Vikings exploring Lardarius Webb

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Last week, the Ravens dumped veteran defensive back Lardarius Webb. He could still return to the Ravens. He otherwise could still be wearing purple.

Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the Vikings are exploring whether Webb is a potential fit with the Vikings.

Webb, who played cornerback before moving to safety last season, has spent eight years with the Ravens. He played safety in college, too.

The Vikings have a pretty good safety in Harrison Smith. But with Captain Munnerlyn leaving for Carolina, the Vikings have a need for someone who can cover the slot receiver, as Munnerlyn has done.

13 responses to “Vikings exploring Lardarius Webb

  1. What a coup! That Spielman, man, he sure knows how to pick those free agents. I mean, this guy actually has 13 WHOLE INTERCEPTIONS in 8 seasons in the NFL. This is the guy that’s going to put us over the top!

  2. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Mar 13, 2017 2:31 PM
    Sendejo is the defense’s weak link. This will be a safety upgrade until Kearse is up to speed.

    I would disagree, Sendejo was solid last year, especially early when he was healthy. In the games he missed you saw there was a pretty dramatic drop between AS and the next guy up on the depth chart.

    My guess is the vikes are looking for a Safety type for their dime D, I think with the way offenses run now you may see them play a lot of 2 LB’s 3 Saf, 3 CB……….

  3. Sendejo was better against the run and had a knack for causing the odd fumble, but his positioning on passing plays was awful. Too many times was he not only a step behind the receiver, but totally out of position.

    I think the Vikings have some raw young talent at the position, but an upgrade alongside Harrison Smith is long overdue.

  4. Not sure that he is an upgrade for the Vikes. He may be one the Packers should be considering. I’ve never seen a team draft so many DB’s and continually miss.

  5. Ok, call me officially concerned about my Vikings. I’m not sure what is going on this off-season. Clearly this team collapsed last year. Was it entirely the OL, why did Norv really resign? Why did they sign two castoff OT’s for big money? (Panic?) Why did Speilman ignore the OL since the Kalil pick? Why have we not address the S spot next to Smith in 4 years? Why do we have so many Free Agents leaving the team this year?

    We now need a RG, C, starting RB, P, WLB, Nickel, S, K, TE, WR. We have 8 crapy picks 10 clear holes. We have several up-coming Free Agents that will demand big money. Pick it up Vikings, not sure who is guiding the ship, but you are off course.

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