Zeitler zooms to the top of the interior offensive line market

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Given that the Browns will cough up $16 million to a player they don’t want, it’s no surprise to see them give up big money to players they do want. Case in point: Guard Kevin Zeitler.

In a visit to PFT Live at the Scouting Combine, Bengals tackle Eric Winston said of former teammates Zeitler and new Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth: “They’re gonna get paid.” Get paid they did.

Whitworth gets $33.75 million over three years, with $15 million of it as a practical matter fully guaranteed at signing. Zeitler gets more. A lot more.

Five years, $60 million. For a guard.

I remember when it was a big deal for guards to get $7 million per year, and that wasn’t all that long ago. The high-water mark is now $12 million. For a guard.

Plenty of coaches and General Managers believe competent guards are easy to find. Great guards aren’t, however, and the Browns and their Moneyball mechanism apparently believe Zeitler is great.

Then again, the Browns have had a great left tackle for a decade now, and what has that done for them? Maybe by adding a few other great pieces on the offensive line, the offense itself will move closer to becoming great.

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  1. 60 mil, 5 yrs for a guard…what the heck, the Browns have money to burn…16 mil for picking up Osweiler, who may be the starting qb after all…have a feeling the Browns are going to implode again with the wonderful machinations of the front office…

  2. Yes, OLines are the key to winning, but Center and Tackles and then time together matter more. Proof: Guards ratings consistently change every year at PFF. Not saying that good is not good, but top Guard this year with a new system and perhaps a weaker Tackle next to him matters more. Overpaying is always a problem. The average starting guard was a 4th rounder in Drafts. The difference between a stud, starter and backup is not that much compared to every other position.

  3. Their great left tackle, wasn’t as good as Whitworth but got all the acclaim because he was a first round pick and not a second.
    The great JT had the “best” center in the league in Alex Mack, and led a team that couldn’t run the ball or protect the passer, though he is considered a HOF.
    Whit, dominated, with “Big Fat Andre” opposite him on the line, no legitimate center, and one tackle of note, which the clowns were smart to sign in Zeitler. They have had great success in cherry picking Bengals guards going back to Eric Steinbach.
    Sorry but a HOF LT at some point leads a line that is in the top of the NFL in offense and actually wins games. JT gets credit and the team has had no offense, now wins, embarrassment.
    Whit did it with multiple different O coordinators, a horrible game managing head coach, a QB who didn’t want to be there (when he wasn’t hurt) Fitzpatrick, and a rookie out of TCU with no training camp (lockout year), and they won, scored points, and actually had an offense.
    JT is one of the all time great over rated players ever at his position.

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