$5 million guaranteed for Cordarrelle Patterson

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As it turns out, the absence of receiver Cordarrelle Patterson’s contractual numbers in the immediate aftermath of the deal with the Raiders doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal. Given Patterson’s history and market, it’s a pretty good deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Patterson will get $5 million guaranteed under the deal, with a $2.5 million signing bonus and a $2.5 million guaranteed base salary. The base deal also includes a $250,000 workout bonus in 2017.

The potential upside comes from the ability to void the two-year contract to one year (it voids if he has 65 catches or participates in 65 percent of the offensive snaps), and the incentives package for year one.

As to incentives, Patterson gets $350,000 for 55 percent playing time, another $350,000 or 70 percent playing time, $350,000 for 55 receptions, and another $350,000 for 70 total receptions.

There’s also a $350,000 incentive for making it to the Pro Bowl, which could happen easily as a kick returner.

So if Patterson participates in 70 percent of the snaps, catches 70 passes, and makes it to the Pro Bowl, he’ll make $7 million in 2017 — and he’ll hit the market again in 2018.

69 responses to “$5 million guaranteed for Cordarrelle Patterson

  1. $5 million and he got to leave what the vikings hometome newspaper calls “loserville”! You go Cordarrelle!
    You don’t have to worry about mutiny with the Raider’s!

  2. Thanks for the 2nd.3rs,4th, and 7th rounder for the pick used to draft Patterson Vikings!!!!

    Collins, Harmon, and ryan sure helped us win a super bowl or two 🙂

  3. That’s a lot to pay for someone that historically has difficulty running routes.

  4. I sware though Spielman might be one of the worst GM’s in game not in terms of intelligence and evaluating scenarios but in actual being good at his job and letting the operation work. Dude needs to be fired. Go try your hand at soemthing else football related Rick

  5. It’s surprising that the Vikings didn’t overpay to keep him since that’s what they usually do. He’s not even starter quality, why would anyone offer even half of this for him?

  6. Lets hope he gets the max…go earn it now….great value if he does.

    Now Reggie lets bring in Johnathan Hankins for a visit.

  7. I am a Viking fan tht would not of been a bad deal if CP was a great polished WR coming out college, which he was not.

    Not one of RS finer moments for sure. Too often drafts for raw talent in round 1 & 2 rather than going for blue chip players.

    I do like his Bradford trade. Otherwise Sanchez or Hill last year and trying to look for a QBOTF in this year nightmare of a QB draft or settle for Cutler??? or a 2 game QB in Romo.

  8. Should make for a nice extra weapon for Carr. They really should add Adrian Beaterson too tho. He would do some serious damage behind that line

  9. CP was a great kick returner, terrible wide receiver, awesome at trick plays, that pretty much sums it up, if the opposing teams kicker can kick the ball through the end zone he has more or less no impact on a game!

  10. I don’t even know what I’ll do if he succeeds there. But, I know what Zygi should do, move on from Zim and Spielman. What a disappointment, I really thought they were the guys, but I’m having a hard time seeing it these days.

  11. So, he’ll be able to afford a nice 2 bedroom fixer-upper in the Bay area, then.

  12. I’d consider that a pretty good haul for CarlDarrell considering how well he hasn’t played in his career. He seemed to have done much better with a better passing QB in Sam Bradford.

  13. The salary cap floor is what will keep guys like CP and contracts like this in the league.

  14. I like performance based contracts. It might be a stretch for him to hit all those, but if he does, we probably had a great season. Here’s to hoping that AD get’s the same time of incentive deal. Championship! And to win it all in the house that Adrian built would be icing on the cake. Hey, it’s the offseason, I can dream, can’t I?

  15. This dude has talent and with the right coaching and QB under center, no reason why he cannot succeed at WR. He has the right attitude and will learn from vets. I have a feeling he will be successful and improve the Raiders.

  16. tim8450 says: Ironically, the article doesn’t even say what team paid him this money

    First paragraph: “… the deal with the Raiders …”

    I read that to mean the Raiders are paying him this money.

  17. 1. He’s an all-pro KR, considered to be one of the best if not THE best in the league.
    2. He will be playing in a dynamic passing offense with a legitimate all-pro QB throwing him the ball. He’s never had that before in the NFL.
    If you can add a premier player at a position which is responsible for field position and points, you do it. $2.5M per year isn’t breaking anyone’s bank.

  18. nathanp2013 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 4:08 PM
    GenXJay says:
    “He doesn’t actually return punts… he is a KR and gunner on punt coverage.”

    He has, in the past, when the PR suffers an injury/illness.

  19. I’m a Viking fan, I liked the young man. I felt the Vikings didn’t try to get him the ball enough. He started to get it this year! Finally! He was a very poor route runner though, was starting to improve this year.

  20. jamiebusicogmail says:
    Carr is better then Sam and Teddy combined I mean really lol he will be fine in Oakland Seth drops to many balls anyways
    I don’t disagree that Carr is a big upgrade at QB. Unfortunately, that would be relevant only if Patterson’s problems in Minnesota were solely quarterback-related. They weren’t.
    I’m paraphrasing, but for anyone who read scouting reports and listened to the scuttlebutt on Patterson coming out of Tennessee, the general consensus was:
    Fabulous athlete, great return man; struggles to understand the route tree or make adjustments; has trouble digesting the playbook and remembering assignments, therefore you must manufacture special (trick?) plays specifically designed to get the ball in his hands; will make an unbelievable play, then disappear for long stretches.
    That’s almost exactly what we saw in Minnesota. He certainly played better with Bradford as his QB, but not well enough to consider him a consistently legitimate WR threat.
    Can he turn it around in Oakland? Perhaps, although I’m a firm believe that leopards rarely change their spots this late in the game. If not, $5 million is a lot to guarantee a kick returner.
    Good luck.

  21. I think the Vikings will regret losing him.

    I’d love to have him in GB.

    He’s a threat to take it to the house on just about every kickoff.

  22. @tylawspick6: I think you’re a tad premature.

    We should give it some time and revisit this around Xmas to see how the plan is working.

    Have fun shoveling snow.

    I’m going surfing.

    And there will be sunshine involved.

    Carry on.


  23. bondlake says:
    He’s a threat to take it to the house on just about every kickoff.

    Technically, I suppose any great athlete that’s returned more than one kickoff for a touchdown is “a threat to take it to the house just about every kickoff.”
    In fact, Patterson has returned 134 kicks in his four-year NFL career. Only 5 went for touchdowns, and three were fumbled. That’s just over one (1.25) scoring return per season.
    I’d love to have a guy like Patterson on the Packers at a cut-rate salary. But unless he improves greatly as a receiver, is that one return a year worth $5 million guaranteed?

  24. So basically he is replacing Andre Holmes….and can return kickoffs(and more speed)…..and if Richard gets bigger role in offense punts in a pinch….
    For him..good money on a 1/2 year deal with a good pass orientated offense…win..win..

  25. bcknights says:
    Mar 14, 2017 4:46 PM

    I’m a Viking fan, I liked the young man. I felt the Vikings didn’t try to get him the ball enough. He started to get it this year! Finally! He was a very poor route runner though, was starting to improve this year.

    As a Packer fan, I’m glad to see him leave the division because I think you are spot on in your evaluation. If he does get his football IQ to match his athleticism, he is going to be a monster.

  26. You better get paid when you consider he has to play on the dirt infield of the ancient Oakland Coliseum compared to the Taj Majal of US Bank Stadium in Minny.

  27. I can’t even remember the last good raiders kick returner (jacoby ford or napolean kaufman i guess)

    If it’s a little expensive and he’s only a KR it won’t affect anything negatively for the cap and his WR numbers while still meager improved this year. Only good can come from this

  28. I don’t think he is worth $5 million because he is useless as a WR but then again, he has top end speed and the Vikings offense is built on dink and dunk so his speed was totally wasted in Minnesota. All the other 52 Viking player’s skills were totally wasted when a FG kicker can’t hit from 27 yards but that’s a separate topic.

  29. Have a KR now so Jalen Richard can stay at RB and take less hits. CP also allows us to use him out wide for deep routes and move Amari inside to slot from time to time which will be a problem for opposing defenses.

  30. I personally think it’s too much money for too little actual value.
    But, it’s not my money. So, good for them. Maybe he’ll do something wonderful.

  31. IMO the Vikings underutilized this guy. We all saw the explosiveness he had when given a chance like at the end of his rookie year. For some reason Norv wanted to make him into a route runner. Just throw the guy a few screens, drags etc, maybe hand him the ball and then take a few deep shots where he runs a go to keep the defense honest. I mean the guy is 6-2 220 and runs a 4.4.

  32. He is in a better offense with a better coach, better QB and a better supporting cast.

    He will be better.

    The Raiders will be better.

    Every kick return is a potential TD now.

  33. I’m happy for CP to get that much money from the Raiders.

    I doubt the Vikings would have paid anywhere near that amount.

    And with the NFL working to eliminate the KO return man from the game, it’s hard to imagine anyone paying $5 mil to someone that averaged 34 receptions and 8 carries a year over a 4 year career.

  34. Don’t look at this as an offense addition, this is the return man we have needed since Jacoby Ford got hurt. Glad he’s here.

  35. GenXJay says:
    Mar 14, 2017 4:02 PM
    Expensive KR/PR.
    – – – – – – – — – – – — – – – –
    Since 1941, Cordarrelle Patterson’s 30.4-yard KR avg. ranks 2nd in @NFL history. The only player in front of him — Gale Sayers (30.6 avg.)

  36. I never got how someone so fast couldn’t get to play.
    If he’s so stupid, just dumb down the playbook. We’re talking about a team that checks down every third down.
    I never understood why they didn’t just tell him, go 9, corner, or post depending on the safety and see what happens.
    3 bombs to him in 4 years.

  37. I don’t care what he got paid,honestly I just hope he can continue to rip up the return yards. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t, he’s an All Pro.

    OJT as far as the receiving skills go?They are still a work in progress but no rush when he giving us great field position and 1 or 2 TDs by the touch while grass hopping.

    So a gadget guy? hell yeah a gadget guy, that is not a bad thing when you are helping an offense that is already good.We did not draft him so we don’t have to make him Jerry Rice.

    We lack that gadget guy.He will be the recipient of those reverses and quick screens that Coop use to get plus some hand offs from the rb position.

    We know he can stretch the field but now he has a chance to form a deep threat connect.I think he has a chance to earn whatever we paid him.

  38. You don’t need a all star QB to improve CP. He dropped 5 yard passes that were in his hands. He is a KR and part time offensive player, that is it. He had a very good receivers coach in George Stewart (coached Jerry Rice) and if could not get any more out of him, I do not think anyone else can either.

  39. 5 mil for CP isn’t a long term issue but there were other quality WRs that went for 6 to 8 mil. Wish Big Reg spent alittle more and we would have had a real upgrade from Seth and insurance if Crab or Coop get hurt. But CP will add value by taking on the role of stretching the field and allowing coop to work the middle of the field where he can do a lot more damage.

  40. Sometimes guys need a better or different environment to succeed. With Carr and the receivers in Oakland, he may find new life vs the QB carousel he’s dealt with in Minnesota.

  41. racerx1225 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 6:38 PM
    He is in a better offense with a better coach, better QB and a better supporting cast.

    He will be better.

    The Raiders will be better.

    Every kick return is a potential TD now.
    Better coach? No. All those other things. Eh, sure.

  42. This is just stupid money being thrown at a one dimensional player, but the owners are awash in cash so it really doesn’t matter.

  43. Since 1941, Cordarrelle Patterson’s 30.4-yard KR avg. ranks 2nd in @NFL history. The only player in front of him — Gale Sayers (30.6 avg.)

    Still not worth $5M. Also that comparison is asinine.

  44. radrntn says:
    Mar 14, 2017 8:31 PM

    Since 1941, Cordarrelle Patterson’s 30.4-yard KR avg. ranks 2nd in @NFL history. The only player in front of him — Gale Sayers (30.6 avg.)
    Nice! Sounds good to me.

  45. CP84 was mismanaged with the Vikings. Norv was a disaster for him. He spent one full year in Norv’s doghouse. He didn’t like him and wouldn’t use him.The previous OC at least got production from him in the offense.

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