so abhorrent to women though, it helps explain why so many of them have made themselves available to me.

    Lastly, can’t believe the Pats just won the Super bowl yet fans are still complaining about the league being out to get them. No wonder they are the most hated fans in every sport

  70. As long as he gains at least a thousand yards a season, Jerry Jones will let him pull his wife’s top down after every game they win.

  71. He just got a little confused. Zeke: It’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, not Mardi Gras in new Orleans.

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