NFL has no comment on Ezekiel Elliott video

Getty Images

There’s a new video showing Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott pulling down a woman’s top during a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Given that Elliott remains under investigation for a separate potential violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, the incident could make that situation worse and/or subject him to other scrutiny.

For now, the NFL has no comment about the video.

It wouldn’t be the first time the NFL has no initial comment on a situation before eventually having something to say. Right out of the gates, the league often hasn’t decided on a course of action. Once it does, it often supplements “no comment” with comment.

Although plenty of Cowboys fans and some in the media are arguing that it’s a non-story, Elliott is the last NFL player who should be doing something like this, given the still-unresolved (by the league) domestic violence allegations from a year ago. And while St. Patrick’s Day parades and similar events (like Mardi Gras) routinely consist of women pulling their own tops down (or up), it’s slightly different to say the least when a man does the pulling for them.

Regardless of what fans or the media think, the NFL’s reaction to the video is all that will matter. And it’s hard to imagine the NFL shrugging and saying “boys will be boys” in response to Elliott’s behavior — especially in light of its reaction to the Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson escapade from halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII.