Packers sign Jayrone Elliott to one-year deal

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The Packers will keep outside linebacker Jayrone Elliott with a one-year deal worth $1.6 million,’s Rob Demovsky reported.

Elliott, 25, had been a restricted free agent. He made PFT’s initial Hot 100 Free Agents list because of his pass-rush ability.

Elliott’s new deal comes after he visited the Steelers, who are one of several teams still looking to upgrade their pass rush. Elliott has been a situational pass-rusher and important special teams player for the Packers. In three seasons he has played in 38 games and has four career sacks.

15 responses to “Packers sign Jayrone Elliott to one-year deal

  1. Keep neglecting the glaring need for an athletic middle linebacker that can cover the pass and stop the run. What’s the definition of insanity again?

  2. He made PFT’s initial Hot 100 Free Agents list because of his pass-rush ability.

    Four sacks in 38 games? It doesn’t take much these days, does it?

  3. He’s not real flashy but he’s been better than serviceable, especially on ST. He also appears to be still developing, although he may be close to his ceiling at this point. One thing’s for sure, though… he’s no quitter.

  4. Teams always have to play their money players before these “comes-cheaply and very talented” players finally get their chance. This guy is actually very good, but I HATE it when Thompsons’ plan is always to expect the same faces to play better from one season to the next.

  5. 10 bucks says the first question the packers brass asked him upon return was what it was like to visit the halls of the greatest franchise in the history of the NFL. TT probably rubbed his belly for good luck.

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