Titans never offered 18th pick to Saints for receiver Brandin Cooks

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The Saints had three suitors for receiver Brandin Cooks: the Eagles, Titans, and Patriots. New England, obviously, got the deal done. The Eagles tried as well, offering safety Malcolm Jenkins, a third-round pick, and a fourth-round pick.

On Monday, Titans G.M. Jon Robinson disclosed not what he offered but what he didn’t. Appearing on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, Robinson said he did not offer the 18th overall pick in the first round for Cooks.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Robinson did offer a flip-flop of the No. 5 pick (held by the Titans) and the No. 11 pick (held by the Saints) in round one and a third-round pick. The Saints opted to take the New England offer instead.

Tennesse’s interest in Cooks suggests that the Titans will be looking or a speedy receiver, via trade, free agency, or the draft.

6 responses to “Titans never offered 18th pick to Saints for receiver Brandin Cooks

  1. A receiver never is the answer to winning a SB. It is the QB. Tom Brady has won with no name guys. Atlanta had arguably the best receiver in football and how many touches did he have in the SB??? Not many.

  2. Eagles did NOT offer Malcolm Jenkins in a trade. It seems like the Saints were putting out fake reports to get a deal done. No way the Eagles offered Jenkins…No way the Saints would have turned that deal down if so…

  3. If you compare the Titans’ offer to the Patriots offer using the NFL draft value chart, the numbers come out remarkably similar.

    The Patriots gave up #32 (590 “points”) and switched #96 for #107 (36 points net) for a total of 626 points.

    The Titans offered to switch #5 for #11 (450 net points) and #82 (180 points) for a total of 630 points.

    BB seems to believe that the standard draft value chart over-values higher picks.

    Maybe the Saints feel that the draft under-values higher picks and chose the Patriots’ offer because it’s more top-heavy.

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